Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Captain’s log, by Nerissa, captain of "The Dragon's Star"

Captain’s log: Day 1 in “The island de la Draco”

We are finally back on track now. It’s about time. I hate being away from the sea to long and the incident back in port was already getting to me as it was. The Dragon’s star has been repaired and Titania informed me that we are slowly making it back on course. She also informed me that the island we had been on is called: The island de la Draco. I think we might have to rename it now however…

The cave I mentioned in my last entry seems to have been a temple, but I don’t know to whom. It had fairly nice paintings on the walls but in one of the rooms there was a lot less nice pile of bones. That room also contained two lizard guards and a strange dark thick liquid that would swarm you up to you waist and hold you there. We all got our fair share of that one, but Claw, whom refused to move away, was almost stuck the entire battle. He was acting a little too much like he was enjoying the feeling, and I can assure that it was not pleasant. Neither were the burning bursts of flames that came at me at one point. I thought it would burn away my eyebrows. Wouldn’t have made any difference though since I easily could replace them…

When we ventured forth into the deepest room of the cave we found a large chamber with two bridges over a black hole. One of them was torn down and the other side to far away to simply jump over. I spotted a Dew frond growing in the cave and told the rest it feeds on blood and the dragonborn, Brack, decided to check if I was speaking the truth. He cut himself and walked over to it. Of course it immediately grabbed on to him and started sucking his blood. Fortunately for him the Warforged cut it down.

Our only alternative to cross over to the other side of the first bridge was to climb a waterfall. The Warforged took on the mission to do this. He had to make a smaller jump to get to the platform in the middle of the room, and I must say that even though he’s more of a thing than a person I was really worried when he almost failed that jump…. I mean if he should perish… how will I then get my vengeance…?

Anyway, he tied the rope on the other side and threw the other end back to us where I secured it before crossing. That was the scariest thing I did today. I really should do something about my poor acrobatical talents… I actually feel into the darkness, but I had been forth seeing enough to have a safety line so I was okay. The other two followed my example to the point of even falling off the rope before crossing. Then we took on the second bridge that looked like it could fall any second, but fortunately it didn’t, although the warforged had a small trip when the bridge spun around for an entire turn with him still standing on it. Finally on the other side we found the trapped artifact, a speaking dagger. He… or rather “it” was very strange in its speech but I guess Shadow can make good use of it. I think I’ll stick to my great sword… At least I don’t have to worry about that bursting into song on occasions.

Outside the cave it had started to turn into dusk, and we were greeted by a loud roar. I immediately understood that this must be that dragon the dagger had claimed not to be present on the island, but to my surprise it didn’t really look like a dragon. Not anyone that I’ve ever seen before at least. It was walking upright and had these peculiarly small upper arms, and the head was bigger… it looked prehistoric and inbred. In any case we charged it. Brack, and I actually did very good against the beast but he was soon joined by a huge number of smaller sharp toothed carnivore lizards. We are roosting one of them tonight for dinner. Honestly though that big lizard was worthy to have the island named after him. It had awful, evil, yellow eyes that starred at you as if you would be very tasty. I for one really wouldn’t have enjoyed being trapped between its jaws.

The mysterious marooned seaman named Guy Floatwood has temporarily joined my crew. He paid 30 Gold to do so. I don’t trust him though and have told my crewmembers not to speak with him too much. I think he is up to something and I really don’t like the idea if his nemesis attacking my ship to get to him. I mean Guy claims that he has a deal with the demon that runs so that he can’t be killed by him. But I hear no insurance that the demon can’t kill the rest of us. If I could have left him on the island with a clean conscience I would have. But I can’t really just leave him there to die can I? I’ve put him in the brig for now as a companion for the warforged. At least it gives him some purpose I guess…

I have decided to bid farewell to my spirit companion. It simply was time. He came to me seven years ago as a guiding voice when I’d lost my adoptive father and gained the responsibility in leading a ship with a crew. Now however I think it’s time for me to trust in my own judgment and abilities more than in others. I guess I will miss it though. It’s been a comfort and big help but you have to grow up some time, don’t you?


I laughed a bit when I read about you being worried about Meatshield because “I mean if he should perish… how will I then get my vengeance…?” :)

And I am a bit curious about what happened to your spirit companion…


Det var egentligen inget som hände med den. Jag tyckte bara det var lite meningslöst att ha den kvar eftersom den ger så lite så jag valde att “untraina” den. Jag infogade det mest i loggen eftersom jag fortfarande vill understryka att hon haft den, men inte längre kommer ha det. Annars känns det som jag bara raderar något ur henne förflutna lite känslokallt =P


Ah, I kind of guessed it was something like that ^^ But cool, nonetheless :)

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