Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

The mountain and its people

Hello again little book, While the others are arguing where to go I figured I could write some more.

After the fake nobles incident we travelled fast and without incident for six days through Bengeloit until we reached the Dwarven mine where we were supposed to receive the goods to transport back to the baron of Hochenwald. When we saw the entrance to the mine we where still several kilometres away. At first I thought that shadow had glued on some spyglasses on me when I wasn’t paying attention because I couldn’t believe the size if it. The main gate must have been 50 meters tall! But as impressive and truly inspiring as it was I got a little concerned as the doors to the gate where closed. I mean just think how embarrassing if they have to open that huge gate just so we can go in, and then right when they have closed it we should be leaving again. That must be why its closed, the dwarfs must be to ashamed to ask the guards to open the door all the time so they just stay inside all the time. Or at least that was what I thought before we say that there was a small door in the big door. Well I say small but we could still go through without problem…well the others could. There where these two guards at the gate that bothered me. At first I felt really cool when they came up to me as they said I was a new model of warforged and said how neat that was, but then it was like they didn’t know I was alive and just started poking and cutting me like I was just a pile of armour! I mean I’m alive…right? OK so according to this book about how to make people better to be alive you need like a pulse and stuff but..does that make me dead? maybe I’m a Zombie? I have to think about this.

Well to get on with the story. Once we got past those two jerks we made it into a grand hall, and boy was it grand. Those dwarfs had made giant statues of them selves with all kinds of gold and gems in them, very good craftsmanship to. Well seeing as this place was so huge shadow decided to ask one of the guards where to go, and he was nice enough to point us to lieutenant Sturm. He was the assigned to keep track of all those going in and out of the mine. He welcomed us Theunis Kraal and then he asked us who we were and what we where doing in the mine, shadow handed Sturm the papers that the baron of Hochenwald gave us. And they worked like a charm as he immediately led us to the king of the mine. But it was sort of strange as the king was a woman. I thought that kings that where women were called queens? Well the king seems nice anyway, she was very busy however so we got sent away and would be called upon when the king had time for us.

While we waited Shadow suggested that we play some cards, and Sturm suggested a dwarven game that we all participated in. It went really well for me and I was sooo close at winning but in the end Claw won. I was sort of happy for him because he got so happy and started talking about how good the light was and how it helped him win, but I didn’t really get that. I mean sure it would be hard to play in darkness so the light did help us play but it helped the rest of us as much as him. Well sure Xune can see in the dark and Shadow doesn’t need as much light as we do but still. Maybe he was cheating? Naah, claw wouldn’t do that. Also It was extra fun to see Shadow lose, I have never caught him cheat but I’m sure he does it.

While the others slept I got shown around Theunis Kraal by Sturm. I think it would be breathtaking but as I have no breath to take I’m not sure. It was truly amazing however. I could not have imagined such a place existed before. I’m so happy we became adventurers! And think, we have just been adventuring for a few weeks! There is no telling what other wonders we will see! While I was wandering around I got to see the dwarven Battle line, It seems the mine recently got invaded by goblins and the dwarfs are just holding out until reinforcements arrive from the main kingdom. Oh yeah, all dwarven cities are connected by underground tunnels! Isn’t that cool! that kinda means that is really just ONE big city! Kinda…atleast I think so. Well the dwarven defenders where really good fighters anyway.

Later in the evening we got invited back to the king to talk about our quest. Well we had some bad luck. The things we where supposed to deliver to the Baron of Hochenwald wasn’t in the mine. It was supposed to be sent from the dwarven capital and it hadn’t reached the mine. So we have to go stop the invasion to be able to complete the quest! But thankfully there was a bright side, apparently the dwarfes have hidden traps everywhere in the path between the mine and the capital, but for some reason they haven’t gone off. But if we can reach a old controlstation we can reactivate the traps and squish the invaders, or so the king said. But the controlstation is really far away along some secret path that nobody used for many thousands of years. So we get to be the first to explore it since like ever! yay! And our new friend Sturm gets to come along to help us! We are so lucky ^^.

