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Nerissas Log post

Log post: Day 1 in Arcania

All right this has been an interesting day. We are right now at a small Inn, located in a harbour town, where we’re waiting for a sell out pirate ship to arrive in the morning. Let me just try to collect how we ended up here because this has been quite a day.

First off all we started out at the shoreline off Arcania this dawn, where this… woman… Adora Bell Deerheart , was waiting for us. She said that her Master wanted to talk to us and that we should all ride in her cart. Xune and the others seemed to know her quite well, and Adora told us that we had been brought forward in time by her Master Chris. I have never been to Arcania before, but it was clear that something bad had happened to the place as we all travel through the landscape. Every city we drove past was in ruin, and even though most of the day passed during our trip the world stayed dim and grey.

Right outside the town where Adoras Master resided Xune suddenly became very anxious and asked to be let off. Adore told her that that was impossible and the wagon continued. The wagon was actually a Warforged and as we entered trough the city walls we realised that so was the most of the population.

Adora showed us into a room where we were to wait for her Master. Shadow was looking very intensively at the objects in the room so Xune ordered Meatshield to sit on him.
Master Chris turned out to be more or less also a Warforged. Fancy that. A construct in management. Although Meatshield has proven to be useful I wouldn’t trust his judgement in a command. Hopefully Chris was a bit smarter… Although he seemed rather easy to manipulate…
When Chris and Adora entered they weren’t alone. Another person, a man named Blaze, emerged with them. He claimed to be another long lost friend to the group. This day seamed to turn out more or less into a reunion party… Anyway Blaze is an interesting figure… I think he use to be a Genasi … I say used to because well… because his dead… or undead… but still alive… And I think that he tried to flirt with me, calling me pretty and such. Xune told me it was a smart move to reject him. I wonder what their history is… I can’t stand a man that seams to think he can take my independence away from me.. Then again he dose treat me nice, but that’s getting to far ahead…

Chris, angry as Scylla at the “unbound” in the room, informed us that we had a mission to complete in this time. A mission that involved raising Blaze dead body from the dead in the past. He also demanded that we’d leave Brakk behind as hostage. Also Meatshield was to go away on a solo task. Its all very confusing but apparently we need to find a certain heartstone in this time before we can go back. To do so we were told to search information in Arcadias libraries, but the only way to get there is by boat. So Chris lent us horses to ride to this town and hijack the wannabe pirates. Horseback-riding was an interesting experience. I’ve seen the hooved animal allot in city-squares, usually next to the cows, but I’ve never really looked at them. They’re quite beautiful, but I think it takes some time to master them. Sharing a saddle with Xune was quite bumpy.

When we’d all gotten our rooms at the Inn we decided to make the ritual, that I’ve been carrying around in my head for the last four years or so… my time line that is… I’m only glad I could remember it and that Xune, Shadow, Claw and Blaze all wanted to help. It took two hours to complete, but thanks to Claws friendly inputs beforehand I was done successfully. I am no longer bound to die in three years… or seven years ago… at a public hanging. I’ve been celebrating a little down at the tavern together with Blaze, that was celebrating life, and the others. Although it is a bit disturbing to be at a place so crowded with drunks. I just hope I won’t be smothered with peoples hangovers tomorrow morning.

Log post: Day 1 and 2 aboard captain Floatwoods ship

We waited at the dock for the boat to make port. When the “Pirates“ started to lower the land bridge Blaze steeped out and told them to stop. That’s’ when the rest off us realised that the captain of the vessel was none other than Guy Floatwood. The marooned man on The island de la Draco. He agreed to take us with him to Arcadia if we could defeat him in a duel. The man is so full of himself that its no wonder he believes himself to be a pirate, when he’s only being Arcadias bitch. Unfortunately his bark wasn’t worse than his bite. He was completely covered with crossbows arrows and small grenades. He blinded Xune with one of his bombs and continued to run away so it was impossible to reach him in close combat. He also manage to shoot me right in the chest, but fortunately Blaze was there to help me. I believe he prayed to his Goddess for healing or something the like. When Guy had blinded Blaze as well Xune suddenly had enough and told Guy that if he didn’t stop with this foolishness we’d kill him. This made Guy surrender his little game. I’m a bit surprised about that. Although Amelia would never had allowed me to engage in a duel against five other people I’m sure my crew would have stepped in and slain the intruders as revenge if I’d died. Perhaps he doesn’t trust his crew as I do. That would make sense though since they are all on a pay check from a country they’re not allowed to leave. I couldn’t bare being stuck in one bay for the rest off my life. I’d mutiny against myself.

I asked Guy later if he had heard anything about my ship in this day and age. He told me that there was a legend involving it. That it was the last ship to go though the maelstrom but nobody knew if it had made it. Some had said that they’d spotted the ship, but no one new for sure. I wonder if Amelia took over after I left… Without the Maelstrom I can understand that the life off piracy has become limited. I must find a way to go back to my own time and save the maelstrom. This is not the future I want… Even though I guess I was never fated to see it intrinsically…
Shadow and Guy are having a contest of how to make the biggest lies down below deck, so I tend to stay up as much as I can. Xune is kind enough to hold me company, but she doesn’t seem to enjoy the riding of the waves as much as I do.

Log post: Day 1 in Icrem

I’ve been looking though books almost the entire day. I hate books. They’re boring and nothing useful was in them anyway. Well at least not in the ones I tossed around. Xune found an entry about two possible locations for the hearthstone, and from what I understand they are far, far, FAR landwards. Tomorrow we’re going to another library in town and see if we can find out more.

When we rendezvoused with Blaze and Shadow, Shadow told us that he might get some information from an underground organisation in the city. I hope he knows what he’s doing, The citizens of Arcadia aren’t the nieces sort, and criminals aren’t any better. For being a criminal myself I’d say I’m very nice compared to the others around here but then again I only became a citizen here so it would be easier to do my business. I have no intention in taking in their customs and traditions.

Xune got a bit displeased about the fact that the librarian thought she and Claw was my servants and whenever she asked him questions he turned to me and answered them. I’m glad she didn’t shoot a lightning bolt at him, Non citizens are absolutely forbidden to even shove a citizen out off their way. Furthermore I’ll be held responsible if any of my companies screws up. Its to bad I’ve grown to like them. Other wise I could have carried out my original plans and have them all thrown in prison for what Meatshield did to me back in Haugurafgulli

I wonder how we will travel from now on, without a sea rout and without horses… I doubt Shadow will let us near the coin-purse to rent something…. although Xune seems pretty good at handling him.


I’m glad Narissa likes us :) And Xune is rather good at handling Shadow ^^

By the way, you forgot the part in the mission where we were supposed to spend months becoming citizens of Arcadia and how I with a sentence and by pointing at you made all that preparation useless :D

Nerissas Log post
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