Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Captains log post at The Wall

When I woke from my slumber this morning I realized that somehow my book had moved itself from one of my pockets too another. Just opening it up revealed Blaze to be the the thief… I guess he doesn’t take his role as a Paladin very seriously… Or maybe its the collective behavior of the group that’s soils his good soul. He should be weary or perhaps the Raven queen might kick him out of her service… Well I think that’s enough lecturing Blaze, since I assume you’ll read this as well.

We started of the day planing… for once… Claw went trough the potions I’d found and we discovered that they’d be very useful in our upcoming fight. Ruby offered to lend us some of his Warforged to scout the other portals while we took Blaze to the Wall for his high amusement. We decided to return in three days and then we were off.

Last time the portal had opened and Blaze had made a charge for the Wall I had had to stop him by dimension swap. This time a took a moment to actually see the surrounding. The landscape was so colorless that it hurt my eyes. It was white, and cold. Walking it this so called, snow, left cracking footprints and touching it made it partially melt into water. I know I’ve seen snow before but then it has more or less looked like pieces of clouds that has gotten stuck on far off mountaintops. You don’t see snow on the ocean. Ice perhaps… but not that often. Anyhow this snow is like ice, very cold water, but much more fragile. I squeezed some in my hand and noticed that it held that shape. Remembering what Blaze had done to my book I decided to try and throw it at him. I hit this armor in the back, leaving a white stain. Blaze turned and immediately grabbed some snow off his own. Xune took cover behind a lonely tree, which was lucky because Blaze missed me and hit the wooden trunk instead. I think this made the tree shake or something because Xune showed up later with a lot of snow on her shoulders…

Anyway, since it was rather cold up here I pulled out a beautiful gray long coat with a matching belt from my wardrobe, to keep me warm. We had to walk for quite some time. The Wall turned out to be much, much, MUCH father away than it first had looked. This thing is freakishly HUGE! When we’d finally gotten a fair bit closer a golem twice our size and width approached us. He wanted to scan us to see if we wear a threat. He quickly decided that all of us wear alive… all of us but Blaze. Blaze.. being on a quest to rise his past dead body from the dead was this risen body in the present… or future… never mind. The Golem however decided that since Blaze was neither dead or alive or in fact both lifted him straight up in a firm grip and started walking away. The rest off us followed. Xune tried talking to the Golem, but she was ignored.

Blaze was being brought before the highest officer in a small camp of ten members. He was dressed like a general, but admitted to us that he indeed was of lower rank. I wondered if that’s allowed, but thought it better not to ask. Blaze was released in this mans custody, although that only meant that he was released from the golem. The man had no intention of holding any of us against our wills. In fact he seemed to envy us because we had the choice to leave. He and his men wear stuck without the option to leave their post. No wonder everyone out there had looked so gloom. I had half a mind giving the men an inspired speech, like I used to do on my ship, but since I really can’t pretend to understand what they’re going through and the fact that Blaze suggestively introduced me and Xune as pleasure women, I didn’t really feel like it. I’ll figure out a way to get back at Blaze though… I should talk things over with Xune and see if she have any good Ideas…

The false general asked if we could help him search a part of the broken wall for undead raiders. And we happily accepted as the mad adventurers we are. Unfortunately I couldn’t really shake the feeling that we are wasting time from our main mission (To get back to our own time), I wasn’t really in shape for battle and ended up walking a little behind the others with my torch. The inside of the Wall was pitch black except the light that shone in from the broken door.

While walking around in the desolate halls Shadow started messing around with his illusions spells. I can’t deny that their very good, but the fact that I can hear him laughing in the back of my head ruins it for him a little. When we reach the first door I suddenly spotted a thin thread along the door, that seemed attached to the handle. I pointed this out and Xune disarmed it before opening the door. You’d think that this would be something we would remember, but we hardly manage to find this thread on any other door which lead to some serious burns… I’m glad my winter coat was magic. Otherwise I’d be sad to see it ruined.

We also found a room with signs that a door had been sealed up with bricks. Shadow tried to blast it open with magic but it didn’t work. Blaze tried opening it up with a running start… He claimed to have dented it, but I couldn’t tell.

After opening doors to lots and lots of empty rooms, it was almost shocking to see a room full with undead. Not that I saw much. Having being brunt once before I stood back when the door was opened and missed the opportunely to get caught in the door frame trying to fight the enemy. Instead I Tried to throw some of the potions we found before. Some of them hit, but I wasn’t so lucky with all of them unfortunately. Shadow and Blaze where the once at the front line this time, while Xune and I stood back… irritatingly enough. Blaze took some serious hits and I had to use my powers to heal him up. The Undead were wearing armor like crazy, except for one huge zombie in the room. After that huge thing died and had the guts to rise again I had had enough and rushed past my friends to slay that huge marshmallow. The undead had, by then, dropped around the door so their leader was more or less the only one till standing. I swung my great sword and chopped his head off. Blaze accused me for stealing his kill, I think he should thank me for stealing his death from the undead, but that’s just me…

We decided to make camp in the room with the undead corpses so that we could be more fit for the next fight… if we will find anything more… But I guess we will. There is never a dull moment with these guys…

Fleshy Blaviken

Taking the others word for it, this was not how Rivia once looked, and the florescent gas clouds had not been a normal contribution to the wild life. Since we did not know what they were I took a stone to hurl at it. Unfortunately it slipped through my fingers and hit Blaze square in the head. Fortunately he had his helmet on, so it only left a small dent in the surfaces . Don’t flatter yourself, my helmed is ademantium hard! – Blaze

My other rock hit the cloud, but instead of just going through like in normal fog, the stone was slowed down before continuing its voyage to the ground. We decided that we did not want to try going through ourselves and instead we started scouting the area.

