Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Fleshy Blaviken

Taking the others word for it, this was not how Rivia once looked, and the florescent gas clouds had not been a normal contribution to the wild life. Since we did not know what they were I took a stone to hurl at it. Unfortunately it slipped through my fingers and hit Blaze square in the head. Fortunately he had his helmet on, so it only left a small dent in the surfaces . Don’t flatter yourself, my helmed is ademantium hard! – Blaze

My other rock hit the cloud, but instead of just going through like in normal fog, the stone was slowed down before continuing its voyage to the ground. We decided that we did not want to try going through ourselves and instead we started scouting the area.

Blaze found tracks from a wagon on the ground and we all decided to follow them. A few hours later we discovered an abandoned camp site. There was a broken wagon there and tracks from a new wagon that probably had been loaded with whatever the old wagon had been carrying…

At the camp site, three tents were still standing, and some discarded old warforge lay on the ground. Xune tried to reanimate one of them but it was no use. None of them seemed to have a soul any more. Blaze found the insignia of Arcania, witch pretty much too me means that these wear golems gone wild that had had to be relieved of duty… I later discovered that this was incorrect, but I guess that’s getting ahead of myself. He also found some new maps over the area that we packed with us.

The fluorescent clouds kept following us around and since we had been standing at the camp site for quite some time they’d started to come pretty close. Xune tried to see what would happen if she fired some magic right beside a cloud and a dead tin man. That was when the fog suddenly entered the lifeless body and we found ourself having to fight off these leftovers. Fortunately they were in bad shape and the fight was easily won.

Blaze stacked the, now once again, dead bodies in a pile and then we threw whatever flammable materials we could find over them and burned it all, of course making sure not to burn the entire forest with it.

Since the clouds wouldn’t leave us alone there was noting else to do than moving on along the tracks. We walked for days, without any possibility to get a good night sleep. The clouds kept moving in on us when we stopped to rest and it was obvious that it strained on everyone’s mind. It wasn’t that unlike all the times aboard The Dragon Star, when the crew started to miss land weeks away from closest coast… So I did what I normally do in such situations and told some old tales of adventures and riches. It worked on these land dwellers just as well as my own kind.

After a tiresome journey we arrived in a town, that the others claimed to have once lived in. At least for a time. Xune pointed out that she’d only lived in it for a couple of weeks. It was called Blaviken, and apparently a lot had changed since they last was here… the biggest thing being that the ground was no longer made of dirt, but flesh. When Xune leaned in on it she said that she could hear a heart beat… I’ll take her word for it. I don’t relly feel like putting my cheek against that.

In the forest just outside the village we found the wagon and some warforged lead by a shardmind, named Ruby, although he was green… They told us that they were going to charge a machine with magic and had to go down into a crypt to do so. Xune said that she wanted to be far away from them when the started extracting magic from the world, and that she wanted to go down into the crypt before them. Ruby obliged and we all headed down without the newly discovered group.

We found a room filed with warforged that looked thousand of years old, which makes no sense since they haven’t really existed that long… I also found a stash of potions that I’m planing to ask Claw to identify for me. You never know, some of them might come in handy. Blaze guessed that they’d all be for warforged since that was what seemed to be the talk of the day in this cave.

As we were checking things out Blaze suddenly heard a growling from the other side of a huge magic shining pilar in the centre of the room. It turned out to be an undead blood kiss Beholder… I think… I had no idea what they were before I came here but I think that was what Blaze screamed before telling us to run for it. None off us ran. Instead we all took on this hovering tentacle beast with all our might.

It was a real monster. It moved so fast with those outgrowths that it was nearly impossible to evade it. Blaze and I tried to fight it up close while Xune blasted if from afar. Unfortunately that wasn’t appreciated and the thing knocked us over and ran for the sorceress. Summoning all my strength to blink away the daze I felt I noticed Xune on the ground. She wasn’t moving but still alive. I grabbed my sword and ran to her aid. Feeling the healing flow leave my body and enter hers. Xune was up on her feet in a heartbeat and ran as fast as she could, and some more, away from the beholder. I hindered the being from following her and soon it was finally dead, exploding in a fleshy gore right in front of Blaze and myself. I’m so happy I have my wardrobe with a shower. I took the opportunity to dress back into my old captains coat, stashing the potions in convenient pockets.

After the fight we let Ruby and the other things come down. Xune found a transporting device in the back of the room. With almost twenty different stored locations. None of them unfortunately lead back to Arcadia or any other coast town. If I don’t see the ocean soon I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m getting paranoid, thinking that every sea has dried out. Where did all this dry world come from?

Xune eventually found an opening right next to the Wall. Now this place I’ve heard about and I’m not that happy over the fact that we suddenly were able to be that close to it. When Blaze saw the golems fighting off some undead while the Wall was being repaired after the damage it took from the great explosion, he went wild. I could almost see the froth forming in his mouth and he drew his sword and ran. I quickly dimension swapped with him. Forcing him to run back into safety. Into a wall thank you very much! – Blaze. Xune then convinced him that we all were tired and in no shape to fight. At least not yet.

So now we’re sitting in this cave, where the gas clouds can’t get to us and trying to get some well earned rest. As soon as I’ve come up with a new hiding place for this log I’ll get some sleep too. Blaze keeps trying… and possibly succeeding… in stealing it from me…


I very much like Blaze’s small notes. :)

And I think that it should be added that Xune gave the beholder the killing blow! :P

Fleshy Blaviken

Hehe, Blazes small tell tale notes say a lot about him supposedly finding the book ^
Nice writing, hope you all had fun during the session ^

Fleshy Blaviken
Cousken Augites

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