Warforged warrior


The fate of Meatshield

Meatshield began his existance in a creationforge run by the Society of Imperial Artificers in the old kingdom of Nerath. At birth he was given no name, only a designation and a purpose. He was southbound unit 12 and he was suposed to fight for his master. Now as anyone can understand this is alot to take in right after being called into existance, but its still very little. However before Unit 12 could ask moore he was escorted out of the creation chamber by 2 other warforged and led to a nearby military trainingcamp.

Here he was told more extencivly that his creation was comissiond by someone to the south, no name was given, and that he was to be a soldier. unit 12 spent a few months in the camp being trained for his duty along side sevel other Warforged. Infact everyone in the camp was a warforged, even the trainers. he only heard of other races during basic instruction and had only seen, what he think where humans, once right after birth.

After his training was complete he was the happiest he had ever been. He was to set out to fullfill his desteny, his goal in life. He had been told that upon contact with his master he would be given a name and a moore specifik task.He was also told that after 10 years of faithful service he would be allowed to chose if he was to continue emplyment of the army or if wanted freedom. The only backside was that all “southbound” units where to be put temporarily powerd down during transport because of perticular demand. the client was afraid the target of his new army would catch wind of his purchase if they arrived in “normal” transports, and where therefore to be shipt as cargo and revitalized when at final destination. Unit 12 was, like all other southbounds, loaded upp.

During transport however something goes wrong. in the dead of night as the cargowagon rushes along a forestpath, the crate containing unit 12 falls off without being noticed. To his great luck as the transport gets ambushed just a few kilometers down the road, all cargo destroyed and all personell killed.

2 days later the aged wizard Mordikai stumbles upon the crate. He quickly realizes what he has found as he opens the crate and takes Unit 12 with him to his wizard tower (even if it just has 1 floor and a loft its still a tower because a wizard lives there). Where he is able to reawaken Unit 12, who now naturally thinks this is his master. Upon regaining consiusness unit 12 kneels and sais: “Master, you who have paid for my creation and demanded my existance. I humbly ask that you grant me my name and then describe my task”. Mordikai takes the opertunety, grants him the name of Meatshield amd tells him to guard the tower (that bears a striking resemblance to a hovel). Filled with pride and confidens he takes upp a guarding position.

Months pass and noone ever comes anywhere near the tower, infact most of meatshields time is spent dusting, cleaning and feeding Mordikais cat Elminster. Whenever Meathshield tries to talk his master he is told to “do his chores” or “don’t disturb me while I’m sleeping”. As Meatshield himself never sleeps and had previously never come in contact with the fenomena of sleep he would often awake his master with questions of wether or not he was well or injured.

Two years pass. Mordikai starts sleeping moore and moore often, even during daytime, untill he one day doesn’t wake upp at all. Meatsheild is unseartain of what to do, but continius as usuall. as he isn’t suposed to wake his master upp from sleep to ask him questions.

To not go insane from boredom Meatshield starts reading some of his masters books, always making sure he returns them just the way they where. He cant read that many of them, most are in languages he doesn’t understand. But one series of books he can read, they are about the body and medicine. This is most facinating as he himself has many systems that are like the biological ones but much cruder and of other materials. Its during the study of medicine that he realises his masters condition…he is dead.

As a now free lifeform he starts searching the surounding landscape, never before venturing moore then 10 minutes in any direction (and then only to get an idea of where enemy attack was most likely) he is greatly surprised to find a small village only a few hours walk away. The rural village of Blaviken.

When Meatshield first walk in to the town he was meet with fear and hostilety, something not entierly against his wishes as he was itching for a good fight after his long time of involentary pacificm. The townsfolk where calmed however by the local clergyman who, after a long discussion, took him in at the temple as a guard and protector. In Blaviken Meatshield befriended other social outcast such as shadow the thiefling, Blaze the fire genasi, Brack the dragonborn and Xune the drow.

Meatshields goal in life has changed somewhat now from when he was first “born”. No longer clinging to the idea that fighting is everything he wants to explore, travel and live. to experience life with all its upps and downs. Not to the point that he has abandond his fighting ways though. He still considers that his purpose in life is to fight, its just that now he wants to do some other stuff as well.


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