Blaze found tracks from a wagon on the ground and we all decided to follow them. A few hours later we discovered an abandoned camp site. There was a broken wagon there and tracks from a new wagon that probably had been loaded with whatever the old wagon had been carrying…

At the camp site, three tents were still standing, and some discarded old warforge lay on the ground. Xune tried to reanimate one of them but it was no use. None of them seemed to have a soul any more. Blaze found the insignia of Arcania, witch pretty much too me means that these wear golems gone wild that had had to be relieved of duty… I later discovered that this was incorrect, but I guess that’s getting ahead of myself. He also found some new maps over the area that we packed with us.

The fluorescent clouds kept following us around and since we had been standing at the camp site for quite some time they’d started to come pretty close. Xune tried to see what would happen if she fired some magic right beside a cloud and a dead tin man. That was when the fog suddenly entered the lifeless body and we found ourself having to fight off these leftovers. Fortunately they were in bad shape and the fight was easily won.

Blaze stacked the, now once again, dead bodies in a pile and then we threw whatever flammable materials we could find over them and burned it all, of course making sure not to burn the entire forest with it.

Since the clouds wouldn’t leave us alone there was noting else to do than moving on along the tracks. We walked for days, without any possibility to get a good night sleep. The clouds kept moving in on us when we stopped to rest and it was obvious that it strained on everyone’s mind. It wasn’t that unlike all the times aboard The Dragon Star, when the crew started to miss land weeks away from closest coast… So I did what I normally do in such situations and told some old tales of adventures and riches. It worked on these land dwellers just as well as my own kind.

After a tiresome journey we arrived in a town, that the others claimed to have once lived in. At least for a time. Xune pointed out that she’d only lived in it for a couple of weeks. It was called Blaviken, and apparently a lot had changed since they last was here… the biggest thing being that the ground was no longer made of dirt, but flesh. When Xune leaned in on it she said that she could hear a heart beat… I’ll take her word for it. I don’t relly feel like putting my cheek against that.

In the forest just outside the village we found the wagon and some warforged lead by a shardmind, named Ruby, although he was green… They told us that they were going to charge a machine with magic and had to go down into a crypt to do so. Xune said that she wanted to be far away from them when the started extracting magic from the world, and that she wanted to go down into the crypt before them. Ruby obliged and we all headed down without the newly discovered group.

We found a room filed with warforged that looked thousand of years old, which makes no sense since they haven’t really existed that long… I also found a stash of potions that I’m planing to ask Claw to identify for me. You never know, some of them might come in handy. Blaze guessed that they’d all be for warforged since that was what seemed to be the talk of the day in this cave.

As we were checking things out Blaze suddenly heard a growling from the other side of a huge magic shining pilar in the centre of the room. It turned out to be an undead blood kiss Beholder… I think… I had no idea what they were before I came here but I think that was what Blaze screamed before telling us to run for it. None off us ran. Instead we all took on this hovering tentacle beast with all our might.

It was a real monster. It moved so fast with those outgrowths that it was nearly impossible to evade it. Blaze and I tried to fight it up close while Xune blasted if from afar. Unfortunately that wasn’t appreciated and the thing knocked us over and ran for the sorceress. Summoning all my strength to blink away the daze I felt I noticed Xune on the ground. She wasn’t moving but still alive. I grabbed my sword and ran to her aid. Feeling the healing flow leave my body and enter hers. Xune was up on her feet in a heartbeat and ran as fast as she could, and some more, away from the beholder. I hindered the being from following her and soon it was finally dead, exploding in a fleshy gore right in front of Blaze and myself. I’m so happy I have my wardrobe with a shower. I took the opportunity to dress back into my old captains coat, stashing the potions in convenient pockets.

After the fight we let Ruby and the other things come down. Xune found a transporting device in the back of the room. With almost twenty different stored locations. None of them unfortunately lead back to Arcadia or any other coast town. If I don’t see the ocean soon I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m getting paranoid, thinking that every sea has dried out. Where did all this dry world come from?

Xune eventually found an opening right next to the Wall. Now this place I’ve heard about and I’m not that happy over the fact that we suddenly were able to be that close to it. When Blaze saw the golems fighting off some undead while the Wall was being repaired after the damage it took from the great explosion, he went wild. I could almost see the froth forming in his mouth and he drew his sword and ran. I quickly dimension swapped with him. Forcing him to run back into safety. Into a wall thank you very much! – Blaze. Xune then convinced him that we all were tired and in no shape to fight. At least not yet.

