Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Captain’s log by Nerissa captain of "The Dragon's Star"

Captain’s log: Day 1 at sea… and in some place I’ve yet to figure out where it is

Well I guess it’s a bit against protocol to start an entrance like this, so long before dark, but I didn’t have time to write any log for yesterday and since we are all just sitting here resting… or waiting to be attacked again, and my book finally has dried up a bit I’ll just report all ”interesting” facts I’ve been faced with since I left the harbor of Haugurafgulli

First off all, I have a Drow aboard my ship. The masked sorceress woman finally showed me her identity. I don’t know much about the Drows except that they live under ground and that you are advised to either avoid or kill them if given a chance. I’m going to do neither. She is very nice to talk too. We had a private conversation in my quarter and I find that she is rather interesting, especially her appearance. I didn’t see much of the Tiefling this day, but I heard he had been having some milder trouble with the waves, very typical for a land crab. The dragon born wasn’t even able to stand up.

My ship had a little rendezvous with a cargo ship in the late afternoon. Amelia, annoying as always, led the assault and left my new guest stay to “protect” me. I do question her motive to completely trust these four strangers with my life. Although I guess I’m lucky she did, since the cargo ship turned out to be a decoy. Apparently the “good” King of Haugurafgulli in Kaupmaður had sent out bounty hunters after my head. Yes, let them try collect that reward with my head off its shoulders. Next time I meet the king I might take his head as a returned favor Anyway, suddenly half of my ship was surrounded by some force field and a bunch of scalawags where on my “captain’s deck”. My four “body guards” did a good job. They didn’t get in my way when I fought the slimy swine’s of my ship, and they even helped me, imagine that. I guess the warforged has… some good qualities… but it dose not make up for its vulgar manners…

When Amelia and my crew returned she did her annoying “big sister- act” and almost attack the group she had assigned as my defenders since she evaluated me injured. I had to remind her that there is no fighting among allies on my ship. The blasted priest then had to select that time to not duck when the boom turned and after taking the hit to his head he started rambling about his precious “Light”. That only made my crew angrier, so I sent them of to there stations, and my traveling guest down below. There was a nasty wind picking up around us and I didn’t want to be close to the cliffs when the storm hit us.

The storm was furious. I know this because I saw the hand of the goddess of the sea controlling it my self. She was set on swallowing us all, so why she didn’t is beyond me. Maybe there is something on this island that is worse than drowning? Well dying anywhere else than at sea surely is an unnatural thought, which I hope never comes true for me. I guess we wear lucky though, lucky that there wasn’t a village by the coast. We all know what villagers usually do to survivors of a shipwreck… Not much we could have done to stop it either. Most off us was washed up ashore unconscious. The Dragon’s Star is being repaired as I write this so no fears there. Avandra’s blessing is still with me.

There actually was a man on the beach when I woke up. A weird man… He called himself Guy Floatwood and claimed he had been put hear by ”the demon pirate”. Sounds like a fish tale to me. But he asked for passage on my ship when we leave. I’m starting to feel like I’m running a traveling agency… He informed us in his own crazy little way that there was some sort off lizard people living on the island, and for some reason this seamed to interest my, band of misfit, wardens, so we decided to check it out. Of course this was shortly after the warforged started to speak to himself, a behavior that even the other in his group seemed to take as unusual. I guess it’s only a matter off time until he snaps just like Leon. I better make sure that he is not near me when it happens though.

After following an old, over grown, stone paved road we entered a clearing with a ceremonial look to it. There was freshly laid down flowers and fruit around a human sized stone cut out to look like a very unnatural head and when Xunewent closer it shoot flames from its open mouth and started to speak to us, first in a very supernatural way and then suddenly in a more pleading manner. The voice wanted to be set free by us. He said that he had been on this island for centuries and was imprisoned in a dragon temple by lizard men that worshiped him but that their worship was driving him insane. When asked if there was an actual dragon on the island the voice answered no, but I’m not convinced. In fact I‘m convinced that he lied to us.

So here we are, at a campsite outside a cave where the statue told us to go. We have just been in a fight with Lizard men guards, poisonous snakes and darn irritating small kobold resembling creatures that just wouldn’t die. One of them managed to dodge attacks from myself, Clawand Xunebefore I finally got him. I guess that as soon as we’ve gotten some rest we’ll head into the cave and see what’s inside.


Bra skrivet ^, alltid lika roligt att läsa hur det är från ditt perspektiv ^


Tack ^^ Jag försöker lägga en del text på hennes uppfattningar om er just för att det käns roligare så :-P Jag tycker det är kul att kunna läsa två olika skildringar av samma hädelse så det är najs att du lagt upp Meatshields :-) Det är alltid svårt att få med allt när man skriver ur en persons synvinkel


Absolut, exempelvis så missade ju min karaktär helt att du och Xune hade lite bonding. eftersom jag var på annan ort.

Cousken Augites

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