To help us on our way the King offered us the payment of 5 gold per day and per person and also a loaf of dwarven bread. Well I cant really use mine but I’m sure the others will be happy when I give them my share.

So the next day (3th of august) we set off to find the controlroom. the first step was to enter the secret path there that was protected by a magic barrier. The barrier seemed to be drawing its power from a nearby floating rock with a strange letter on it. Well if I was a magic barrier a floating rock seems as good as anything to get power from but the problem seemed to be that it took a long time to make the barrier stop. And after a long wait Xune blasted the rock with lightning and the barrier want down as the rock exploded. She always sees a good solution to every problem. The path was a veritable maze, with twists and turns every other step and several bypaths. But Sturm,Xune and Claw managed to get us safely down the right track. At least we think its the right track… because we did find a game someone left down here.

I talked to Xune afterwards and she said it was a game of chess. But I don’t know who would be playing such a game, it seems really dangerous to me. There where these strange statues that only moved in odd ways and they tried to kill us. We had to take the place of “pieces” and walk like they would to be able to fight the statues, or a nearby magic crystal would think we where cheating and it would blast us with magic bolts! Well we played and we won the game. Right now we are sitting down for a while and talking about what to do next.

Oh seems like we are moving again, I’ll write more soon little book

The story continiues

4th of June we had come back to the shack where Xune and shadow live after the massacre at the graveyard. After we buried Blaze the mood in the group was really bad. The walk back had been quiet and no one spoke. Well my Docent did, its a magic gem that Xunes sister had that is especially made for warforged. But she might not have known that as they look like normal gems. But even if my Docent talked only I could hear it and it speaks in a funny language that I cant understand. But I’m getting sidetracked again. At the shack Shadow simply said that he was going to get his things from the blacksmith, and off he went. The rest of us simply sat there, in silence. A half hour or so later Shadow returned with a magic mace for Claw. Even if I didn’t notice that he was back until he was snoring in his bed. He is indeed good at remaining unseen. I tried to stop my mind from thinking to much about what had happened and so I started drawing. But I all really know about to draw is what I learned from the medicine books, so I drew my friends as they slept.

In the morning as the others where eating breakfast we started talking about what to do. Brack wanted talk to the villagers, explain that we didn’t mean for all this to happen. But both Xune and Shadow said it was pointless, and I think they where right. There where no longer anything that bound us to this place, even if I hope that we can return to visit Blaze sometime. He was fun. In the end it was decided that we should go adventuring, or at the very least get out of town.

Shadow knew of a larger town nearby where we could go, the logging town of Chernitz. It took us a 2 days walk to get there. Chernitz was a big town, way bigger then Blaviken and the biggest town I have ever seen, even if I only ever kinda seen Blaviken..and my birth camp. And even if my birth camp was WAY bigger that was a military camp and not a town, so it doesn’t count. we met several nice people on the way there and at the gates, one was a lumberjack called Bob(?) and he told me that they where looking for adventurers at the keep and evidently the country is at war! with 6 other countries. And all of these countries make up the country of Rivia. I’m not sure how that works with countries in countries, but maybe that is why they are at war? But to make a long story short we met the captain of the guard and he tasked us to solve a problem. A local witch, that everyone hated but kinda liked, had kidnapped a little girl, Adora Bell Deerheart. And we where to get her back.

We set out on June 8 to find the witch. And we did! it wasn’t that hard since we got a map. She was in a nice cottage a few hours walk from Chernitz. We talked to her for a bit and it turns out Adora is a sorceress and the witch, Paztach Schwarznacht, was just trying to be nice. Paztach and Xune didn’t get along at all, they seemed to hate each other from the start, but Brack liked Paztach. Even if I don’t understand why. I think she was nice enough though. She gave us a free fortune telling, even if she didn’t say so much. After looking at some tea leafs she panicked a said we should go to Arcadia to “find our destiny” and then shooed us out of her house.