So now we’re sitting in this cave, where the gas clouds can’t get to us and trying to get some well earned rest. As soon as I’ve come up with a new hiding place for this log I’ll get some sleep too. Blaze keeps trying… and possibly succeeding… in stealing it from me…

First time ever in Rivia

Since we had a lot of time on our hands, while waiting for the dragon, we decided to make a trap. Xune found a stalagmite on the ceiling in front of the cave “door” that looked suitable for the task. She even hit it a couple of times with lightning to make it cracked loose a little. Then i tied a Honda knot and climbed the wall to reach it. The plan was that when the dragon came back Claw would pull the rope and the stone would fall. The plan however failed… As the dragon approached , growling in rage. The stone stayed put and we all had to improvise from there. Taking on a full grown angry dragon is not something I’ve done that many times… It didn’t seam to be that thrilling either so I decided to even out the odds and ran up alongside with the beast to use my psionic ability. It worked perfectly. As long as I was next to it it couldn’t attack properly. She, the dragon that is, did try to get away from me but Xune helped to make her stay put, while Blaze helped me not to get killed. Claw spawned his flying hammer and Shadow continuously disappeared and reappeared inside the chamber, making the dragon confused and open for attacks. It was a beautiful team work really. By the end the dragon was so worn out that it was Claws hammer that took it out. It landed heavenly on the ground, its once so fervid eyes empty and cold.

Before we exited the cave I took the liberty of pulling a long coat out of my wardrobe. As I recall that it had been a bit chilly outside in the night. Its an absolute delight to feel the fabric fit so well. Its like having a personal expert tailor. Its every girls dream come true…

Yes the important stuff… Well we exited the cave and was meet by a column of smoke in the distance. We quickly realized that the ship must have gone down and we hurried of towards it… Sort off. It took like three hours to get there due to the treacherous terrain….

When we arrived, with some small branches in our hair, we saw the proud and once so clean ship of Apollo, totally devastated. It hurt my eyes to watch, so I didn’t. In stead I turned to the debris that was laying all around the burning wood pile. Claw tried to find any survivors, but there was only a few that could be saved. Blaze on he other hand tried to talk Claw out of saving them. Saying that they should die if the raven queen wanted them to. I guess he’s right. If the sea whats someone you don’t argue with it, or it may take you all. Besides. If there is any survivors from a ship wreck you aren’t really suppose to loot its valuables, since they still have an owner… But I don’t have to care, I’m a pirate. I’ll do whatever I damn please.

Shadow was being his usual ass. As Xune was helping me find some nice items he conjured a fake golden object inside the fire, impossible to reach. I’m not sure if he’s trying to kill me or not. But he definitely is an untrustworthy trickster.

While we were working around the ship a man suddenly appeared out of the woods. It was Kilik, the man that quarter master Eroril, had said would meet up with us. Apparently the dwarf hadn’t been completely honest with us about our mission. Kilik was under the impression that we should only have looted the dragons lair but not killed it, and then share the loot with him and Eroril. Unfortunately for Eroril he was dead and unfortunately for Kilik we weren’t going to do that. Xune agreed that we’d pay him enough to make him take the cursed rings of our fingers but no more. Kilik accepted and buried his friend in the woods. Then he wanted to return to his camp and since we needed his service we decided to follow. Xune made sure to stay close to the man so that he wouldn’t run away. Claw managed to convince me to help him carry some of the wounded on some quickly build stretchers. They were sailors after all and had been some what capable…

When we arrived to the cabin Xune and Kilik had already entered and Blaze found that the door was locked. Not particularly careing about it we set up our instant campsite and rested for the night.

In the morning Blaze and I went on a stroll in the forest for educational value. He wanted to show off and catch a rabbit, but that didn’t go so well as Claw jumped out like a best man from a bush and snatched the rabbit off the ground with his teeth like a wild animal. Granted he got the rabbit while the hunter got squat… Blaze then showed me some herbs that was growing in the forest. That was interesting since I’ve only seen them dried and already prepared for the market.

When Xune final appeared she told us that Kilik was ready to preform the ritual now and that he also would be sending us through a portal to Rivia. I’m gonna stop being surprised when traveling on the mainland. Right now I’m sitting in a land where water falls upwards from the ground, and magic apparently lays thick in the air. Shadow manage to change color on his sleeve when testing his magic out at this place, and Xune too. I hope we’re done here soon so we can continue or quest. I’m really starting to miss the ocean and its simple logic, screw up and die.

Captains log - Quick stop for a standard dragon slaying

If I was expecting a care free travel back to Ycrem I was very much mistaken… not sadly, mind you, just mistaken.
We boarded the shinny looking ship named Aron. I can’t deny that it was pretty, Not like the Dragon Star of course but pretty in a “ship in a bottle”- kind of way. It was clearly a new build ship… with a captain slightly afraid of germs… A dark skinned human, insisting on being called Captain Apollo. High in discipline but low in morality…. It’s people like him that make shipmates turn to piracy. I would never expect any of my crew members to swab the deck so intently that the wood melts… at lest not without them having done something stupid before… The captain had a very easy policy; Break any rule and you get tossed over the reeling. I think he misses out on some other great punishments… swabbing decks obviously… restricted rations, hangings from the yardarm, marooning or flogging are things that just pops to mind… Well its no surprise that pirates are far more fair in our why of punching each other.

