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Is there destiny and purpose without fate?

So here I am again, “home”. I Only spent half a year here on this Island but I would recognise it anywhere from any angle. Sarge made us study and memorise every part of this here island in case it got attacked. Didn’t think I would ever come back here, I wonder what will happen to me if they find me? But I’m getting ahead of myself again, I guess I should start at the beginning.

The floating chessboard we woke up on was connected to another floating chessboard by means of that strange metal that only Nerissa could touch. So she climbed over to the other platform with some rope and the rest of us climbed over. Brack fell down but for some reason he only fell a short bit then just hung mid-air. Lucky for him since we could just throw him another rope. Well up on this second floating disk (that according to Nerissa didn’t have any thickness, however that works) there was a text written on the floor. It was the story of Xunes life, every major thing that happened in her life. Just as she had read it all walls grew out of the floor and metallic spiders came up from spinning tiles on the platform. The wall separated me and Claw from Xune and Nerissa. And before I knew it Xune and Nerissa had fallen threw the floor! They screamed that they where fighting upside down on the other side of the platform and we continued to fight. I swear I had no clue what was going on around me, walls changed places people randomly disappeared and spiders came from everywhere. I just stuck to basics and fought what was in front of me. After we won everybody fell to the “underside” of the platform. Up above (or is it down below?) we could see another platform and on the ground (or is it sealing?) we say yet another text, this time telling the story of Nerissa and a chest with a rope that fell uppwards..or downwards…or..well at the next platform at least. Nerissas story wasn’t so nice, it said she was bound by fate to die in three years. Xunes said that she was unbound by fate and her future was her own. We didn’t really stand around and talk about it since Nerissa almost broke down after reading about her life. Death by hanging evidentially, not a good death I agree. Hopefully she will get her neck snappt of and won’t have to endure suffocation. From all the medical books I read they all seem to agree on that not being nice. Luckily I wont be able to die like that.

So we climbed the rope up..or the other platform and found (what Nerissa pointed out to be) a broken sundial and five doors hovering mid air. I wanted to investigate them right away but the others were tired and wouldn’t let me. So we waited and waited and waited, Man its boring to just wait for eight hours.

The others are finally up and about and I rushed in to check the doors. It seems that each of us got a door to open and our door showed took us to someone from our past. I got to meet my “father”, the man who made me. I had never met him before so I was chocked when he revealed that. I used a magic rod to make my lie down on a exam table and then opened me and started looking around. That scared me allot, I didn’t know what he was going to do. Nerissa tried to get stop him and open my restraints but there was some sort of magic stopping her. Dad said I was malfunctioning because I hadn’t fulfilled my primary function yet. Apparently I was supposed to kill the Baron of Hochenwald. Witch is odd because no one told me that. After examining me said it that I must be some freak of nature and left it at that. But we had a long talk afterwords when he wanted to learn everything about me and eventually he even threw me out! I wasn’t happy about it at the time but Shadow said that it was symbolic to show that he believed in me and that could make it in the world without him. I asked if that was true and he said he wouldn’t lie about that, then he must have thought of something funny because he walked away laughing.

But I’m getting of topic. When I got out of me room the others had been in their rooms and we all got a piece to help fix the broken sundial. I wanted to know what the others had seen and found but we didn’t have time to talk about it. As soon as we (and by we I mean mostly Nerissa and Xune) where done fixing the dial the ground started moving. Every square that made up the floor moved to make a continuously moving walkway where the back most squares kept moving to be in front. It started going well but after a while the path divided and made obstacles. We kept running for an hour or so I think before it reached a door.

On the other side was a cross shaped floating room with a statue as big as a mountainchain looking down on us. On each side of the cross there was a portal to one of the elements and in the middle of the room there was a gazebo and four Genasi with corresponding elemental affinities. Before most of us had even stepped onto the platform Brack was in full swing, chopping his axe at the Genasi. But they kept rebuilding them selves, drawing energy from the portals to their planes. So while I tied them up as best as I could the others tried to push them into the portals or to destroy them. It was a hard fought battle but we did it. Or so I think, as they were destroying the last portal all I saw was a bright light and then I was falling down in a refuse pile. The others came after few seconds. This was a grand hall with with three massive statues on the way to a well decorated throne. On it sat a woman who introduced herself as the goddess Fate. It seems we have offended Fate by not being bound to her will. And after a little bragging of how awesome she things she is she sent her avatar to kill us. Well, him and those three giant statues. It was a truly epic fight trying to kill the avatar. The merest touch from him could send you flying off into the distance or send you to a mirrored prison. Only by shear tenacity from Brack and a lucky distraction from Nerissa allowed me to place the finishing blow in his hart. Or what I reckon was his hart.

Killing the avatar freed an ancient, or some sort of ancient leftover. I didn’t really understand that part. He was like an ancient but not. Well he had been there for some time and he told us what we had done and why Fate hated us so much. It seems that all of us except Nerissa are unbound by fate. So everything we do is truly our own decision and there is nothing but our selves holding us back from what we want to do.
He told us alot of what happened when he was alive and what consequence his decisions had. It has been an interesting day. I met my dad, a god and someone from a race long extinct all in one day. And as he sent us back we ended up in the ocean, and now we are here. On this beach with Adora Bell Deerheart allot older then when we saw her last. Things are happening fast now and I need to sit down and think.
Looks like we are moving out. Write in you soon little book.


Finally, the constructs version of what happened last time ;-P
Det kommer bli tråkigt utan “little Book” nu :-(
Det känns i alla fall som att detta är det inlägg vi varit mest överens i =P
Jag tar det som ett sista bevis på att våra karaktärer slutligen blivit sams ;-)


Lol… fast vi väntade väl inte i 8 timmar för att vila? Vi tog väl bara en short rest innan vi öppnade dörrarna?


Kanske :P. jag minns inte det hela så klart längre, men jag har för mig att det var en längre rest.

Cousken lylatlord

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