Well we decided to speak to the girls parents and see if maybe they wouldn’t like their little girl to go to sorceress school. I tried to tell the others that we should take the girl back because that is what the captain said, but they kept saying that he just said that we should “solve the problem”. Well I think they where wrong but they sounded so right that I couldn’t argue them out of it.

On the way back to Chernitz we met some lumberjacks and rangers. This wasn’t all that strange as we where so close to a major lumber trading town, but their leader hailed us when we got close. He wasn’t very nice and called us incompetent for not just killing the witch and that made Brack angry. So angry that he snarled hissed really angrily at them, and I think they overreacted a bit because they attacked us! It was a really difficult fight and they gained the upper hand. All took severe hits and Claw got knocked unconscious. We decided to flee and that turns out to have been a good decision as just when we cleared away from then a deafening roar was heard and we all fell to the ground. When we could get back up at our feet and looked around the lumberjacks where completely dissolved and there was acid all over the place. Only their leader was still alive and he was just a charred husk. Brack said that it looked just like where his axe had landed, not the charred husk but the acid splash. Something that confused us all. Does it mean that someone is helping Brack? Or is trying to spray him with acid and just has bad aim? We should try to find out.

When we finally got back to Chernitz we spoke to Adora’s father about her situation. After some smooth talking from Shadow, Adora’s father agreed that is was for the best that she went off with the witch and we got a gold coin for our trouble. The others seemed to think that this was very little, but I always heard that you cant put a price on your children so they must be very cheep. In contrast I have heard that buying a warforged is expensive. It didn’t get better when we got to the captain, he had forgot how much he promised us in payment and tried to give us to little. I wonder how he can be in charge if he has such bad memory? But he did remember to say that we should go to castle Hochenwald if we where looking for more adventure type work.

We travelled to Hochenwald between june 9 and 13, but in that short time we had our fair share of strange happening. One night when the others had gone to bed and only me and Xune where awake there was a strange noise in a nearby bush. So I charged in but there was nobody there. half an hour later same thing happens, but this time a green gnomehead popps out of the bush before I charge in. Then I find him sitting in a tree. He introduces himself as Question mark and says we should seek out his brother Exclamation mark in Hochenwald, then he disappears. Xune said that gnomes often use illusion spells and are prone to pranks. We weren’t sure if we should follow his advice but in the end we decided that we had little to lose by doing it, also more adventure (yay!).

Castle Hochenwald is a impressive defensive stronghold with large, thick walls and many anti siege traps and devices. Its situated on a cliff side off sorts so it can only be effectively attacked from one direction. And surprisingly enough its surrounding town was not burnt down. Since we wanted to find this Exclamation mark gnome we asked a guard at the castle gate if he knew of any gnome in town, and lucky us he knew where to find him. He was the local alchemist. Also it seems he has a strange side business, he buys and sells tasks. He works as some sort of middleman and takes a finders fee for pointing adventurers in the direction of work. But I guess that alchemy isn’t that profitable, maybe he doesn’t have many customers? well be bought a letter of recommendation from him that we could turn in to the gate captain to get a audience with the baron of Hochenwald.

We had to wait an entire day until the baron could see us but once he did things moved quickly. He told us that we where to get 600gold up front for travelling expenses and 600gold extra if we did the quest well. And it seems like such a easy quest too, all we have to do is travel to a dwarven fortress and pick up a cart of goods then return it to the Baron. Easy as pie, and believe me when I say pies are easy. They just sit there, there is nothing to it! We even got horses to help us travel! We are so lucky. We got some stuff for the coming adventure and then moved out. Shadow got a new hand crossbow and a eternal torch, Xune got some nice new clothes and I got lots of stuff. I replaced my war hammer with a longsword, got some clothes and a cloak for the cold (we are heading up to the snowy mountains after all) and I got this really nice book and ALOT of ink.