Any way… Xune and I was sharing a large room below deck while the guys slept in a smaller room next door. We had been given individual schedules concerning our working hours and patrolling routs, but with a ship this tight patrolling is very, very boring. Nothing is ever out of place. Poor scared sods… I had half a mind set on organize a mutiny, just for kicks… I witnessed Claw walking around and talking with the crew, while Shadow followed him around conjuring a light show behind his back. It didn’t turn out to well however, since Claw noticed it and started to chase him around the ship. I was surprised how meek the captain was. He only put them in their quarters as punishment. Coward. If your only gonna have one rule on your ship, make sure you can stand by it. Interesting new abilities Shadow has got. I wonder how that happened…

Xune and I has taken up dressing for the occasion. I have no idea how long we spend in my wardrobe each day. Especially since time stands still in there… Yesterday I found this nice long sleeved white shirt and a blue vest, that I matched with a par off gray pants, knee high boots and a black leather belt. Before that I had a shoulder less, one sleeved, tight leather top together with a par of gloves and a green shawl around my waist that hanged down over my trousers, and before that… wait this was not what I was suppose to talk about…. My word’s can’t make the outfits justice anyway… I love my wardrobe.

Lunchtime was one of the few time when we could sit down together, all off us, and talk. One day however the Helmsman Eroril sat down with us. He was a dwarf with a dilemma. He wondered if we could help him with a dragon problem. Apparently there was a dragon in the mountain pass and he didn’t want to have to fly around it anymore. After some discussion we decided to help. In exchange I wanted a blue print of a flying ship, with details on how to construct one of my own. We also was allowed to take the dragons treasure.

At midnight we all meet up with Eroril up on deck. He gave us rings with the capacity of breaking our fall, as we had to jump from the ship. They also were cursed with a scrying spell and was impossible to take off. He said that this was so that his contact would be able to find us afterwords. Just when we were about to set off we heard the dragon roar as it came up by the ship. Eroril steered for his life as Blaze took the opportunity to push Shadow over the edge. Xune jumped after with great enthusiasm. While I muttered something about how unnatural this situation was. Blaze turned and said that it was okay since there was no water down there. That got me slightly puzzled. He doesn’t strict me as a person that knows anything about the life at sea… was it just lucky guess or dose he know that most off us can’t swim?

Jumping from that boat was one of the scariest things I’ve done in a while. Adding the dragon that swept by my ear and it easily bets the time outside of Rockdell when the oarlock to the Dory broke and I though we wear going to capsize and get slung into the cliffs.
This time I actually more or less was flung into the cliffs. I don’t really know how much the ring stopped the fall since I crashed into a tree before hitting the ground. It’s not much of the impact that I remember, just that when I finally stopped rolling I had pretty much landed by Xune’s feet. I could hear the dragon still attaching the boat up in the distance but it was hard to make it out in the darkness. Anyway my outfit was torn so during the time it took for Blaze to tell us all to head forward into the huge cave before us I changed into a par of dark pants and a dark blue, long sleeved, blouse that I fought complimented my curves. I stood for a while trying to chose between that one and a similar in a soft light shade of red with a darker warping around the midriff, but I decided to take that one next time… Oh right the dragon…

When we entered the cave I had to pull out my Ever burning torch. Otherwise I could see jack shit. We soon found a huge stone blocking the tunnel and had to find a way around it. Blaze and I took the lead into a small passage way. Suddenly we encountered a huge door, and on the other side a room full off small dragons and dragon borne. They seemed as surprised as we were and quickly swarmed the doorway, making it impossible for us to get in to the room. It was barely enough place for Blaze and I to fight side by side. The others had to stand back and fight with their special ranged abilities. When I managed to stab one of the humanoid dragons it suddenly turned into stone. It was just by a hair that I managed to pull my sword back before it would have been trapped in the statue. Shadow created a blast of fire around himself and manage to take nearly all the dragon bones down in one go. Blaze and I, with the assistance of Xune and Claw, manage to slay the small dragons after some time. They had exhaled acid repeatedly at us and we quickly tried to tend to our wounds before pressing onwards into the next room.

This room was much bigger than the previews one and we all recognized the huge stone that was blocking the main exist. Although it was hardly the stone that caught mine and Shadows attention. In the far corner lay piles of treasure. If Xune hadn’t called out that she heard something I would have just headed for that gold and started stashing it up. Instead Blaze and Shadow ran over to a far off pillar and wound to more dragons. These were slightly bigger then the previews once but still only kids. When one of the dragons tried to bite Blaze I caught up and fended it off with my sword. As a result it stacked us both, draining or strength. Just holding up the great sword became an effort.
Shadow made a sneaky movement and disappeared from view. Apparently he cast a spell on all off us because suddenly one of the dragons couldn’t see any off us. Xune continued on with her attacks from a safe distance as Blaze and I pulled trough our weakened state. When I was about to land a blow on one of the dragons Xune made it turn into a shining light off angry fire and exploded in my face. Being covered in minced dragon meat and gore, is not a skin treatment I’ll ever recommend to anyone. It smells awful… especially the burned parts.

