Kalashtars looks similar to humans and Nevitash is no exception. He is tall, with brown hair and a small beard. He has handsome features that he is well aware off and likes to show off whenever he gets the changes. He is proud to be a captain


Nevitash is the captain of the ship “The Gold Trident”. He is Overenthusiastic, somewhat conservative, tends to do things somewhat unsystematically, is relatively social and enjoys the company of others. He finds it easy to criticize others and is generally relaxed. He is a worshiper of Umberlee, but pretty much only when he thinks he is “doomed” and in GREAT need off her random mercy. Otherwise he is more or less a nonbeliever.

He first met Nerissa at “The Silver serpent”, a tavern in a smaller harbor town. Observing her from a distance he recognized her as a well known pirate captain. Feeling charming as usual he decided to seduce her, but when he first approached she turned him down. Not being a man that took “No” for an answer he persisted but soon ended up falling for her personality



Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's Cousken Augites