We travelled from the 15th to the 27th to reach the border of [[Bengeloit] and beyond. There were only a few minor hiccups along our path so far. In one of the taverns we stopped for the night there was a man from Blaviken telling scary stories about what happened to Blaze and the town and making us look like horrible monsters. But I don’t think Xune understood as she started asking questions and when they saw it was us they got really scared and all ran away. Since we all got a bit offended we decided to take some provisions and then leave (I even hid the keys to play a prank on the owner). Sadly the rain was still coming down hard, which is why we went to the Inn in the first place, but we where able to find a huge hollowed tree to hide in. And there we camped for that night. Another encounter we had was a family of bakers whose cart had broken down. It smelled of a trap long way but it turned out they where just normal bakers who needed aid. After helping them me and Brack got a loaf of travellers bread each. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I cant eat it, so Brack got my loaf. When we reached the border to Bengeloit there where 2 guards there, and for a while there I didn’t think we would be able to get past without a fight. But Xune managed to say the right words at the right time and away we went (haha suckers). And earlier today (the 27th) we came upon what looked like a noble and her guards, but as we sat down and talked they where really highwaymen out to rob us! But we got the better of them and defeated them all. And as an extra bonus we even got their horses, wagon and posh tent. So now we are travelling in style. Now we just have to get rid of any identifying marks and bury/burn the bodies.

Well little book, that is all I have to tell you for now. But I will write more in the days to come, writing in you is one of the few things I can do while the others sleep.

Its tough being on the Surface

So I awoke from from my trance because yet again was Blaze trying to be mysterious… I sometimes wonder at that one, but he can be amusing as long as he doesn’t get to hotheaded, because it would be bad if he set something on fire, as Shadow told me can actually happen. Anyways, I digress, we find one of Blaze’s blue feathered arrows stuck in our shack, so Shadow and I decide to make our way to the small [[Roadside Rip-Off tavern | Roadside Rip-Off]] in Blaviken later that evening.

I must say, even though I’ve lived on the surface for a few months now, I haven’t quite gotten used to living in a shack that is smaller than the space a had for my whips as a child or going to a [[ Roadside Rip-Off| tavern]] smaller than my old room – everything is so small on the Surface! Something I’ll have to tell when I get home.

So later that evening Shadow and I went to the old tavern, me under my cloak so as to not scare the locals. There we have a round of beer, generously provided to us by Shadow. Then Brack shows up wih a new axe he said fell out of the sky and destroyed his parents’ crops, poor boy, they’ll probably thing that he was feeling sick and threw up again… He asks me to try and sense if it was magical, however I had to disappoint him and say that I couldn’t, so he lost some of his enthusiasm upon hearing that. But he did look quite happy when he heard from Blaze that there were kobolds in the forest. Everyone seemed rather excited by the prospect of fighting against them, but I’ve never understood why you’d want to kill kobolds though, they make excellent canon fodder and work well in sending in to set off any traps set by our enemies – and they’re cheap too!

At this point an older man came to our table who was an expert in kobolds, who would like their bodies after we’re done with them, and Shadow looked rather happy at this prospect so it would seem that someone will be carrying corpses back to town… This part of the conversation was quite boring but I did find it a lot more intriguing when he started to say that kobolds where the most powerful entities in the world, this I had to hear more of and maybe try to send word home concerning this disturbing revelation. Think if they are just pretending to be weak and die all the time when in actuality they’re just bidding their time to overthrow our rule?

Eventually we set of into the night and to find this small kobold camp and ambush them. We managed to kill all but one in short order and Shadow convinced it to be taken alive by us. After some looting and rummaging through the camp we set of to go back to Blaviken with 5 corpses and a kobold tied to a rope to give to the old man. I’m glad I wasn’t doing the carrying, because blood is notoriously difficult to get out of the few clothes I have left.