When the final dragon was down I made a quick run to catch the pile off gold at the same time as Shadow. I’m tired of him always get to the good stuff first… sneaky bastard. I found an interesting piece of armor lying in the pile. It looked stronger than the one I had so I quickly adopted it. Then I remembers my appearance and I quickly summoned my wardrobe for a change. Besides the knew armor I took on that red blouse I mentioned earlier and some back trousers. Then Xune and I started to shovel gold into our Bag of hounding. I put some in my own coin bag to. Not that exaggeratedly much but enough to by a cow… not that I’m sure I’d need one as long as the maelstrom is broken.

Well now we more or less wait for the big dragon to come back home. I recon she’ll be crossed with us when she find her dead offspring’s. I must say that what we’re doing right now doesn’t make much sens in my own head. We have the reward, we could just go… Shopping of the finger would lift the curs off the ring, but then again, I like my fingers they way the are… I think I’ll start looking trough the jewelery box in my closet more. Its not that bad to wear a little glitter.

Captains log - Heart stone

It took us a couple of days to wander along the wasteland before we final came upon Ridgeopolis Annex, the capital of Überwald. It had been a dry and monotonous walk, but at least I had a lot of time to tune in on our party’s emotions.

Blaze was constantly edging to kill any undead he laid his eyes on. I think we wear lucky that they seemed to stay in their city’s. At least this constant reminder of his duty towards his mistress made him easier to be around, as he didn’t tried to smooth talk with me in the meantime. The again, he might just have changes his tactics. I did touch him more often since I had to pull him back into his senses whenever he looked like he wanted to turn back and take on the army we passed after Portdam Park.

Xune didn’t seem to mind the dead wasteland around her, then again no one seemed to if compared to Claw whom let’s out a small sigh whenever we pass a dead bush.

I wonder what it looks like where Xune comes from… Although if its anything like the story’s you hear I’d rather not find out. You have to have some self preservation instinct.

Shadow always have the same strong emotion following him around… greed. I will no longer amuse that anything is beneath him. Shadow would be the first to molest my corps if I died today. Maybe that’s why I feel more comfortable around Xune and Blaze…

When we finally arrived within eyesight of the city Xune pointed out that the huge green shining orb in the top of a high tower, was the reason for everything being a dead wast. I guess we wear lucky that Claw didn’t hear her. He would have demanded that we destroyed it.

Anyway we decided to sneak in. The zombies and skeletons didn’t look friendly enough to just let us pass. Shadow scooted ahead to help us find a free path and when we were to close to a group Xune either made a distracting lightning show or I lured the undead away. Blaze of course wanted to fight, but he did understand the concept of being outnumber, and let us enter discretely.

At the gate Xune managed to scare the guards enough to let us pass. Shadow started searching the surroundings for a library but instead of waiting for him to finis I just took the liberty off pointing it out for the the others before we ended up touring the entire city.

The finer administration buildings was placed adjacent to the city palace; the building with the shiny sphere on top. It was amazingly empty out on the streets and Shadow could easily pick the lock to a governance looking building. On the inside I found an old dwarf sleeping by a desk. If he’d been sleeping on duty on my ship he’d have a one way ticket to the bottom of the ocean… if he got lucky. Blaze woke him up with an ungentle thug, demanding him to show us where the heart stone was. I guess all the stealthiness earlier had finally gotten to him, and when he saw that the dwarf in fact was an undead he stabbed him into mice before shoving the remains under the desk. The rest off us were looking through books, but they all looked to be written in dwarven, and I have no idea how to read that.

Xune then suddenly turned towards us with exhilaration flowing across the room. She claimed to know where the heart stone was. Blaze didn’t look convinced but when Xune explained that it was underneath the palace and we should try to enter through the sewer system he lighted up a little. Shadow on the other hand put his foot down. He didn’t want to risk triggering a trap down there. I guess Blaze was hopping for a chance to pick up his sword.

Climbing down into the sewers I got my first reunion with water in a long time. Not that it was that enjoyable. Luckily enough the systems didn’t seam to be used that much, seeing that most of the population are dead…. or undead…

After a shorter walk, listening to Shadows constant mutterings and wonder if it would hurt enough if I slammed him with my ever burning torch, we climbed out into what looked like a huge bathroom. Xune pointed us towards a staircase that was heading down into darkness and we bravely pressed on, at least until we hear a low mumble of a voice. Then we just shoved Shadow forward to handle it. He disappear into the darkness for a moment and returned telling us about a Skeleton at the bottom of the stairs wearing a crown. Apparently he was throwing things around looking for something. Xune sent him off to hide in the shadows before heading down herself. Me and Blaze followed with a small hesitation. If it was the Lich king down there we weren’t so keen on just marching in. Xune on the other hand didn’t seemed to mind. She just walked in and asked what the skeleton was doing. He turned his head without his body following and greeted her with warmth. Having a table and chairs made from bones appear in the room. The chairs walked around the room with a running speed, scooping everyone the could find up before placing us at the table. Only Shadow remained hidden… At least until Xune gave his hideout away and he too was brought to the table. It was laid with many varieties off food and perhaps against better judgment I had an apple. Maybe I’m just rebelling because Amelia usually pops up and stopped me from doing most anything… Or maybe I wish that she should. I hope she and the others are alright. I really wish I had spoken to Amelia about why I didn’t pick her to go with me to the feast at Free port.

