Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Everywhere we go people try to kill us

Hi there again my little book, Its been a few weeks since I last wrote in you now but most of that time has been uneventful. There have been a few highlights however. After we left the Island of dragons we encountered a ship, and it seems that either we are pirates and attacked them or they where disguised pirates chasing us and about to attack so we made a pre-emptive strike. I’m not sure since I just got called up to deck and then fighting started. We shot down their big sail-carry-wood-stick thing, or as my docent keeps correcting me “mast”, and then boarded them. I think it went ok but since I’ve never boarded a ship before I’m not sure. Well it was mostly a mob fight anyway, there where a few enemies with crossbows but Xune made short work of them.

After beating them most of Nerissas crew ran down bellow deck and came out with wood, not really sure why they want to have wood but if it makes them happy I’m not one to point it out. It made me a bit nostalgic though as I recognised some of the trees they had. They hade the mark ofBlavikens woodcutters guild on the side. What strange twist of fate to encounter anything from Blaviken way out here at see. My docent tells me I digress, but I just think I’m getting off topic. There was a problem with the surviving hostile sailors, should they be killed or allowed to join the crew? Nerissa didn’t want them in her crew and I can understand that, one has to have standards in a fighting force it will just fall apart. But she didn’t want to just kill them either. Guy later told me that truly great captains always leave their week enemies alive to spread the word, potentially grow stronger or get a child to later get revenge at you so that you can best them again/as well and let your fame grow even more. Seems complicated to me, I think you should kill your enemy. But then again people keep telling me I’m special so maybe its not the right thing to do? We ended up tying them to their broken ship with some food and basic repair materials. If they are as good as they boasted during the fight they should be able to free them selves and repair the ship.

A few days later there was some commotion about us meeting a sea serpent of some sort, Nerissa had me drag some heavy chains that put large metal shields all around the ship and lowered the sail-holdi..MAST.. they then threw a chained cow out in front. The serpent bit the cow and dragged the entire ship at great speed for almost a week! I tell you little book, its definitely the strangest way of travelling I’ve ever seen.

I have no idea how we ended up at Freeport, the city around the maelstrom. But all crew members seemed happy and sure we would get there. How do they know the serpent wont just go in another direction? or suddenly dive! Well I guess I shouldn’t look a gift serpent in the mouth, it might eat me after all. Freeport it self is really a marvellous city, its built on the water around the raging maelstrom with only a small land anchor on a nearby mountain peaking out of the water. The city was truly alive and amazing inside aswell, I have never seen such a large city with so many people. Right when we docked an old pirate named Pete offered to show us around town for a gold piece. It was a grand tour and I learned much, we got to sell some stuff, placed an order to buy some stuff and even witnessed a grand light show! It turned out that someone blew up however, even if that only seemed to make people happier. Nerissa met an old friend of hers to,Nevitash, or maybe an old enemy… I’m not really sure. They seem to like each other, to a degree, while still disliking each other. I asked Amelia about it but she told me to keep my nose out of it and when I tried to explain that I wasn’t planing on detaching anything from my face and that I don’t even really have a nose she just yelled at me and shooed me away. Well he is staying at the same In as us, the drunk serpent, and nobody has told me to kill him so I guess he is ok. He also told us that someone was asking questions about us and looking for us, Nevitash said he would find out more the day after.

The next day however we first went to pick up the thing we ordered from a very nice shop, ultimate emporium or something like that. We had ordered a bag of holding and an instant camp site. But when we got there we received an Ambush! And by Drow assassins no less! it was a hard fought victory but well worth it. I got a new armor! the store owner was so happy that he gave me an full set of plate! Nerissa got a new sword to. I really like the new armor, Its really shiny but still light and flexible. Its feels more like a new skin then an armor plate. Oh and we met some guy named Optimal or sum such and he wanted to kill us, but I wasn’t really paying attention as I just got SWEET ARMOR. I wonder what I shall do with the old one? Guess I should just sell it. What is that Docent? captain Morgan helped us by telling us about a Opramals plot to kill us? And told us where to find the evidence? Are you sure? huh, the things you miss when you look away for a second or two. Well after we got away from there we packed in the skull from that inbred dragon as a gift, went to the department of invitations or something and talked for a long time about how cool Nerissa is so she would get an invitation. Wonder if she has bad self esteem so she needs to hear how great she is? Well after scaring some people and talking alot she got her invitation. It was formal ware so I got Had to look really shiny so as not to look out of place. I spent many hours making sure every bit was polished and that all joints where greased so they wouldn’t squeak. did I mention that I really like my new armor?

Well while I wasn’t really looking Shadow had snuck away and got the evidence we needed and Nerissa talked to the leader of the town, some guy called the masked tyrant. Sort of looked like a warforged with that mask of his on…or hers..its? Well he was happy about what was on the papers, prof that Olympus was cheating or stealing or some such, he was to be killed anyway and we got to do it. Xune really wanted to kill that guy, and get information out of him. But mostly just kill I think. She is kinda scary, you would think that I wouldn’t be affected by that mask of hers since my own faces doesn’t show emotions or the like but I’m so used to see reactions that its just wrong when I don’t. I wonder if others feel that about me?

Our fight against Ohara was a hard won one. He summoned living flames that attacked us. I did my best to keep them off my friends but I think I did to well. I could sense Oglaf creep inside my mind and twist what I saw, It lasted for only a few seconds but I lost concentration and one of the elementals got in a hit that cut me down. I could feel my essence fading for a blink of an eye as I fell to the floor. Nerissa got me back up again fast but it was still really scary. Shortly after I got back up the winds of battle turned and we were able to best Ogren and his elemental servants. He said he was working on behalf of a secret organisation that wanted us dead. They had given him this mission 3 years ago! I might not even have been made by then! This is really strange. Olalalala Then started talk in some strange language and for fear of him teleporting away or mindcontroling someone I slew him on the spot. He had a symbol of the people he worked for, a broken chain. Something about this makes my neck plate static.

That very night the ritual to change the maelstrom was done successfully and we set sail the following morning, to Arcadia. But as we got close to the maelstrom something went wrong. I cant explain it but me,Brack,Claw,Nerissa,Shadow and Xune got pulled off the ship and into what my Docent says is a pocket universe made by one of the creators. We all woke up on a huge black and white game board, Nerissa was chained down by chains that to everyone else turned to dust as soon as we touched them. I get the feeling we have to be careful here and not touch to many things or we might all fall to a horrible fate. Nerissa might have to do most things here on her own. Oh well. we decided to take a break before continuing our exploration, in the mean time I will have to decide if and how I should mark my self because of my close encounter with death? Since I have made the places I have travelled through into parts of me, should I also mark great events that happened to me on me? I talked about this to one of Nerissas crew late last night while he was under the inluence of much rum, and he said that many people get tattoos for such events. Maybe I should do something like that? Get an engraving where my near fatal wound was?

Oh well I guess I have to get out of here before that is worth thinking to much about. We might be here a loooong time…


I like that his name keeps changing =P


Det började med att jag inte kom ihåg vad han egentligen hette, antog bara att Meatshield inte skulle lagt märke vid det då heller :P


Ah i like this :) How the hell you get from Idea to O la la is beyond me :P But it gives me an idea of what item or some such to give you next :D i just hope they have things as the one i havr in mind


lol… not even the DM seems able to get the name right ;)

But, yeah, it was fun to see the name constantly change :)

Cousken lylatlord

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