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Heroes welcome

As I write in you now Little book we are being celebrated as “The Heroes of Dun Khral”. Everyone is having a good time here in the the dwarven capital and we have been celebrating for almost an entire day now.

Claw has been SO happy because there are plenty of people now that listen to him when he talks about the light, but I think its just because they all live underground and don’t see light that often that they listen. Because when people talk about things I don’t know about I listen so I learn. He also says things like the “light is making him strong” and stuff so the dwarfs seem interested, but then I walk past and half of them just want to disassemble me. But that may just be because they are drunk.

Shadow is playing card and other games with everyone now, and I can tell he is really happy because he isn’t even betting money. He is just playing for fun! That’s the first time I’ve seen that. He also said that he “got some tail” from another Teifling around here, and that seemed to make him REALLY happy. And boy did I get surprised, I didn’t know that tieflings could change tails with eachother! I didn’t even know they could take them off! I tried to pull his tail to see how it looked but he just said “OW, THAT HURTS”. Must be like with components, it won’t come off unless he wants it to. And after that I remembered those mean dwarfs that tried to disassemble me and I apologised to Shadow, I didn’t mean to disassemble him. but he just laughed and said it was the Mana juice. Oh yea, I’ll tell you more about that later.

Even Xune let lose after a while. She was really shy at first and didn’t even want to show her face to the dwarfs. So I asked Shadow what to do to make her not so shy. And he was so cleaver. He told me to take her up and dance and that that would make her happy as she likes dancing. I didn’t know that! So I let Shadow show me how to dance and after I learned a few steps I asked Xune to dance. She was quiet first and then said no, but Shadow had told me that if she did that it means she is still shy and I should just take her dancing anyway, for her own good. So I picked her up and carried her to the dancefloor, I think I held her a bit tight as she accidentally shocked me a bit (Good thing I’m so tough or I could have dropped her). Well after I got her there and put her down I started dancing, and she was so surprised she couldn’t even move. So I just kept dancing and after a while it worked! She started laughing so much she fell over AND cried! Even the dwarfs laughed! I’m such a party starter! Sadly I don’t remember much, as I drank alot of Mana juice, that Shadow gave me, before I took Xune dancing.

Oh if You want to know the dance was called “The robot”. I don’t know what “Robot” means but Shadow told me it would be fitting.

And so for Me. The dwarves gave me this drink called Mana juice and said I would be able to drink it. And because I’ve never been able to drink anything before (it just runs down from my mouth on to my armour) I wanted to try! They gave me this crystal thing and told me to put it on my Ghulra and BOY did it work! I could feel the arcane energy flow inside me, but not like energy as such. It made me feel happy and I kinda lost my balance a few times, and if felt like tiny tiny powersurges all over my body. IT WAS GREAT! One of the dwarfs asked me to give him a hand, but when I detached my hand and gave it to him he just laughed, I don’t know why I didn’t understand that he wanted help, I must be the Mana juice. But we had fun so its ok, He even gave me a small memento because I made him laugh so much! He made me a new hand out of an old gauntlet he had! well I had to show him how to do a few things so it would work as a component, but he did most of the work! So now everytime I look at my right hand I’ll remember the Eberk Darkhammer, He is an apprentice blacksmith and I hope to see him again.

OH, but I have totally forgoten about Brack! I hope he is ok, he didn’t want to enter the Dwarven mines with us and wouldn’t say why. Only that he had to do something.

Now that I have teased you long enough little book I’ll tell you how we got to be here. You see after the big game of Chess that I told you about last time we decided on taking a rest. We had been walking for most of the day and everyone was tired. As normal me and Xune took the watch. But this time I borrowed that strange book Shadow has, he said that Ernst Fehr gave it to him since he didn’t have enough gold to pay us for the Kobolds. But I don’t remember that from when we did it? Oh well. Me and Xune worked on translating what my Docent but we didn’t really come that far.

The next day (4th of august) we headed deeper into the caves in search of the controlstation. At first things where going well, there wasn’t many sidepaths and the way was straightforward. But after a longer corridor we entered a room filled with glowing mushrooms (called Doom spores) and lots of spiderweb. Sturm immediately shouted “Ambush” and went to cover the entrance we came from, the rest of us stood quietly and waited for our attackers to show them selves. It seemed they only noticed Sturm, because four Ettercapps and a Deathjump spider went straight for him! I rushed over as soon as I could and managed to get the big spider of of him but not before it had severely attacked him. Shadow put a bolt in one of the Ettercapps head before it saw him and he hurt it alot. I did my best to keep the Death jump spider under control while the others took care of the the rest. We managed to use the mushrooms to our advantage and atleast one of them fell to the toxic spores of the mushrooms. Xune got entangled in web for a while but didn’t seem to uncomfortable about being tied up. After a long and brutal battle we stood victorious! The creatures didn’t have anything on them but we did find the remains of several other adventurers that weren’t as good as us. One of them did have a magic dagger on him though, that both Xune and Shadow wanted. Infact even Sturm wanted it. There was some tension and for a second there I thought that Xune and Sturm was going to start fighting for real. But luckily it didn’t go that far…

