Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Captain’s log by Nerissa captain of "The Dragon's Star"

Captain’s log: Day seven in Haugurafgulli

This morning I was absolutely furious. After a week in dock I start to prepare to make sail only to receive message stating that I’m not allowed to leave. Preposterous, what do they expect me to do here? And the guard at the harbour office simply refuses to tell me why I and everyone else are stuck in this hell hole.

During my attendance at the harbour office this odd group of misfits enters. They look like they could have been part of my crew. There was one dragonborn they call Brack, he didn’t say much but seems to have an odd idea of how to identify a pirate as myself. The Tiefling is called Shadow, probably a taken name, but never the less fitting for his persona. Then there was this mysterious masked woman, named Xune, who refuses to show me her face, she is kind of short though and acts like a noble woman. They were also in possession of a Warforged, which I heard was labeled Meatshield.

They offer to help me get permission to leave the dock in exchange for getting to be my passengers on my voyage, like I need their help. I have gotten myself out of worse situations, although being this long on land has started to get on my nerves. At least the land sickness has stopped. That’s was really annoying. I don’t enjoy walking around like I’m intoxicated when I’m not. Anyhow I won’t say no to a couple of extra people if they would be kind enough to pay for the voyage.

The masked woman manages to get the harbor master to arrange a meeting with the storstarkur to discuss my predicament. She is obviously useful, but I wonder what she hides underneath that mask, a face distortion? It is obviously something she does not want people to see. I can respect that. I too have secrets I don’t want to many people to know about.

They invite me to the well known inn “the golden fleece” for a discussion where I meet there last comrade, a longtooth shifter, for some reason drenched in water. He is called Claw and is very obviously a priest of the light. May Umberlee forgive me if I place that heathen aboard my ship.

The Trifling seems to be in charge of the money, but the masked woman is the obvious leader of the group. Although he might be able to be persuades to join my crew if he proves himself useful. I suspect Hector, Jonathan and Maeva would be pleased if he did.

However they get greeted by this bard as “the Butchers of Blaviken”. Something they clam not to be true. Nonetheless this “friend” of theirs suddenly attacks one of the local Barons and then evaporates. Really regretting my choice to dine with this misfortune lot I suddenly find myself having to fight of the angry mob blaming us for the death of the Baron. The masked woman turns out to be a Sorceress of some kind. She immediately strikes down four people in one blow. You’ve got to respect that. They were fairly descent fighters all of them actually, save for their Warforged that they had left outside, and did not enter to participate in the battle. Of course I would still have been more comfortable battling alongside people I actually can trust, like Sebastian and the others. We managed to strike our opponents down fairly unharmed and after the innkeeper vowed that we where not to blame for the fight, I decided to return to my vessel for the night. Xune told me to meet them outside the inn tomorrow morning. It shall be interesting to see what they can do.

Captain’s log: Day eight in Haugurafgulli

I brought Amelia with me to the meeting with the storstarkur this morning. The king was very pleased with me and my recent acquaintance for having disposed of an, apparently unappreciated, local Baron. I asked him to show his gratitude by letting me and my ship leave the docks, but he would hear nothing of the sort. Instead he told me that if I could catch this serial killer, that’s obviously the reason for me being stuck here, I am free to go. The group I met yesterday still wants to tag along aboard my ship when it leaves, but they have yet to agree to pay. They are however offering to help me catch the serial killer as payment, but they don’t understand. Without their gold, the trip to Arcadia while be very long.


Cousken Augites

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