Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Captains log - Quick stop for a standard dragon slaying

If I was expecting a care free travel back to Ycrem I was very much mistaken… not sadly, mind you, just mistaken.
We boarded the shinny looking ship named Aron. I can’t deny that it was pretty, Not like the Dragon Star of course but pretty in a “ship in a bottle”- kind of way. It was clearly a new build ship… with a captain slightly afraid of germs… A dark skinned human, insisting on being called Captain Apollo. High in discipline but low in morality…. It’s people like him that make shipmates turn to piracy. I would never expect any of my crew members to swab the deck so intently that the wood melts… at lest not without them having done something stupid before… The captain had a very easy policy; Break any rule and you get tossed over the reeling. I think he misses out on some other great punishments… swabbing decks obviously… restricted rations, hangings from the yardarm, marooning or flogging are things that just pops to mind… Well its no surprise that pirates are far more fair in our why of punching each other.

Any way… Xune and I was sharing a large room below deck while the guys slept in a smaller room next door. We had been given individual schedules concerning our working hours and patrolling routs, but with a ship this tight patrolling is very, very boring. Nothing is ever out of place. Poor scared sods… I had half a mind set on organize a mutiny, just for kicks… I witnessed Claw walking around and talking with the crew, while Shadow followed him around conjuring a light show behind his back. It didn’t turn out to well however, since Claw noticed it and started to chase him around the ship. I was surprised how meek the captain was. He only put them in their quarters as punishment. Coward. If your only gonna have one rule on your ship, make sure you can stand by it. Interesting new abilities Shadow has got. I wonder how that happened…

Xune and I has taken up dressing for the occasion. I have no idea how long we spend in my wardrobe each day. Especially since time stands still in there… Yesterday I found this nice long sleeved white shirt and a blue vest, that I matched with a par off gray pants, knee high boots and a black leather belt. Before that I had a shoulder less, one sleeved, tight leather top together with a par of gloves and a green shawl around my waist that hanged down over my trousers, and before that… wait this was not what I was suppose to talk about…. My word’s can’t make the outfits justice anyway… I love my wardrobe.

Lunchtime was one of the few time when we could sit down together, all off us, and talk. One day however the Helmsman Eroril sat down with us. He was a dwarf with a dilemma. He wondered if we could help him with a dragon problem. Apparently there was a dragon in the mountain pass and he didn’t want to have to fly around it anymore. After some discussion we decided to help. In exchange I wanted a blue print of a flying ship, with details on how to construct one of my own. We also was allowed to take the dragons treasure.

At midnight we all meet up with Eroril up on deck. He gave us rings with the capacity of breaking our fall, as we had to jump from the ship. They also were cursed with a scrying spell and was impossible to take off. He said that this was so that his contact would be able to find us afterwords. Just when we were about to set off we heard the dragon roar as it came up by the ship. Eroril steered for his life as Blaze took the opportunity to push Shadow over the edge. Xune jumped after with great enthusiasm. While I muttered something about how unnatural this situation was. Blaze turned and said that it was okay since there was no water down there. That got me slightly puzzled. He doesn’t strict me as a person that knows anything about the life at sea… was it just lucky guess or dose he know that most off us can’t swim?

Jumping from that boat was one of the scariest things I’ve done in a while. Adding the dragon that swept by my ear and it easily bets the time outside of Rockdell when the oarlock to the Dory broke and I though we wear going to capsize and get slung into the cliffs.
This time I actually more or less was flung into the cliffs. I don’t really know how much the ring stopped the fall since I crashed into a tree before hitting the ground. It’s not much of the impact that I remember, just that when I finally stopped rolling I had pretty much landed by Xune’s feet. I could hear the dragon still attaching the boat up in the distance but it was hard to make it out in the darkness. Anyway my outfit was torn so during the time it took for Blaze to tell us all to head forward into the huge cave before us I changed into a par of dark pants and a dark blue, long sleeved, blouse that I fought complimented my curves. I stood for a while trying to chose between that one and a similar in a soft light shade of red with a darker warping around the midriff, but I decided to take that one next time… Oh right the dragon…

When we entered the cave I had to pull out my Ever burning torch. Otherwise I could see jack shit. We soon found a huge stone blocking the tunnel and had to find a way around it. Blaze and I took the lead into a small passage way. Suddenly we encountered a huge door, and on the other side a room full off small dragons and dragon borne. They seemed as surprised as we were and quickly swarmed the doorway, making it impossible for us to get in to the room. It was barely enough place for Blaze and I to fight side by side. The others had to stand back and fight with their special ranged abilities. When I managed to stab one of the humanoid dragons it suddenly turned into stone. It was just by a hair that I managed to pull my sword back before it would have been trapped in the statue. Shadow created a blast of fire around himself and manage to take nearly all the dragon bones down in one go. Blaze and I, with the assistance of Xune and Claw, manage to slay the small dragons after some time. They had exhaled acid repeatedly at us and we quickly tried to tend to our wounds before pressing onwards into the next room.

This room was much bigger than the previews one and we all recognized the huge stone that was blocking the main exist. Although it was hardly the stone that caught mine and Shadows attention. In the far corner lay piles of treasure. If Xune hadn’t called out that she heard something I would have just headed for that gold and started stashing it up. Instead Blaze and Shadow ran over to a far off pillar and wound to more dragons. These were slightly bigger then the previews once but still only kids. When one of the dragons tried to bite Blaze I caught up and fended it off with my sword. As a result it stacked us both, draining or strength. Just holding up the great sword became an effort.
Shadow made a sneaky movement and disappeared from view. Apparently he cast a spell on all off us because suddenly one of the dragons couldn’t see any off us. Xune continued on with her attacks from a safe distance as Blaze and I pulled trough our weakened state. When I was about to land a blow on one of the dragons Xune made it turn into a shining light off angry fire and exploded in my face. Being covered in minced dragon meat and gore, is not a skin treatment I’ll ever recommend to anyone. It smells awful… especially the burned parts.

When the final dragon was down I made a quick run to catch the pile off gold at the same time as Shadow. I’m tired of him always get to the good stuff first… sneaky bastard. I found an interesting piece of armor lying in the pile. It looked stronger than the one I had so I quickly adopted it. Then I remembers my appearance and I quickly summoned my wardrobe for a change. Besides the knew armor I took on that red blouse I mentioned earlier and some back trousers. Then Xune and I started to shovel gold into our Bag of hounding. I put some in my own coin bag to. Not that exaggeratedly much but enough to by a cow… not that I’m sure I’d need one as long as the maelstrom is broken.

Well now we more or less wait for the big dragon to come back home. I recon she’ll be crossed with us when she find her dead offspring’s. I must say that what we’re doing right now doesn’t make much sens in my own head. We have the reward, we could just go… Shopping of the finger would lift the curs off the ring, but then again, I like my fingers they way the are… I think I’ll start looking trough the jewelery box in my closet more. Its not that bad to wear a little glitter.


Glad att du gillar din garderob ^^.
Det ska bli kul att se hur det här slutar. Bara så ni vet så finns alltid möjligheten att fly från en strid ;)


Hehe, I like how distracted Narissa is by her new wardrobe. :)

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