Apparently I missed an eventful morning, the old scholar had been robbed during the night and could only pay us part of the sum that we had been promised and Blaze’s father blamed us for his disappearance, which is a bit funny when you think about it, he is a ranger lost in the woods! But he could have gone off on some wild adventure again, since he was rather excited about something… When the others came to the little shack, they had found a crude map done with lemon juice, to seem more mysterious, no doubt. And so we set off again, to find Blaze before his father got a bit too angry…

It took us quite awhile to find the x that marked the spot on the map, but when we got there we found the old crypt that I had used to get out of the Underdark a few months ago. I hope Blaze wasn’t being so hotheaded that he actually went into the Underdark alone – mainly because I doubt that even his head would light up much of the way…

We quietly made our way down to find several zombies, which I can assure weren’t there last time! We had to fight, and subsequently, kill them again which went rather well. Except for those that got vomit all over them, I hope that Brack noted how revolting that is when he does it. Anyways, at this time Claw decided to grace us with his presence, which was a good thing, since I’ve never really liked the shambling dead, they usually smell rather bad.

We made our way down another level to stumble upon skeletons, which did prove to be more trouble than their meatier companions. Brack went down rather quickly with some well-placed arrows but luckily Claw’s healing magic worked its wonder and he could continue in the fray. With some good help from Claw, Brack, Meatshield and Shadow joined the battle while I hung back and threw thunder and lightning at our enemies.

I knew that there was one more flight of stairs before we got to the elavated altar with the entrance to the Underdark. When we got down, we saw someone with a cloak on with his bow and arrow drawn and aiming towards someone on the altar, it looked like Blaze even though we couldn’t see his face. Even though we waited in the stairwell neither he or the person on the altar seemed to move according to what Shadow said, so after awhile we all walked down into the large room. I was rather shocked to see that it was my sister Eclave on the altar with some human being sacrificed to Lolth.

Apparently, someone had found out that I was still alive, my mother had blamed and then killed my father and now Eclave was here to kill me and regain our honor. It was all rather weird, I mean I had just been excommunicated by my parents, why did the Matron Mothers bother with me? Anyways, as always, I seemed to just infuriate my sister more and more. For some reason she never could stand me, probably why whenever we played games as children it was always in the torture chambers.

Anyways, she went on about how we had walked into a trap and how I was a harlot having illicit liasons with my companions, which I thought was a rather worrying observation, is that how we look? If so, something has to be done about it!

At this Blaze turned and attacked us and he looked positively ghoulish, he wasn’t at all his usual sunny self. This made us decide to try and take care of my sister first in the hopes that whatever she had done to him would stop. However, that didn’t work as we wanted – killing my sister didn’t stop him from trying to kill us. That is why I had to take his life myself. Meatshield, being a surprisingly good healer managed to bring him back from the brink of death for a brief moment. Whereupon he asked to be held by me, I can admit, that I did, possibly, take his situation a bit lightly, and told him to hold onto my sister’s corpse because he was resting upon her. I guess, it would be ok to blame this upon my upbringing where someone else’s death was usually something worth celebrating, and I’m also guessing from the shocked responses from my companions, that this is a rather unusual way of acting… These surface-dwellers can be surprisingly emotional. Then I was also surprised that he wanted to be buried and not cremated, which I thought was much more fitting, all things considering.

I found a letter upon her person from the Matron Mother saying that if she didn’t bring my head my mother would be sold as a slave to the Duegar, which might not be pleasant, but at least I can comfort myself with that it wasn’t to the Illithids. Hopefully, they won’t do this anytime soon and that mother can think of some way of faking my death again, because I’d rather not die and I’d rather she didn’t get sold, but I guess one can’t have everything in life. Though, I was quite happy to find our family insignia around her neck, because I was forced to leave minewhen I was kicked out.

