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Captains log post leaving the Wall

Captain’s log

After we had rested in this smelly dump we bravely went forward… or upwards…
On the tenth floor Blaze suddenly stopped next to a brick wall. He claimed to feel something coming from the wall. In all the other floors there had been a door at this location, but not here. I tried to listen to see if I could hear something moving on the other side. I couldn’t, but to motivate Blaze I told him that I did and the man started banging at the wall. It lit up in a black and purple glow before turning to dust. I think I inhaled half of it.

In the newly uncovered room we found a shrine to the Raven queen. It was extremely filthy and Blaze said that something was wrong. After some searching we found a couple of notes on the interior saying that this place no longer existed. One of Fate’s tricks. We cleaned them all off, more or less looking like we’d rolled around in the dust. How I love my wardrobe. Blaze then touched the altar and managed to communicate with the goddess of death. We could not hear her, but it was pretty obvious that it was that Blaze was doing. After while he turned and told us that we had to activate some symbols on the top of the wall. They were supposed to help in defending the south world against the undead. Since we now were on a holy mission for the goddess, whom Blaze owes his life, we had no real choice than carry on.

We continued up the sets of stairs feeling the burn in our legs. Why must people build so high? I’m not kidding when I call it high either. On top of this bloody thing you could see all the way to the ocean, and just looking down made your head spin. The winds up here was pretty tough to, but fortunately we were somewhat protected by stone railings.

Of curse we weren’t just going to push around some ice and snow to find the now slightly glowing symbols up on the walls floor tiles. Naturally there were going to be some conveniently waiting undead ready to fight us. They were however only a mild nuisance, I would have been more nervous about the bone-dragon that was closing in on the wall, but as Blaze blessed one of the symbols on the ground it shot up a bolt of black lightning and completely destroyed the bone-dragon as it flue in over us. Me and Xune quickly tried to help Blaze bless some more, but it didn’t work with just any set off words, so we had to rush Blaze along the wall, to get as many as possible.

Xune then pointed out that there was a little white dot on the sky, flying towards us. I looked with my spy glass and saw a full grown white dragon approach. It landed in front of us vowing to take revenge on the humanoids that had killed its offspring. That would be Xune, Shadow and Claw. Those guys sure get around… Me and Blaze however was not going to be spared, just because we hadn’t been involved. We are, so to say, guilty by association. Fortunately we are all more or less well experienced by now with killing dragons, so we’ve got our tactics worked out and as the dragon took flight to escape, Xune blasted it to pieces with one of her bolts.

Down at the camp site I think we told at least three different guys bout the secrets of the Raven queens aid at the wall, so I hope it will not be forgotten again. Xune had a talk with the lead golem, asking him to let the soldiers go, but he wouldn’t budge. I said that when the staff at the wall had been refilled that they could perhaps get some time off for compensation. They’ll just have to wait and see I guess. At least we’ve help diminish the threat of the undead swarming the place. Blaze felt really good about himself at least. Now we’re going back to the portal so we can move on with saving our timeliness.


Might have been worth mentioning my angering the dragon further by pointing out that I killed it’s kid. :P

Captains log post leaving the Wall

I love the fact that once you go back in time you will undo all the nice things you have done here in the future ^^.

And luckily for you all the bad as well ;)

Captains log post leaving the Wall

So how about someone writes a nice post about what happened since last before we play next time :D

Captains log post leaving the Wall
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