The Lich king told us that he was searching for the same object as we were. Of course we did not tell him that, instead Blaze convinced the king that we should play a game. If we lost we would be granted one artifact of our choice and get free passage out of here, but if we lost we would help him find the artifact that he was looking for. I quickly added that we’d still like a free passage out off here. The Lich king promised that he would let us go, but also added that he couldn’t vouch for anyone else. Sounds like a pretty powerless king, but I wouldn’t put it to the test by saying that to his face. He already looked slightly annoyed with me for some reason.
Blaze asked the king to preform a ritual that would make us all bound by this oath. It manifested as identical bracelets around our wrists.

Shadow then played a game of poker with the king while I was holding my breath in anxiety…. Mostly because I could feel that Shadow wasn’t confident in himself. Luckily enough he did win and the king opened a floor plate with a spiral staircase, leading down into an even lower hidden flat. Xune instantly walked down, very likely drawn by the magic of the heart stone. Shadow and Blaze stayed in the room, probably to distract the king from figuring out that we knew exactly where to go. I followed Xune.

Down at the end of the stairs Xune and I stopped. It was a huge empty hall with two smaller opening for rooms on the sides. At the far end of the hall was an alter with a medium sized statue, of the Raven queen, holding a heart shaped stone. Just as I was about to walk over to it Xune gripped my arm and called up the staircase for the guys. She claimed that their were two giant transparent cubes blocking the hall further down. I swear that if she ever make a similar claim in the future I’ll believe her, but now I couldn’t see anything no matter how hard I tried. Xune kept attacking something invisible in the distance and for all I knew she could have been infected by some magic illusion being the first one down the stairs. Finally me and Blaze started slowly to explore the room with our weapons drawn and held high, but the only thing I registered was Xunes growing frustration. I’m not sure what she did but suddenly a huge cube, that looked as if it was made out of tasteless gelatin appeared right in front of me. It grabbed me and pulled me inside, while burning my skin with acid. Before I had a chance to react I noised Blaze was there too. Fighting like crazy, trying to swim through acid slime I manage to break through the cube’s back wall. I landed in a heap at the floor but quickly pushed myself to my feet. I could see Xune and Shadow trying to fight another cube at a range distance, as it was slowly closing in on them. Blaze was still trying to fight his way out of the cube but his efforts were fruitless. I turned towards the altar, that now stood unprotected before me. The heart stone almost felt like it was calling my name. What I did fell though was Blaze in pain and I mentally focus my power off healing to give him more time to escape. Then I went for it and grabbed the stone from the altar. Xune and Shadow didn’t seemed to have any luck escaping the other cube. Xune tried to hide behind the stair, but the slimy creature only engulfed it as well. I looked at Blaze and his failing attempts to break free. My healing powers had obviously not given him the strength he needed. Putting the stone in my most secure pocket I took a deep breath, said a small prayer to Avandra and bent reality, swapping place with Blaze. Once again I was burning on the outside trying to break free, but somehow it seemed harder now. I could taste blood in my mouth as I desperately tried fighting in from within.

Blaze tried to find a strategic place to fight, but just as Xune found out, there was no were to hide. Soon we were all inside one cube or the other, trying to kill them from the inside. Xune and Shadow manage to splatter their prisoner first, but Blaze and I soon followed.
Being slightly out of it I was slow to get up on my feet, but when I suddenly felt the hands off someone greedily roaming over my body I did the most sane thing I could and kicked the perv in his crotch. When I realized that it had been Shadow, being after the heart stone, I told Xune to tase him with her electric powers, and she did.

In the small rooms adjacent to the hall we found gold, valuable statues and potions of vigor, but since Blaze had made us all vow to take only one artifact we had to leave it. Even though I tried to convince them that coins weren’t really an artifact.

Upstairs the king was waiting for us. He asked if we had chosen an object and we said that we had, then I instantly left, not feeling comfortable with having the heart stone the king had been searching for on my person. Especially not when I started to hear Xune and Blaze talking very openly about what object we had taken.

The others cached up to me before I left the palates and all off us instantly started to make our way back to the world of living people.

When we arrived at Old Kingsbury Corner we instantly came upon a wanted poster with a drawn sketch of shadow, and a description of his associates, myself included. Shadow laughed and used his hat of illusions to turn into someone else. Xune decided to visit the traveling company that we arrived with to see if we could get a lift back to Arcadia. Apparently we have more stuff that need to be done before I can go home.

