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Into the land of the undead

[Hej allihopa, jag tänkte bara snabbt inflicka att anledningen till att loggen är lite underlig är för att jag har plockat ut halsbandet jag fick under sessionen, då jag kommit överens med Patrik att få byta ut det mot något annat.]

Nerissa’s log

I must start this log with a confession. I don’t seem to remember so well. It’s almost as if some deity had interfered and taken parts of my memories away. I talked with Xune about it and she seams to have been affected to. The men doesn’t seam to have noticed though… except for Claw, but he is exceptionally good to pic things up for a man.

Anyway it has been some time now since we left the airship. It docked in a little town called Old Kingsbury Corner. I took the opportunity to go shopping for some new outfits. I think something happened at the market, but I don’t know what. I either meet someone or found something, but it’s completely gone now… Shadow found us an Inn and after some rubble with two merchants, started by Xune, we got a room for the night.

Shadow and Blaze went out to buy some Holly Water, since we’re going into Überwald tomorrow, which basically is the land of undead… I wonder which deity it is that blesses water into something dangerous… must be the Raven Queen, she seems to have a thing against undead according to Blaze. I wish I remember what me, Xune and Claw were doing back at the room in the mean time. All I can get out of the others is that we sat in silence, that doesn’t sound very likely…

The next morning we started heading into Überwald, after a few hours walking Shadow busted out laughing saying “horses, horses” repetitively. I don’t know what’s so funny about that. Horses are uncomfortable and I don’t use them at all… But I guess the land-dwellers might… usually. Great scurvy, I’m in the company of incompetent weirdos… And I’m happy for their company…

The landscape in Überwald is very dry and dead. Claw tried to revive a flower that he found but even thou he made it bloom it’s probably is long dead again by now.

We encountered an abandoned caravan later that same day. It looked like it had been heading for Portdam Park , the same, and close, town that we wear heading for. When Shadow sneaked up to have a look among the abandoned stuff, we all got to see what had killed the members of the caravan and its horses. Something called “Puddi, puddi”(… At least that’s what the others cried out when fighting them… I fear for my sanity) emerged out of black muddy holes in the ground. It’s actuality quite amazing that none of us had noticed the mud earlier, since that was the the most moist we had seen in a long time… I miss the ocean.

Anyway they instantly attacked us, and sizing them with my sword only made them part into two monsters, luckily Xune’s and Claw’s attacks from afar was more efficient and soon we had them defeated. Shadow then showed up with a weird looking hat on top of his head. It turned out to be an illusionist. Basically it gives him the power to hide his true self behind a trick of light. It’s quite an interesting hat, since it also effects his clothes. That’s more then I can do… But then again I’m not a mere illusion.

When we started to get closer to Portdam Park we noticed some strange moments among the settlers… They basically moved as if their bodies wasn’t really functioning. In other words, the population were undead. I imminently felt Blaise urge to rush in and smite them all in the name off his Goddess, and I tried to talk him out off giving in to this temptation… mostly because we were seriously outnumbered, and I won’t let him have me killed in this alternative future so far away from the sea.

A skeleton greeted us at the towns-gate , asking us if we wear friends or enemies with a sight, apparently dead men tell no tales… They also don’t have any feelings. It’s creepy how alone it feels inside, I mean I’m use to have at least 30 peoples feelings inside my head every hour of every day, now I feel noting but myself… and my companions of curse… Blaze is still pissed as hell.

We manage to find the only man in town living, a necromantic wizard that refused to give us his name. He allowed us to stay the night at an in with the most funky smell… It’s a wonder I didn’t suffocated in my sleep. I vaguely recall Xune waking me up with a scream during the night, but I don’t remember why. It wasn’t something that had spooked her.. it had been a “good” scream… I really hope that you can’t become an undead just by handing out in their presences… I mean I don’t what to believe that losing memories is a first step towards losing feelings and then become one of them… Maybe I should ask Blaze about that… he should know a thing or tow about the undead and how to not become one…

When we left Portdam Park in the morning we wear meet by the sight of war. Armies of undead were literally assembled in front of our eyes. Wizards were standing in circles forming bones into wandering soldiers. Shadow was fast to transform his appearance, using the hat, into the Wizard from the town. When we started passing the… creatures, a wizard approached us asking where we were going. Shadow answered Ridgeopolis Annex, their capital, and Xune added that she was an ambassadress from the Drows, sent to form an alliance. The wizard didn’t seamed convinced but eventually let us pass. Shadow pushed his luck a bit by trying to claim that the town behind us had an imposter wizard. We all moved quickly after that statement. I do hope we get the hearthstone soon, I miss my ship.


“Something called “Puddi, puddi”(… At least that’s what the others cried out when fighting them… I fear for my sanity)”

hahahaha, the stuff of legends I tell you ^^

Now I just need to find an Item you like better ^^

Into the land of the undead

Luckily I wasn’t one of the people doing the screaming… :P

Into the land of the undead
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