Anyways, we thought that we were finally done with this and could make our way back to Blaviken, but we were rather off… On our way up we found that the village had assembled outside and intended to kill us for worshiping demons, which is rather absurd, since Lolth is actually a goddess and I don’t even pray to her! Maybe they thought that Claw prayed to a demon? Anyways, Shadow, Claw and Meatshield went up with Blaze’s corpse and hoped to calm them down. However his body just seemed to stoke the flames of their passion, which I’m sure he would have been happy to hear, but it was rather unfortunate for us. It was rather surprising though that Longbottom seemed to know about me and was trying to convince them that I was at fault. This got me rather angry so I went back down, seperated my sister’s head from the rest of her body and proceeded to walk out of the crypt holding her head and telling that I had made a blood sacrifice to avenge Blaze.

They didn’t seem to take it all that well and eventually decided to attack us. Even if they had numerical superiority we managed to hold them off in the narrow stairwells and entrances in the tomb… It was a dirty fight, but it felt oddly nostalgic. Things got a bit strange when Shadow accidently murdered Brack’s father and they sent down his mother to convince us to let them execute us. Anyways, after a few more skirmishes we managed to take down Bellybutton which completely destroyed the others morale and they fled as quickly as they could. I must say, it was a rather tiring ordeal , but its finally over and hopefully this unfortunate misunderstanding will be cleared up soon…

Story of the missunderstood

I am writhing this down so that I do not forget what has happened these last few days. It started on the first of June. As usual the priest had me clean the temple… again… It seems it was a mistake to mention my past to him as he now, as well as my former master before him, mostly use me for menial tasks. But to get back on track. As I was cleaning the outside I found one of Blaze’s arrows stuck to the door. I knew it was his because he puts blue feathers in them. I asked him once where he got them but he just tells me this strange story of crazy blue chickens that attacked and how big a hero he is for killing them. I mean even if its true its chickens…I could kill chickens… I wish they let me kill some chickens. Why cant I work for the butcher? Anyway an arrow on the door means drinks at the [[Roadside Rip-Off | Roadside Rip-off]] in the evening. I find it interesting to see the effect of the drinks there on people. They seem to get dumber and loose their balance, but even if they know this they drink more. Maybe they have to drink it to keep living? Anyway that evening we all met at the Inn, even Xune, which is rare as she doesn’t like to come into town. She says people don’t like her and even if I protect her and say she is my friend they wont like her. Maybe she is right, I think she knows more then me because she seems smart.

Got more Ink now, these ink containers are small. Anyway Blaze told us all, that’s Shadow, Xune, Brack and me, that he had found kobolds in the forest. Something not usually seen in this forest, Blaze says they live more to the north. Anyway we all decided that we would go out to fight them before they could attack the town (also I was very happy as I finally get to fight!). Just then a strange old man, who cant draw kobolds even if he says he can, said he wanted to buy the kobolds from us if we killed or captured them. He said he was studying kobolds and where looking for new species, also he said that kobolds are really powerful as their god can make them explode, but that sounds strange to me. Just to be sure though I always keep them facing my shield. Shadow looked extra happy when we left the Inn, I think he wanted to fight to. Oh and Brack had a new Axe, he said it fell from the sky. I must keep an close eye on the sky now in case of more falling axes.

Blaze led us to the Kobolds and after a short (too short) fight we killed five and captured one kobold. We then went back to the [[Roadside Rip-off]] to give the old man, Ernst Fehr I think his name was, his koboldcorpses and the prisoner of war. But he was drunk and we could not talk to him. I help to carry him to his room and out the corpses there and the prisoner. Shadow then told me to leave so that he could try to negotiate with him alone, I wonder If I’m in the way?. Anyway a little while later he came out and said we should come back in the morning. I got to take care of the prisoner! I was so happy! I actually got to guard something! Shadow told me to not forget to feed him, but didn’t tell me how much..or how often. But I was to embarrassed to ask, Shadow could speak with him and did so much to get information and then he talked to Ernst even though he was almost passed out. And it was also my first guard mission, If I can’t do that they might think I’m no good and don’t want to fight with me more. So I decided to give the prisoner food when he was hungry, and not stop until he was full. And that was a good thing because he must have been starving, after I first gave him food he didn’t stop until he fell asleep. If I wasn’t so smart he might have died from not eating and we wouldn’t get our reward. Lucky!

