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Captains log post at The Wall

When I woke from my slumber this morning I realized that somehow my book had moved itself from one of my pockets too another. Just opening it up revealed Blaze to be the the thief… I guess he doesn’t take his role as a Paladin very seriously… Or maybe its the collective behavior of the group that’s soils his good soul. He should be weary or perhaps the Raven queen might kick him out of her service… Well I think that’s enough lecturing Blaze, since I assume you’ll read this as well.

We started of the day planing… for once… Claw went trough the potions I’d found and we discovered that they’d be very useful in our upcoming fight. Ruby offered to lend us some of his Warforged to scout the other portals while we took Blaze to the Wall for his high amusement. We decided to return in three days and then we were off.

Last time the portal had opened and Blaze had made a charge for the Wall I had had to stop him by dimension swap. This time a took a moment to actually see the surrounding. The landscape was so colorless that it hurt my eyes. It was white, and cold. Walking it this so called, snow, left cracking footprints and touching it made it partially melt into water. I know I’ve seen snow before but then it has more or less looked like pieces of clouds that has gotten stuck on far off mountaintops. You don’t see snow on the ocean. Ice perhaps… but not that often. Anyhow this snow is like ice, very cold water, but much more fragile. I squeezed some in my hand and noticed that it held that shape. Remembering what Blaze had done to my book I decided to try and throw it at him. I hit this armor in the back, leaving a white stain. Blaze turned and immediately grabbed some snow off his own. Xune took cover behind a lonely tree, which was lucky because Blaze missed me and hit the wooden trunk instead. I think this made the tree shake or something because Xune showed up later with a lot of snow on her shoulders…

Anyway, since it was rather cold up here I pulled out a beautiful gray long coat with a matching belt from my wardrobe, to keep me warm. We had to walk for quite some time. The Wall turned out to be much, much, MUCH father away than it first had looked. This thing is freakishly HUGE! When we’d finally gotten a fair bit closer a golem twice our size and width approached us. He wanted to scan us to see if we wear a threat. He quickly decided that all of us wear alive… all of us but Blaze. Blaze.. being on a quest to rise his past dead body from the dead was this risen body in the present… or future… never mind. The Golem however decided that since Blaze was neither dead or alive or in fact both lifted him straight up in a firm grip and started walking away. The rest off us followed. Xune tried talking to the Golem, but she was ignored.

Blaze was being brought before the highest officer in a small camp of ten members. He was dressed like a general, but admitted to us that he indeed was of lower rank. I wondered if that’s allowed, but thought it better not to ask. Blaze was released in this mans custody, although that only meant that he was released from the golem. The man had no intention of holding any of us against our wills. In fact he seemed to envy us because we had the choice to leave. He and his men wear stuck without the option to leave their post. No wonder everyone out there had looked so gloom. I had half a mind giving the men an inspired speech, like I used to do on my ship, but since I really can’t pretend to understand what they’re going through and the fact that Blaze suggestively introduced me and Xune as pleasure women, I didn’t really feel like it. I’ll figure out a way to get back at Blaze though… I should talk things over with Xune and see if she have any good Ideas…

The false general asked if we could help him search a part of the broken wall for undead raiders. And we happily accepted as the mad adventurers we are. Unfortunately I couldn’t really shake the feeling that we are wasting time from our main mission (To get back to our own time), I wasn’t really in shape for battle and ended up walking a little behind the others with my torch. The inside of the Wall was pitch black except the light that shone in from the broken door.

While walking around in the desolate halls Shadow started messing around with his illusions spells. I can’t deny that their very good, but the fact that I can hear him laughing in the back of my head ruins it for him a little. When we reach the first door I suddenly spotted a thin thread along the door, that seemed attached to the handle. I pointed this out and Xune disarmed it before opening the door. You’d think that this would be something we would remember, but we hardly manage to find this thread on any other door which lead to some serious burns… I’m glad my winter coat was magic. Otherwise I’d be sad to see it ruined.

We also found a room with signs that a door had been sealed up with bricks. Shadow tried to blast it open with magic but it didn’t work. Blaze tried opening it up with a running start… He claimed to have dented it, but I couldn’t tell.

After opening doors to lots and lots of empty rooms, it was almost shocking to see a room full with undead. Not that I saw much. Having being brunt once before I stood back when the door was opened and missed the opportunely to get caught in the door frame trying to fight the enemy. Instead I Tried to throw some of the potions we found before. Some of them hit, but I wasn’t so lucky with all of them unfortunately. Shadow and Blaze where the once at the front line this time, while Xune and I stood back… irritatingly enough. Blaze took some serious hits and I had to use my powers to heal him up. The Undead were wearing armor like crazy, except for one huge zombie in the room. After that huge thing died and had the guts to rise again I had had enough and rushed past my friends to slay that huge marshmallow. The undead had, by then, dropped around the door so their leader was more or less the only one till standing. I swung my great sword and chopped his head off. Blaze accused me for stealing his kill, I think he should thank me for stealing his death from the undead, but that’s just me…

We decided to make camp in the room with the undead corpses so that we could be more fit for the next fight… if we will find anything more… But I guess we will. There is never a dull moment with these guys…


Hehe, of course there isn’t a dull moment with us around, isn’t that why you hang out with us? :P

Captains log post at The Wall

I do not envy the smell your characters must be surrounded by as they camp in that room ^^

Captains log post at The Wall
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