While waiting for an airship I discovered that I had a hand-long key in my necklace. Since I could not recall why I had it I brought it to Xune. She studied it for a while an then placed it in a door lock. When we opened the door it was like walking into a bag of holdings. Basically any piece of clothing imaginable was there, and a wardrobe containing all my private items. Xune and I made some experiments with the room. Fore one thing the times stands still while in here, and we can’t place things inside that doesn’t belong, however if I take out one of the clothing’s that’s not from my personal wardrobe they vanish after a full day and night off use. We also noticed that the key actually didn’t have to be placed in a doorway but could be opened in mid-air if we so pleased.

Realizing that I couldn’t spend the rest of our time in Old Kingsbury Corner trying out outfits in my spare room, since time wouldn’t pass, I followed Blaze and the others for a walk to Wald. Blaze instantly asked someone if they needed help with slaying some undead filth at their border and his offer was instantly accepted.

We found our targets by a crypt in a field of stone pillars and overgrown grass. Five Zombie-looking undead engaged us in battle. Blaze was overjoyed. I even thing he approved of the dead body rising again after already have been cut down once. It gave him twice as long to go rampage.
Shadow found some potions of vigor in the crypt that Xune packed down in her bag.

Well we’re leaving our rooms to head for the air ship any moment now… So I guess I have all the time in the world to pick out something nice to wear today.

Into the land of the undead

[Hej allihopa, jag tänkte bara snabbt inflicka att anledningen till att loggen är lite underlig är för att jag har plockat ut halsbandet jag fick under sessionen, då jag kommit överens med Patrik att få byta ut det mot något annat.]

Nerissa’s log

I must start this log with a confession. I don’t seem to remember so well. It’s almost as if some deity had interfered and taken parts of my memories away. I talked with Xune about it and she seams to have been affected to. The men doesn’t seam to have noticed though… except for Claw, but he is exceptionally good to pic things up for a man.

Anyway it has been some time now since we left the airship. It docked in a little town called Old Kingsbury Corner. I took the opportunity to go shopping for some new outfits. I think something happened at the market, but I don’t know what. I either meet someone or found something, but it’s completely gone now… Shadow found us an Inn and after some rubble with two merchants, started by Xune, we got a room for the night.

Shadow and Blaze went out to buy some Holly Water, since we’re going into Überwald tomorrow, which basically is the land of undead… I wonder which deity it is that blesses water into something dangerous… must be the Raven Queen, she seems to have a thing against undead according to Blaze. I wish I remember what me, Xune and Claw were doing back at the room in the mean time. All I can get out of the others is that we sat in silence, that doesn’t sound very likely…

The next morning we started heading into Überwald, after a few hours walking Shadow busted out laughing saying “horses, horses” repetitively. I don’t know what’s so funny about that. Horses are uncomfortable and I don’t use them at all… But I guess the land-dwellers might… usually. Great scurvy, I’m in the company of incompetent weirdos… And I’m happy for their company…

The landscape in Überwald is very dry and dead. Claw tried to revive a flower that he found but even thou he made it bloom it’s probably is long dead again by now.

We encountered an abandoned caravan later that same day. It looked like it had been heading for Portdam Park , the same, and close, town that we wear heading for. When Shadow sneaked up to have a look among the abandoned stuff, we all got to see what had killed the members of the caravan and its horses. Something called “Puddi, puddi”(… At least that’s what the others cried out when fighting them… I fear for my sanity) emerged out of black muddy holes in the ground. It’s actuality quite amazing that none of us had noticed the mud earlier, since that was the the most moist we had seen in a long time… I miss the ocean.

Anyway they instantly attacked us, and sizing them with my sword only made them part into two monsters, luckily Xune’s and Claw’s attacks from afar was more efficient and soon we had them defeated. Shadow then showed up with a weird looking hat on top of his head. It turned out to be an illusionist. Basically it gives him the power to hide his true self behind a trick of light. It’s quite an interesting hat, since it also effects his clothes. That’s more then I can do… But then again I’m not a mere illusion.

When we started to get closer to Portdam Park we noticed some strange moments among the settlers… They basically moved as if their bodies wasn’t really functioning. In other words, the population were undead. I imminently felt Blaise urge to rush in and smite them all in the name off his Goddess, and I tried to talk him out off giving in to this temptation… mostly because we were seriously outnumbered, and I won’t let him have me killed in this alternative future so far away from the sea.

A skeleton greeted us at the towns-gate , asking us if we wear friends or enemies with a sight, apparently dead men tell no tales… They also don’t have any feelings. It’s creepy how alone it feels inside, I mean I’m use to have at least 30 peoples feelings inside my head every hour of every day, now I feel noting but myself… and my companions of curse… Blaze is still pissed as hell.

