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Story of the missunderstood

I am writhing this down so that I do not forget what has happened these last few days. It started on the first of June. As usual the priest had me clean the temple… again… It seems it was a mistake to mention my past to him as he now, as well as my former master before him, mostly use me for menial tasks. But to get back on track. As I was cleaning the outside I found one of Blaze’s arrows stuck to the door. I knew it was his because he puts blue feathers in them. I asked him once where he got them but he just tells me this strange story of crazy blue chickens that attacked and how big a hero he is for killing them. I mean even if its true its chickens…I could kill chickens… I wish they let me kill some chickens. Why cant I work for the butcher? Anyway an arrow on the door means drinks at the [[Roadside Rip-Off | Roadside Rip-off]] in the evening. I find it interesting to see the effect of the drinks there on people. They seem to get dumber and loose their balance, but even if they know this they drink more. Maybe they have to drink it to keep living? Anyway that evening we all met at the Inn, even Xune, which is rare as she doesn’t like to come into town. She says people don’t like her and even if I protect her and say she is my friend they wont like her. Maybe she is right, I think she knows more then me because she seems smart.

Got more Ink now, these ink containers are small. Anyway Blaze told us all, that’s Shadow, Xune, Brack and me, that he had found kobolds in the forest. Something not usually seen in this forest, Blaze says they live more to the north. Anyway we all decided that we would go out to fight them before they could attack the town (also I was very happy as I finally get to fight!). Just then a strange old man, who cant draw kobolds even if he says he can, said he wanted to buy the kobolds from us if we killed or captured them. He said he was studying kobolds and where looking for new species, also he said that kobolds are really powerful as their god can make them explode, but that sounds strange to me. Just to be sure though I always keep them facing my shield. Shadow looked extra happy when we left the Inn, I think he wanted to fight to. Oh and Brack had a new Axe, he said it fell from the sky. I must keep an close eye on the sky now in case of more falling axes.

Blaze led us to the Kobolds and after a short (too short) fight we killed five and captured one kobold. We then went back to the [[Roadside Rip-off]] to give the old man, Ernst Fehr I think his name was, his koboldcorpses and the prisoner of war. But he was drunk and we could not talk to him. I help to carry him to his room and out the corpses there and the prisoner. Shadow then told me to leave so that he could try to negotiate with him alone, I wonder If I’m in the way?. Anyway a little while later he came out and said we should come back in the morning. I got to take care of the prisoner! I was so happy! I actually got to guard something! Shadow told me to not forget to feed him, but didn’t tell me how much..or how often. But I was to embarrassed to ask, Shadow could speak with him and did so much to get information and then he talked to Ernst even though he was almost passed out. And it was also my first guard mission, If I can’t do that they might think I’m no good and don’t want to fight with me more. So I decided to give the prisoner food when he was hungry, and not stop until he was full. And that was a good thing because he must have been starving, after I first gave him food he didn’t stop until he fell asleep. If I wasn’t so smart he might have died from not eating and we wouldn’t get our reward. Lucky!

Well went back the next day and Ernst had been robed! But we still got 50gp for our trouble, that was 10gp for me! My first money ever! I wonder what I will do with it? Later that day, after more chores and the priests yelling at me for feeding the prisoner, we met at the [[Roadside Rip-Off | Roadside Rip-off]] again to talk. Mr William Soggybottom came in just after Blaze and he was as unpleasant as ever. But Blaze told us he had new great news and that tomorrow we would get to adventure even more! But he wouldn’t tell us what. He was going to do some more checking and then tell us the day after that, Third of June. Well everyone went to sleep(except me) but Blaze never showed up when we where supposed to meet. We met his father in town and he was angry and said that Blaze never got home the night before and started blaming us all, mostly Shadow though. So we started looking for him but couldn’t find him. But we got a paper from the priest that Blaze’s father had given him, it turned out to be a secret map! Drawn with invisible ink! Must be hard to write with that as you can’t see what you write. But we all decided to go to the place on the map and see if Blaze went there.

It took us a long time to get there, half a day!, but we finally got to the place marked on the map. It was a graveyard. The others said it was creepy but I didn’t really see what was so creepy, but this was the first time I saw a graveyard, maybe other graveyards are nicer? in the centre of the graveyard, on top of a hill, there was a huge crypt with an open door. Xune said that she recognised the place as where she came to the surface from and said we should be careful down below.

We walked down some stairs and there was zombies among a few sarcophagi, it was a hard fight but we managed to take them out! Then Claw showed up, and just in time! He healed us up and followed down to the next level. Shadow was sneaking ahead and saw an ambush. there where lots of skeletons in the next room all waiting for us. But we charged right in and showed them what was what. Even if Brack got hit hard. I saw him go down for a few seconds after a few arrows got into him but claw fixed him up and he could fight again. I have to get better at protecting everyone, they are counting on me. But I can’t be everywhere at the same time, its really hard. Well we went down another floor, and there we found Blaze and Xunes sister! But we didn’t know that first. She was hunting Xune because she had done something bad at her home I think, but we weren’t going to let Xune die so fought her sister with her! But she had done something to Blaze, he was all pale and his glowing lines in his face where faded. We tried not to hurt him at first. Xune shouted that if we kill her sister Blaze ill be normal again. But he didn’t. We killed her but he was still attacking. We tried to just knock him out, really we did. We all liked Blaze but in the end we had no choice. I think Xune went a little overboard with that last spell she used but she said it couldn’t be helped. I tried to fix him up after he collapsed and it seemed to work for a little while. He came back to life, his power lines where glowing again. But it didn’t last. He said he wanted to be buried properly and he wanted a hug from Xune but she was to scared of him braking I think because she wouldn’t do it.

As we walked out all the people of the town had gathered outside the crypt and accused us of kidnapping Blaze. And then when they found out he was dead they said we did that to. We tried to tell them what happened but in the end they wouldn’t listen. We ran down and fought them in the crypt. So we could fight them one at the time. Its a cowards tactic but they where so many. After a while of fighting we killed Willian Soggybottom who was leading the mob. After that the survivors fled. We never wanted to kill the townspeople of Blaviken even if they where mean. It was all a series of unfortunate events…

Edited for improved linkage by Cousken, 11 august 2009. It was hard so sorry it’s not perfect, but i was laughing so hard. Xune linkage added, 12 august 2009.


Ok this is awesome, i laughed hard hard when i came to the last sentance :) I tried to help with improved linkage, as soon as people start adding their characters it will make more sense.

Story of the missunderstood
Cousken lylatlord

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