Well went back the next day and Ernst had been robed! But we still got 50gp for our trouble, that was 10gp for me! My first money ever! I wonder what I will do with it? Later that day, after more chores and the priests yelling at me for feeding the prisoner, we met at the [[Roadside Rip-Off | Roadside Rip-off]] again to talk. Mr William Soggybottom came in just after Blaze and he was as unpleasant as ever. But Blaze told us he had new great news and that tomorrow we would get to adventure even more! But he wouldn’t tell us what. He was going to do some more checking and then tell us the day after that, Third of June. Well everyone went to sleep(except me) but Blaze never showed up when we where supposed to meet. We met his father in town and he was angry and said that Blaze never got home the night before and started blaming us all, mostly Shadow though. So we started looking for him but couldn’t find him. But we got a paper from the priest that Blaze’s father had given him, it turned out to be a secret map! Drawn with invisible ink! Must be hard to write with that as you can’t see what you write. But we all decided to go to the place on the map and see if Blaze went there.

It took us a long time to get there, half a day!, but we finally got to the place marked on the map. It was a graveyard. The others said it was creepy but I didn’t really see what was so creepy, but this was the first time I saw a graveyard, maybe other graveyards are nicer? in the centre of the graveyard, on top of a hill, there was a huge crypt with an open door. Xune said that she recognised the place as where she came to the surface from and said we should be careful down below.

We walked down some stairs and there was zombies among a few sarcophagi, it was a hard fight but we managed to take them out! Then Claw showed up, and just in time! He healed us up and followed down to the next level. Shadow was sneaking ahead and saw an ambush. there where lots of skeletons in the next room all waiting for us. But we charged right in and showed them what was what. Even if Brack got hit hard. I saw him go down for a few seconds after a few arrows got into him but claw fixed him up and he could fight again. I have to get better at protecting everyone, they are counting on me. But I can’t be everywhere at the same time, its really hard. Well we went down another floor, and there we found Blaze and Xunes sister! But we didn’t know that first. She was hunting Xune because she had done something bad at her home I think, but we weren’t going to let Xune die so fought her sister with her! But she had done something to Blaze, he was all pale and his glowing lines in his face where faded. We tried not to hurt him at first. Xune shouted that if we kill her sister Blaze ill be normal again. But he didn’t. We killed her but he was still attacking. We tried to just knock him out, really we did. We all liked Blaze but in the end we had no choice. I think Xune went a little overboard with that last spell she used but she said it couldn’t be helped. I tried to fix him up after he collapsed and it seemed to work for a little while. He came back to life, his power lines where glowing again. But it didn’t last. He said he wanted to be buried properly and he wanted a hug from Xune but she was to scared of him braking I think because she wouldn’t do it.

As we walked out all the people of the town had gathered outside the crypt and accused us of kidnapping Blaze. And then when they found out he was dead they said we did that to. We tried to tell them what happened but in the end they wouldn’t listen. We ran down and fought them in the crypt. So we could fight them one at the time. Its a cowards tactic but they where so many. After a while of fighting we killed Willian Soggybottom who was leading the mob. After that the survivors fled. We never wanted to kill the townspeople of Blaviken even if they where mean. It was all a series of unfortunate events…

Edited for improved linkage by Cousken, 11 august 2009. It was hard so sorry it’s not perfect, but i was laughing so hard. Xune linkage added, 12 august 2009.

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While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it’s not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog!

The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


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