At the beginning of his story Claw was a pretty dull character. Even calling him Claw is preceding to quickly from his tedious past. When we met Claw his name is Cletus. And when you’re a son of a family whose sole purpose in life revolves around cultivating cabbage and off course (and sadly for Claw) eating it. It’s somewhat difficult to excel as an spellboundingly interesting person. This green-leafed plant was even their last name, Cabbage. To some it seemed the family manically praised cabbage as apposed to something else. But those kinds of conundrums were to vague to be discussed. In the village the Cabbages were generally well-liked, they were the sort of people that one could borrow a plow or a helping hand during harvest. Although their diet of solely cabbage made them display a pasty greenish hue and reek of cabbage. Furthermore unwillingness to talk about anything else then cabbage related issues (much less gossip); made them someone you wouldn’t invite for dinner.

As the good middle child that Cletus was, he held the traditional Cabbage middle child duty of maintaining the optimal crop spacing. Claw could have grown up to be next in in line of so many cabbage growing Cabbages that even the elders in Blaviken would change the subject on which in line he was. Simply because they just didn’t know at all. But let’s not be like the unmarried Petronela Soggybottom and dwell upon what could have been. Anyway fate had it different for Cletus.

Due to some unfortunate events Cletus family was killed. A blue light was seen by the whole village. Cletus was found wandering around in the graveyard. The villagers tried to ask him what had happened but got only a blank stare in response. [Sorry got writer’s block or I’m just plain lazy when it came to writing this part]

No one in the village had any use for the vegetable smelling, sickly looking and now mute child. So he was taken in by the only man that couldn’t refuse. The priest. After a week the child began to speak. But had no recollection of his family accident and only faint memories of them.

The years went by. With times relentless passing the child had become a teenager. Being feed a more varied diet it’d lost its greenish hue only to grow to a freakish size and develop strange wolf looking features. The villagers sympathized with Cletus, and tried to help him battle his rampaging “puberty” by putting him through all the household remedies they could think of. However the priest being a man of greater knowledge (well, compared to the Blaviken villagers) these features rang a bell. After rummaging through his books the priest identified the child being of shifter breed. And not just any shifter breed, a longttooth shifter. When the priest told Cletus of his findings Cletus was heartbroken. He borrowed the book that contained and went to bed without supper. When he didn’t show up for breakfast the next morning, the priest became worried. He knocked on Cletus door but there was no answer. He opened the door only to find a empty bed and an open window. Cletus had run away.

The priest didn’t know what to do so he told the village that Cletus had caught a rare and very infectious decease mustn’t be disturbed. You might guess that he eventually returned. Yup, he did. The only thing he said when he came back was: “I want to be called Claw from now on”. He devoted even more of his time to study religion. By this time in the story the priest had become rather ancient. So it was time for him to untie the knot of spirit and body which we call living. On his deathbed he proclaimed that Claw should be appointed as his successor. Claw took on this responsibility with great pride. The villagers were also greatly pleased for not only had they solved the problem with appointing a new priest without endless discussions and had to put out with the usual hefty bribe that was required to persuade a priest (that could spell his own name) to situate himself in their village. But, by this time Claw was very well-liked despite his peculiar appearance.


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