A hot headed fire Genasi


Blaze, the Genasi Ranger

Blaze is a young Genasi ranger. As far as he knows, he was orphaned as an infant and a kind human took him in as his own child, to help with house chores and work. The human was a ranger, who lived on the outskirts small village of Blaviken. This was fortunate as Blaze wasn’t well accepted in the general populace due to his appearance. Due to his elemental nature with the origin of fire, he has ruddy bronze skin and thin power lines across his body. The power lines form a belt with a group of five lines, that go up from his chest to his chins, then turn sharply to the back of his head only to turn sharply again, upwards across his skull all over the forehead, to end in his eyes. Both his eyes and the power lines have a fiery orange colour, with flickering flames coming out of them instead of hair.

As a child, Blaze enjoyed working with his father and quickly became a skilled archer. When not hunting, he spent his time with the other outcast characters from the village. Shy and drawn back at first, once their friendship was sealed his true nature started to become apparent.

At the age of sixteen Blaze saw an elven woman for the first time in his life. She was passing the forest with an entourage on an unknown task. Once witnessing the beauty of the creature, he became completely bewitched with the race. At that instant he dropped his gear, gathered his belonging and after shouting ‘So long, suckers!’ left Blaviken in pursuit of the woman. He came back three day later richer in experience and a black eye.

Blaze truly incorporates the nature of his element, fire. He is passionate, aggressive, quick to change his emotional state and hot headed. He easily becomes consumed by what he is engaged in and has a burning passion for beautiful women. And most of all he likes to have fun and fill his world with joy. All these attributes give him the personality of a young yakuza boss, but also make him very likeable as his is easy to show his affection for his friends, and there is always something interesting going on around him or about him if he’s not around. It’s not unlike Blaze to in taverns burst out with

“What, you won’t buy me a drink?! You insufferable bastard, I will shoot you in the groin! Oh, the food is here. Join me, friend, and let us feast!” or shout “AAARGH my head is on fire! Hahah, only kidding. By the gods, it’s that goddess of a woman your daughter?” when meeting new people.

On day when he was hunting in the forests, he noticed that someone has settled into an abandoned shack far off any populated trails, and decided to investigate. Once he entered the construction, he witness a sight which took his breath away and made angel choir sound in his ears – an elven woman not like any he has seen ever, with hair white as the winter snow and skin dark as coal, not much unlike his own. At that moment he fell on one knee and pronounced his undying and everlasting love for the sorcerer Xune, which he soon introduced to his friends. They decided to keep her existence a secret as she was from the frowned upon drow race, and the simpletons from the village were sure not to be tolerant. Ever since that day he has been in constant pursuit of her affection.

Some months after that another odd person moved in to the shack, a thiefling by the name Shadow. He wasn’t fazed by Shadow sharing the quarters with the love of Blazes life due to extreme self confidence or simple denial. Once Shadow and Bedisa met, the Genasi became silent and kept staring at the two for several days. He became solitary, until a couple of days later he emerged from the forests, exalted, and pronounced that he has seen the future in the cycles of nature, and that Bedisa and Shadow should join in a holy union of marriage in front of all the gods for the good of the realm. He has never been able to explain the origin of this premonition, blaming it on natural magical fluctuations and his elemental nature, but he remains ever convinced of his correctness.

“So, in short, I can be a bit hot headed, but not to worry, I will always try to be your light in darkness and your beacon of hope, a lighthouse on the horizon! Although this will be collaboration, as I need protection. Helmets can become a hot issue. But foremost, do not forget my role as a ranger, for which I burn with a passion! Please, help prevent forest fires! My mind is a blaze with how much can be done to extinguish the problem! But now, I am all burned out, and need to cool down.”

What Blaze doesn’t know about his past is this. On the day of his birth, a huge fire raged in the town where he was born, consuming all of it and its inhabitants. Indeed, his birth wasn’t a natural one but only a result of his mother going up in flames. He was rescued from the ashes by a mysterious and ancient dwarf, who delivered him to the ranger Blaze now calls his father. The man owed the dwarf a favour, and could use the help around the house, so he accepted the Genasi as his own.


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