Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

First time ever in Rivia

Since we had a lot of time on our hands, while waiting for the dragon, we decided to make a trap. Xune found a stalagmite on the ceiling in front of the cave “door” that looked suitable for the task. She even hit it a couple of times with lightning to make it cracked loose a little. Then i tied a Honda knot and climbed the wall to reach it. The plan was that when the dragon came back Claw would pull the rope and the stone would fall. The plan however failed… As the dragon approached , growling in rage. The stone stayed put and we all had to improvise from there. Taking on a full grown angry dragon is not something I’ve done that many times… It didn’t seam to be that thrilling either so I decided to even out the odds and ran up alongside with the beast to use my psionic ability. It worked perfectly. As long as I was next to it it couldn’t attack properly. She, the dragon that is, did try to get away from me but Xune helped to make her stay put, while Blaze helped me not to get killed. Claw spawned his flying hammer and Shadow continuously disappeared and reappeared inside the chamber, making the dragon confused and open for attacks. It was a beautiful team work really. By the end the dragon was so worn out that it was Claws hammer that took it out. It landed heavenly on the ground, its once so fervid eyes empty and cold.

Before we exited the cave I took the liberty of pulling a long coat out of my wardrobe. As I recall that it had been a bit chilly outside in the night. Its an absolute delight to feel the fabric fit so well. Its like having a personal expert tailor. Its every girls dream come true…

Yes the important stuff… Well we exited the cave and was meet by a column of smoke in the distance. We quickly realized that the ship must have gone down and we hurried of towards it… Sort off. It took like three hours to get there due to the treacherous terrain….

When we arrived, with some small branches in our hair, we saw the proud and once so clean ship of Apollo, totally devastated. It hurt my eyes to watch, so I didn’t. In stead I turned to the debris that was laying all around the burning wood pile. Claw tried to find any survivors, but there was only a few that could be saved. Blaze on he other hand tried to talk Claw out of saving them. Saying that they should die if the raven queen wanted them to. I guess he’s right. If the sea whats someone you don’t argue with it, or it may take you all. Besides. If there is any survivors from a ship wreck you aren’t really suppose to loot its valuables, since they still have an owner… But I don’t have to care, I’m a pirate. I’ll do whatever I damn please.

Shadow was being his usual ass. As Xune was helping me find some nice items he conjured a fake golden object inside the fire, impossible to reach. I’m not sure if he’s trying to kill me or not. But he definitely is an untrustworthy trickster.

While we were working around the ship a man suddenly appeared out of the woods. It was Kilik, the man that quarter master Eroril, had said would meet up with us. Apparently the dwarf hadn’t been completely honest with us about our mission. Kilik was under the impression that we should only have looted the dragons lair but not killed it, and then share the loot with him and Eroril. Unfortunately for Eroril he was dead and unfortunately for Kilik we weren’t going to do that. Xune agreed that we’d pay him enough to make him take the cursed rings of our fingers but no more. Kilik accepted and buried his friend in the woods. Then he wanted to return to his camp and since we needed his service we decided to follow. Xune made sure to stay close to the man so that he wouldn’t run away. Claw managed to convince me to help him carry some of the wounded on some quickly build stretchers. They were sailors after all and had been some what capable…

When we arrived to the cabin Xune and Kilik had already entered and Blaze found that the door was locked. Not particularly careing about it we set up our instant campsite and rested for the night.

In the morning Blaze and I went on a stroll in the forest for educational value. He wanted to show off and catch a rabbit, but that didn’t go so well as Claw jumped out like a best man from a bush and snatched the rabbit off the ground with his teeth like a wild animal. Granted he got the rabbit while the hunter got squat… Blaze then showed me some herbs that was growing in the forest. That was interesting since I’ve only seen them dried and already prepared for the market.

When Xune final appeared she told us that Kilik was ready to preform the ritual now and that he also would be sending us through a portal to Rivia. I’m gonna stop being surprised when traveling on the mainland. Right now I’m sitting in a land where water falls upwards from the ground, and magic apparently lays thick in the air. Shadow manage to change color on his sleeve when testing his magic out at this place, and Xune too. I hope we’re done here soon so we can continue or quest. I’m really starting to miss the ocean and its simple logic, screw up and die.


That fight did go really well. :D

And yeah, it truly was 3 hours away, ne? Someone didn’t at all lead us in the wrong direction… :P

First time ever in Rivia


Nä skämt o sido så var det länge sedan jag läste den här för första gången, har bara inte svarat tidigare för det har kännts så tråkigt att bara skriva samma vanliga “Bra skrivet” komentar.

Dock bra skrivet ^^
som vanligt :P

First time ever in Rivia
Cousken Augites

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