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From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

Xune, myself and Blaze started the day in the only other library in Icrem. Just as before the librarians pissed Xune off by not addressing her when we asked for help. Perhaps she’ll soon crack and demand she get her own citizenship or start a riot that will end us all in the gallows…. I’m not so worried about that though. We seem to have a knack for getting ourself both in and out of trouble.

In the library we found a lot of interesting books about Überwald and its ruler. Apparently the king has stored away his soul some where, making him impossible to kill. Chances for us the find the hearthstone without having to kill him looks slim, but I guess since Blaze is already here we must have succeeded… But I’m not really in the mood of getting overly self confident. There is no more dangerous sensation then feeling safe and secure, that’s when they get you.

I liked the old design of this other library. They had big rooms of books that wasn’t really there. First you had to pick a book and take out a specific stone, and fit it in a keyhole. Then the door opened and reviled a room full of book related to the one the stone had belonged to. I wonder if you could do something similar to a room in a home where you’d hide your most precious belongings or even yourself if some one broke in to your house… cowards.

We meet up with Shadow for dinner in a pub where Blaze had eaten the day before. It was a fairly expensive meal, but the food was good and the wine… well it wasn’t bad, but I kind off miss my old supply of rum on my ship.

Shadow had gathered some information too while we’d been away. He wouldn’t say much off it, but it sounds like it confirmed our findings, that we must go to Wald. Blaze didn’t seam so happy about it. He kept talking about three-hugers and the great balance. I’m not sure what a three-huger is but I guess its something similar to the people that just won’t let go of theri treasure when we board their ships. That never ends good for them.

Anyhow, we decided that the best way to get to Vald was by something called air-ships. They look like… well ships, but they have this huge bubble of fabric right above them, that makes them able to sail vertically. Its a very interesting construct, I wonder how expensive they are, or if its hard to make them. Could be an interesting add on the my ship back in my own time. I’m sure Amelia could pull it off, being so talented with merging magic and object. I wonder where she is now in this day and age. I can’t deny that I miss her. You kind of get use to having some one constantly trailing after you, and even if I sometime explode in her face over that, she is still my friend.

Well, now is now and we manage to get passage on a air-ship named “The lustful wench,” which I think is a weird name of any type off ship… We are being requited as guards in case of… I guess air-raids or assault… the ship is due to leave in five days so we are pretty much free to sightseeing during this time.

Supplement 1

I heard Blaze was going out to buy himself a bow for hunting. He has started talking a lot about his love for the forest, and how it makes him feel part off something bigger than himself. I think its interesting because that’s much how I feel out on the open sea. He asks me a lot of questions about the sea. He wanted to know about sea-serpents, the maelstrom and pretty much anything I mention in passing while I’m explaining something else that he wants to know.

Xune doesn’t move much. She sits and read in a book that Shadow brought with him from his secret meting with the Icrem poose, witch is a mean organisation off offenders that I’m surprised hasn’t been cleaned up yet by the guards. I wonder what kind of impression Shadow made upon them. Probably that he wasn’t worth killing, lucky for him.

I took some free time myself and walked around town. I had the good fortune on bumping into an old livestock of mine, Tom De Lacy. He left my crew ages ago but he still remember me. In fact he remembered me so well that he choked on his beer the moment he saw me. He told me that he was head powder monkey these days and tried to measurer himself up to my level that brain dead hog humping dickwad. He wasn’t alone, and by the looks of it his friends was his subordinate from the ship. I guess that’s why he was so keen on showing himself hard nosed, but when he asked me where my leach was, meaning Amelia, I smacked him out of his socks. He didn’t look so high and mighty lying on the floor. Being a citizen in this place defiantly has its benefits.

Supplement 2

I hadn’t really considered the lack off air up in the AIR. You’d think there’d be plenty and more but no. hardly any at all. It was really uncomfortable to breath at first. I had to lie down in our sleeping quarters for an entire week together with Blaze that looked all pale and sweaty. I have hardly seen Shadow at all but that’s nothing abnormal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was climbing around the entire ship looking for dropped gold coins or some one to play cards with. He doesn’t seam affected by the short breath the least. Xune is also unaffected but on the other hand she seams to be a bit hyper. She showed up every afternoon while I was in bed, telling me about the construction of the ship. It all sounded very familiar to how a normal ship would function except for something she called the boiler room. She allow said that all the members off the crew had been nice enough to answer her questions except for the captain. He obviously didn’t have time for her. I’m not surprised. But I’ve decided to have a word with him captain too captain. He gave me a look when I first got on the ship as if he recognized me, but didn’t say anything.

Supplement 3

I had some rum with the captain.

Supplement 4

Travelling by air is not very similar to travelling by sea. There is no salty whiff in the breeze, no glittering reflection from the sun, no sound of waves being broken through by the bow… even the swinging of the ship is off. I thought travelling like this would make me feel more like home but it only makes me more aware off how far from the cost line we’ve gotten. I can’t even see it from the stern any more. There is only the mountains where we fought four dragon-seed.

That’s right I haven’t talked about that yet, well it wasn’t much to talk about. They showed up and we killed them. Some misfortune on my part marooned me alone with two dragons, while the others fought together against the other two. Fortunately one of my dragons eventually decided that I was more work than taste and left to fight the others. This gave me the chance I needed to slay my opponent before joining the others, and despatch the last dragon still standing. Even though the fight had been short, being alone with two dragons had left its marks, and I had to use almost all of my healing power on myself. I’m glad my armour protects my clothes. I don’t have anything else to change into since I lost it all when I was taken from my ship.

I miss my wardrobe. I had the most grand collection back there. Now I feel trapped in this form. If I don’t get to change soon I might try something drastic. Maybe I should let may hair grow out again… but that was always a pain with the wind blowing it all over my face… I wonder how much I can change without anyone noticing it… No, that’s a bad idea. I’ll just get some new cloths when we land. I doubt I’ll need this captain look where we’re going anyway.

Xune had made a necklace out of some dragons teeth. Maybe she also feels the need to change, but I doubt it. If that was true I don’t think she’d be wearing that mask day in and day out. I wonder why she doesn’t have more than one. Its always more fun to be able to change.

Shadow has been harvesting among the carcass as well, but that’s for making money. He was a bit upset over the fact that Blaze had split one skull with his khopesh in the fight, but I don’t think he minds that much. At least he is not charging Blaze for it. Xune has been acting a bit strange around Shadow lately. She gives him evil, threatening looks that’s plain to see even though the mask, but I can also sense that when she do she also feels a bit embarrassed. I wonder what she’s done that she doesn’t want him to tell us. At least that’s my guess on the subject.


I had some rum with the captain. <—>t embarrassed about anything! Of course not… whistles innocently

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

The formatting fucked up what I wrote…

“I had some rum with the captain” is quite the understatement

And then I wrote that you are a damn empath :p and Xune isn’t at all embarrassed, no sir! ^^

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

“Supplement 3

I had some rum with the captain."

This made me laugh ^^
Good writing as always, you really get a feel of the character.

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

he he tack ^^
Det är bara trist att så mycket faller bort av vad som verkligen hände, när jag skriver såhär

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

Du får se det som så att en hel del tillkommer ju också. Personlig karaktärsutveckling och introspektion är lättare att ta upp och visa på det här sättet än det är under en session. Eftersom du får mer eget utrymme här ^^.
Man får ta det goda med det onda

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

I should get extra XP :-P

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

You should actually…problem is you would out level the rest so much it would be a problem :P. But maybe you would like bonus gear?

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

Ja tack! ^^

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald
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