Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

So I awoke from from my trance because yet again was Blaze trying to be mysterious… I sometimes wonder at that one, but he can be amusing as long as he doesn’t get to hotheaded, because it would be bad if he set something on fire, as Shadow told me can actually happen. Anyways, I digress, we find one of Blaze’s blue feathered arrows stuck in our shack, so Shadow and I decide to make our way to the small [[Roadside Rip-Off tavern | Roadside Rip-Off]] in Blaviken later that evening.

I must say, even though I’ve lived on the surface for a few months now, I haven’t quite gotten used to living in a shack that is smaller than the space a had for my whips as a child or going to a [[ Roadside Rip-Off| tavern]] smaller than my old room – everything is so small on the Surface! Something I’ll have to tell when I get home.

So later that evening Shadow and I went to the old tavern, me under my cloak so as to not scare the locals. There we have a round of beer, generously provided to us by Shadow. Then Brack shows up wih a new axe he said fell out of the sky and destroyed his parents’ crops, poor boy, they’ll probably thing that he was feeling sick and threw up again… He asks me to try and sense if it was magical, however I had to disappoint him and say that I couldn’t, so he lost some of his enthusiasm upon hearing that. But he did look quite happy when he heard from Blaze that there were kobolds in the forest. Everyone seemed rather excited by the prospect of fighting against them, but I’ve never understood why you’d want to kill kobolds though, they make excellent canon fodder and work well in sending in to set off any traps set by our enemies – and they’re cheap too!

At this point an older man came to our table who was an expert in kobolds, who would like their bodies after we’re done with them, and Shadow looked rather happy at this prospect so it would seem that someone will be carrying corpses back to town… This part of the conversation was quite boring but I did find it a lot more intriguing when he started to say that kobolds where the most powerful entities in the world, this I had to hear more of and maybe try to send word home concerning this disturbing revelation. Think if they are just pretending to be weak and die all the time when in actuality they’re just bidding their time to overthrow our rule?

Eventually we set of into the night and to find this small kobold camp and ambush them. We managed to kill all but one in short order and Shadow convinced it to be taken alive by us. After some looting and rummaging through the camp we set of to go back to Blaviken with 5 corpses and a kobold tied to a rope to give to the old man. I’m glad I wasn’t doing the carrying, because blood is notoriously difficult to get out of the few clothes I have left.

Apparently I missed an eventful morning, the old scholar had been robbed during the night and could only pay us part of the sum that we had been promised and Blaze’s father blamed us for his disappearance, which is a bit funny when you think about it, he is a ranger lost in the woods! But he could have gone off on some wild adventure again, since he was rather excited about something… When the others came to the little shack, they had found a crude map done with lemon juice, to seem more mysterious, no doubt. And so we set off again, to find Blaze before his father got a bit too angry…

It took us quite awhile to find the x that marked the spot on the map, but when we got there we found the old crypt that I had used to get out of the Underdark a few months ago. I hope Blaze wasn’t being so hotheaded that he actually went into the Underdark alone – mainly because I doubt that even his head would light up much of the way…

We quietly made our way down to find several zombies, which I can assure weren’t there last time! We had to fight, and subsequently, kill them again which went rather well. Except for those that got vomit all over them, I hope that Brack noted how revolting that is when he does it. Anyways, at this time Claw decided to grace us with his presence, which was a good thing, since I’ve never really liked the shambling dead, they usually smell rather bad.

We made our way down another level to stumble upon skeletons, which did prove to be more trouble than their meatier companions. Brack went down rather quickly with some well-placed arrows but luckily Claw’s healing magic worked its wonder and he could continue in the fray. With some good help from Claw, Brack, Meatshield and Shadow joined the battle while I hung back and threw thunder and lightning at our enemies.

I knew that there was one more flight of stairs before we got to the elavated altar with the entrance to the Underdark. When we got down, we saw someone with a cloak on with his bow and arrow drawn and aiming towards someone on the altar, it looked like Blaze even though we couldn’t see his face. Even though we waited in the stairwell neither he or the person on the altar seemed to move according to what Shadow said, so after awhile we all walked down into the large room. I was rather shocked to see that it was my sister Eclave on the altar with some human being sacrificed to Lolth.

Apparently, someone had found out that I was still alive, my mother had blamed and then killed my father and now Eclave was here to kill me and regain our honor. It was all rather weird, I mean I had just been excommunicated by my parents, why did the Matron Mothers bother with me? Anyways, as always, I seemed to just infuriate my sister more and more. For some reason she never could stand me, probably why whenever we played games as children it was always in the torture chambers.

Anyways, she went on about how we had walked into a trap and how I was a harlot having illicit liasons with my companions, which I thought was a rather worrying observation, is that how we look? If so, something has to be done about it!

At this Blaze turned and attacked us and he looked positively ghoulish, he wasn’t at all his usual sunny self. This made us decide to try and take care of my sister first in the hopes that whatever she had done to him would stop. However, that didn’t work as we wanted – killing my sister didn’t stop him from trying to kill us. That is why I had to take his life myself. Meatshield, being a surprisingly good healer managed to bring him back from the brink of death for a brief moment. Whereupon he asked to be held by me, I can admit, that I did, possibly, take his situation a bit lightly, and told him to hold onto my sister’s corpse because he was resting upon her. I guess, it would be ok to blame this upon my upbringing where someone else’s death was usually something worth celebrating, and I’m also guessing from the shocked responses from my companions, that this is a rather unusual way of acting… These surface-dwellers can be surprisingly emotional. Then I was also surprised that he wanted to be buried and not cremated, which I thought was much more fitting, all things considering.

I found a letter upon her person from the Matron Mother saying that if she didn’t bring my head my mother would be sold as a slave to the Duegar, which might not be pleasant, but at least I can comfort myself with that it wasn’t to the Illithids. Hopefully, they won’t do this anytime soon and that mother can think of some way of faking my death again, because I’d rather not die and I’d rather she didn’t get sold, but I guess one can’t have everything in life. Though, I was quite happy to find our family insignia around her neck, because I was forced to leave minewhen I was kicked out.

Anyways, we thought that we were finally done with this and could make our way back to Blaviken, but we were rather off… On our way up we found that the village had assembled outside and intended to kill us for worshiping demons, which is rather absurd, since Lolth is actually a goddess and I don’t even pray to her! Maybe they thought that Claw prayed to a demon? Anyways, Shadow, Claw and Meatshield went up with Blaze’s corpse and hoped to calm them down. However his body just seemed to stoke the flames of their passion, which I’m sure he would have been happy to hear, but it was rather unfortunate for us. It was rather surprising though that Longbottom seemed to know about me and was trying to convince them that I was at fault. This got me rather angry so I went back down, seperated my sister’s head from the rest of her body and proceeded to walk out of the crypt holding her head and telling that I had made a blood sacrifice to avenge Blaze.

They didn’t seem to take it all that well and eventually decided to attack us. Even if they had numerical superiority we managed to hold them off in the narrow stairwells and entrances in the tomb… It was a dirty fight, but it felt oddly nostalgic. Things got a bit strange when Shadow accidently murdered Brack’s father and they sent down his mother to convince us to let them execute us. Anyways, after a few more skirmishes we managed to take down Bellybutton which completely destroyed the others morale and they fled as quickly as they could. I must say, it was a rather tiring ordeal , but its finally over and hopefully this unfortunate misunderstanding will be cleared up soon…


Cousken Cousken

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