Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Captain’s log, by Nerissa, captain of "The Dragon's Star”

Captain’s log: Day 7 at open sea

We’re having a very light and amused mood among the crewmen tonight. This is because we have happened to gather some new prize worthy cargo. Earlier this morning we encountered a merchant ship heavily loaded with wood and crew, 24 people… which coincidentally is the total amount of crew members on my own vessel… Well my five guests seamed very interested in the commotion so I let them join in on the fun. I even got to fire one of the canons myself. That takes me back… although it feels odd having someone else commission orders.

Anyway I managed to hit the mast of the other ship and after that we boarded. I know I’m not supposed to but accidents and confusion do sometimes happen… I suppose Amelia will be holding on to my coat for the next couple of days.

Most of the enemies were synchronized seamen holding formation in a “angry mob”-fashion. The rest had crossbows, now that’s not fighting fair, but then again Xune made some weird moves aboard that deck. She even flew… twice! And I know that might sound weird but I can assure that I’m not drunk… yet. I decided to do my duty first… Well fine, I’ve celebrated a little but who wouldn’t?

Xunes dress got a bit torn by arrows in the fight but when I offered her to lend one of my cloths she decided that she wanted to sow it up instead. She was impressively good at it so I guess I shouldn’t take her rejection as a mistrust in our friendship. I doubt she would have revealed her face for me if she didn’t trust me. Then again we are kind of in the same boat in that matter…

I myself created a wormhole around the mob and slid some of them off the deck. Shortly after that they decided to surrender. The warforged tied them up aboard their own deck. They wear so scared that they wanted to join my ship crew. I don’t really have the interest in allowing ten potential mutineers aboard my ship. Its better to leave them to fend for themselves, as Meatshield put it: “If they’re so good seamen as the claim they should manage to get home by themselves.” Sometimes that thing makes sense… or maybe I really just am drunk.

Captain’s log: Day 8 at open sea

We encountered the sea-serpent today so right now we are traveling at top-speed. Its an interesting sight from my window as my land-dwelling guests have noticed. They wear standing down here for quite some time until they finally got bored. Xune asked me about the creatures and I suddenly had this feeling that something was wrong. It felt like I had lost more of my memories. I hope it isn’t true. Its been three years since then, it should been over and done… I really hope that thing doesn’t still have power over my mind. I almost wish I had my spirit companion whit me again, it would have made me feel better, I know it. Anyway I haven’t spoken about this to anyone. Hopefully it will just pass.

Anyway we spotted the sea-serpent, offer our cow, and now where on our way to Free Port. I wounder if he will be there… its been like six months or something since I last saw him. I wounder how he’s been…

Anyway Meatshield was kind enough to help us make the ship fit for this type of travel. Since I’ve met him I’ve come to the conclusion that he is very simple minded and curious… kind of like a child sometimes. I wounder how long he’s been… active. Well I don’t know. I’m starting to have a hard time thinking about him as I do whit Noel. They’re just so different. Although I still think Meatshield could use a lesson in manners, but he is at lest somewhat decent… and useful… I guess.

Captain’s log: Day 1 at Free Port

Duties… Sometimes they’re just plain boring. But I am using you to drive someone else mad at the moment. I must say that leaving me with the dinner-bill he deserved the slap in the face I gave him when I first saw him today. He always does something stupid I wonder if he can really help it. But it drives me mad too, sometimes, so I guess we’re getting even for now…

My ship arrived at Free Port this morning. We were shown around town by an old seaman named Pete, and Xune got a bit anxious or something about the survival rate of entering and exiting a Maelstrom. I assured her that I have succeed every time I have done so and I have done it almost a dozen times. I’m not sure that it calmed her down though… My guests had the time to sell some collectibles at the marketplace. They also made an order at the Ultimate Emporium by the spire. I’m impressed because I usually don’t shop there for obvious reasons.

The evenings ritual to turn the Maelstrom failed. A man was killed in the attempt. I didn’t see it up close because I had lent my looking glass to Xune, she seemed very interested in the magic powers that were displayed. I hope she won’t be scarred by what she saw, but I kind of think she’s seen worse…

Alright now I’ve completely lost track… Damn it, I hate that he can do that to me. Ah well, that’s right, speaking of him, Nevitash found us at “The drunken serpent” where we will spend the night. As I mentioned earlier he made me pay for the dinner tonight but at least he had some interesting news. Apparently someone is after me and my guests…. That’s unfortunately all he knew, that bastard… with his strong hands rubbing my shoulders…

Damn it…

I told him about the King in Kaupmandur going civil and hanging pirates. I’m glad he didn’t ask how I got out of there. I think he might not like to hear about that…But I do swear that if I ever see that fat man again I’ll kill him for double-crossing me and all those things I had to do… Damn him… and Nevitash too, while we’re at it why not damn the entire world?

By the way… [What ever the captain meant to put here has turned in to a black line of ink]


Cousken Augites

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