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Into the Temple

Hi there little book. How have you been doing? Drying up alright since [[Why do our ships always break? | last]]? I’ve been adventuring big time since last! We went into that temple to save the living artefact and to find provisions and repair materials. It might be a bit rude to just take it from the Lizardmen, but a quest is a quest! After going in a bit we came to a large room with a fountain full of bones and two protective ground emplacements. The fountain looked like some sort of garbage pile but claw quickly exclaimed that it was evil. Some sort of bad thing bound to it making dark goop attack us and stopping us in our tracks. All the while two shaman lizards threw spells at us. Me and Brack quickly went in after them while Nerissa andClaw backed us up. It went fast and well. Claw was stuck in the goop the entire fight and Nerissa seemed to very angry at me for some reason, maybe its because I haven’t thanked her for the private room I got on the ship? Well I guess I have to think of something.

But on with the story. We went on deeper into the temple down a spiralling stairway into a huuuge cave. We could see the artefact far off on the other side of a deep chasm. There had been a suspension bridge connecting it but it was long since destroyed. Nerissa pointed out a plant nearby that she said would suck blood to grow. Brack then went up to it and started feeding it! Knowing how little blood my friends have I of course sliced the plant down immediately. He told me after that he wanted to use it to get over but I didn’t know that then. But after looking around It was clear to me that one of us had to do some jumping and climbing go get a rope across, and since Brack was now low on blood, I volunteered myself. I climbed up a nearby ledge with water running on it, looked like it was part of some sort of canal, and then jumped out to the lone stone platform linking the old bridge. I just barely made the jump. I grabbed on to the edge and crawled my way up. I swear if I had a cardiovascular system I would have gotten a hart attack. But I somehow managed and we where able to get across. As my friends made it across the ropes they all slipt and fell, if it wasn’t for Nerissas foresight in tying a rope around them they would all have fallen in. The part of the bridge that was intact was also treacherous. I made a barrelroll but somehow managed to cling to it. After getting across there was nothing in the way of us and the talking artefact, a dagger that turns itself invisible. It seemed most gracious of its rescue and happy about aiding Shadow in the future.

Getting out wasn’t any problem but outside the Temple there was a huge beast waiting for us. It looked like some sort of dragon but without wings and a much larger head and smaller arms. Really strange beast, but it attacked us almost immediately so there was no time for studying. Nerissa and Brack hit it hard and we could see it its balance failing. But as it was going down smaller reptiles came to help it, must have been its spawn. But as the mighty adventurers we are we bested them in combat and now have a large amount of fresh food for everyone. Well except me, I don’t eat.

Once we got back Nerissas crew had fixed the ship and we sailed away almost the instant we got back. And now we are on our way, finally, to Arcadia! And I got a room-mate! Some “Guy” we picked up on the island,, but we talk allot and he seems nice. I hope we finally get to Arcadia so my docent stops yelling at me, I swear I’m gonna kill someone if he keeps yelling at me an entire night again. Its bad enough during the day when I can distract myself from him, but during the night when I paint he just annoys the living essence out of me!


“Meta-game-note-to-self”: Dispose off the Warforged before he goes berserk on the ship :-P

Into the Temple

Haha i think I’ll make a point of that docent shutting up, we do not want wanton rampage on the ships deck… again.

Into the Temple
Cousken lylatlord

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