We carried on deeper into the caves, they led us downwards and it became more and more warm. After a few hours it was almost unbearable. Eventually the Path opened up to a large room filled with lava. Near our entrance there was only a small platform of stable rock that lead to a narrow, and now destroyed, bridge over the lake of lava down to another small platform that lead out of the room. On the other side was a pair of Duergar standing guard. As they saw us enter they quickly retreated into the path ahead, only to return moments later with their commander. He was short and to the point (no pun intended). “Kill the dwarf amongst you and we will give you tripple whatever you get paid by the Dwarfs”. Xune and Shadow staled and tried to find a diplomatic solution. Sturm was about to start invoking the power of Moradin in response to their demands. I was just in time to stop him and only managed to contain his anger by saying “Not yet, let it play out”. Only moments later Xune was finally ready, she conjured a thundering gust in the midst of the the commander and his closest guard, a storm that lounged them down into the lava. The battle had begun. The commander and one of his guards never made if out of the Lava, but their ranks where bolstered by a emerging magmaclaw. Our initial strike had given us a fair advantage however and they where unable to turn the tide. Shadow, Xune and me crossed the small chasm left by the destroyed bridge and faced the remaining Duergar headon. Claw and Sturm stayed behind to deal with the magmaclaw. The battle was brutal and swift, we swiftly took total control of the battlefield and used it to our advantage as a means so burn our enemies to cinders. In the end, all that was left of those that stood against us where ash and the bloodstains on my steel.

Hey! Who wrote in my book!, What do you mean you did? I didn’t think you understood me? Someone used a ritual? Well how long does it last? And how did you do this without me knowing? What does Hakuna Mattata mean? Oh…

Well I guess I have to write on myself. After the fight with those evil Duergar that wanted us to kill Sturm we checked the path they came from and found the control room! But sadly it was broken, someone had put big Dwarven axe in the console. But after a “group effort” we got it working again and all the traps in the invaded tunnels activated. Lots of crystals lighted up and zapped the invading goblins. We cheered and felt really happy and quickly found a door that lead into the tunnels. So we went in to see that the work was done and then to head to the dwarven capital of Dun Khral.

But once we got out in the tunnel all the squishy bits started moving and merged around a big magic orb! A huge flesh construct came alive and it started waking up the dead goblins all around us. And just as it came alive (so to speak) the door to the controlroom closed! it must have reacted to the threat in the tunnel. Well we did the only thing we could, we charged it head on! It was soo thrilling! I had to pull all my best tricks just to keep its attention and try to keep it from attacking everyone else. But I think I managed pretty good. Shadow was attacking it from the other side to try to divert its attention, I would say he tried to stab it in the back…but I’m not sure it had a back… Well to carry on, Xune was blasting away at it and everything else so much I could keep track. Claw and Sturm used their holy powers to keep the small ones under control and keep me alive. I can absolutely say that without Claw I would have died in this fight, the monster was literally all over me. His arms here made of many goblin arms and slime and they grabbed me and tried to hold me down by filling my armour with squishy meat. It almost succeeded to! But we managed to take it down and mop up the few small ones that where left. But only a few moments after the last skeleton fell the magic orb that gave the construct life EXPLODED and the fallen heap of flesh came back to life. We had to rally quickly, but with our combined strength we got it down again. With Sturm of the Kragshield Clan giving the final blow with his mighty mace, toppling it over and splattering it all over the hall.

And that was that. After beating it we could go to Dun Khral without problem and there the KING himself was waiting for us and we where hailed as HEROES! Now I really have to go, one of the dwarfs is making me a custom armour (isn’t that totally cool!) and I need get over there for the fitting. Bye bye little book, I’ll write in you again soon.


I didn’t really get that part about someone else writing in your book?

BTW, just now that i’m comfortable with saying it since Kalle is gone, you guys totaly missed that he had the ritual of Translate Language. But oh well it’s to your own demise.

Heroes welcome

Well I sort of tried to write in a diffrent way then normal, but to work that into the world I figured that my docent could be the one writhing. thus between “But luckily it didn’t go that far…” and “Hey! Who wrote in my book!” its suposedly the docent writing and not Meatshield. Maybe I can change the Font or something to make it moore clear. Or maybe the writingstyle awsn’t as dissimilar as I thought :P

Heroes welcome

lol, ‘twas fun… but when did this “dancing” business happen? Yesterday?

Also, I flew over the chasm ;)

Heroes welcome

lol, ‘twas fun… but when did this “dancing” business happen? Yesterday?

Also, I flew over the chasm ;)

Heroes welcome

technically the dancing and sum such is poetic license ;)

it never happened during session time but after killing the boss we went to celebrate. and that is what I flavoured up a bit.

also, this was made early October and you notice it first now? SHAME :P

Heroes welcome

That I can agree on then ^^ Even if it wasn’t totally in character maybe :P

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I feel very ashamed ;) But it was an entertaining read

Heroes welcome
Cousken lylatlord

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