We manage to find the only man in town living, a necromantic wizard that refused to give us his name. He allowed us to stay the night at an in with the most funky smell… It’s a wonder I didn’t suffocated in my sleep. I vaguely recall Xune waking me up with a scream during the night, but I don’t remember why. It wasn’t something that had spooked her.. it had been a “good” scream… I really hope that you can’t become an undead just by handing out in their presences… I mean I don’t what to believe that losing memories is a first step towards losing feelings and then become one of them… Maybe I should ask Blaze about that… he should know a thing or tow about the undead and how to not become one…

When we left Portdam Park in the morning we wear meet by the sight of war. Armies of undead were literally assembled in front of our eyes. Wizards were standing in circles forming bones into wandering soldiers. Shadow was fast to transform his appearance, using the hat, into the Wizard from the town. When we started passing the… creatures, a wizard approached us asking where we were going. Shadow answered Ridgeopolis Annex, their capital, and Xune added that she was an ambassadress from the Drows, sent to form an alliance. The wizard didn’t seamed convinced but eventually let us pass. Shadow pushed his luck a bit by trying to claim that the town behind us had an imposter wizard. We all moved quickly after that statement. I do hope we get the hearthstone soon, I miss my ship.

From Icrem in Arcadia to Wald

Xune, myself and Blaze started the day in the only other library in Icrem. Just as before the librarians pissed Xune off by not addressing her when we asked for help. Perhaps she’ll soon crack and demand she get her own citizenship or start a riot that will end us all in the gallows…. I’m not so worried about that though. We seem to have a knack for getting ourself both in and out of trouble.

In the library we found a lot of interesting books about Überwald and its ruler. Apparently the king has stored away his soul some where, making him impossible to kill. Chances for us the find the hearthstone without having to kill him looks slim, but I guess since Blaze is already here we must have succeeded… But I’m not really in the mood of getting overly self confident. There is no more dangerous sensation then feeling safe and secure, that’s when they get you.

I liked the old design of this other library. They had big rooms of books that wasn’t really there. First you had to pick a book and take out a specific stone, and fit it in a keyhole. Then the door opened and reviled a room full of book related to the one the stone had belonged to. I wonder if you could do something similar to a room in a home where you’d hide your most precious belongings or even yourself if some one broke in to your house… cowards.

We meet up with Shadow for dinner in a pub where Blaze had eaten the day before. It was a fairly expensive meal, but the food was good and the wine… well it wasn’t bad, but I kind off miss my old supply of rum on my ship.

Shadow had gathered some information too while we’d been away. He wouldn’t say much off it, but it sounds like it confirmed our findings, that we must go to Wald. Blaze didn’t seam so happy about it. He kept talking about three-hugers and the great balance. I’m not sure what a three-huger is but I guess its something similar to the people that just won’t let go of theri treasure when we board their ships. That never ends good for them.

Anyhow, we decided that the best way to get to Vald was by something called air-ships. They look like… well ships, but they have this huge bubble of fabric right above them, that makes them able to sail vertically. Its a very interesting construct, I wonder how expensive they are, or if its hard to make them. Could be an interesting add on the my ship back in my own time. I’m sure Amelia could pull it off, being so talented with merging magic and object. I wonder where she is now in this day and age. I can’t deny that I miss her. You kind of get use to having some one constantly trailing after you, and even if I sometime explode in her face over that, she is still my friend.

Well, now is now and we manage to get passage on a air-ship named “The lustful wench,” which I think is a weird name of any type off ship… We are being requited as guards in case of… I guess air-raids or assault… the ship is due to leave in five days so we are pretty much free to sightseeing during this time.

Supplement 1

I heard Blaze was going out to buy himself a bow for hunting. He has started talking a lot about his love for the forest, and how it makes him feel part off something bigger than himself. I think its interesting because that’s much how I feel out on the open sea. He asks me a lot of questions about the sea. He wanted to know about sea-serpents, the maelstrom and pretty much anything I mention in passing while I’m explaining something else that he wants to know.

Xune doesn’t move much. She sits and read in a book that Shadow brought with him from his secret meting with the Icrem poose, witch is a mean organisation off offenders that I’m surprised hasn’t been cleaned up yet by the guards. I wonder what kind of impression Shadow made upon them. Probably that he wasn’t worth killing, lucky for him.

I took some free time myself and walked around town. I had the good fortune on bumping into an old livestock of mine, Tom De Lacy. He left my crew ages ago but he still remember me. In fact he remembered me so well that he choked on his beer the moment he saw me. He told me that he was head powder monkey these days and tried to measurer himself up to my level that brain dead hog humping dickwad. He wasn’t alone, and by the looks of it his friends was his subordinate from the ship. I guess that’s why he was so keen on showing himself hard nosed, but when he asked me where my leach was, meaning Amelia, I smacked him out of his socks. He didn’t look so high and mighty lying on the floor. Being a citizen in this place defiantly has its benefits.

Supplement 2

I hadn’t really considered the lack off air up in the AIR. You’d think there’d be plenty and more but no. hardly any at all. It was really uncomfortable to breath at first. I had to lie down in our sleeping quarters for an entire week together with Blaze that looked all pale and sweaty. I have hardly seen Shadow at all but that’s nothing abnormal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was climbing around the entire ship looking for dropped gold coins or some one to play cards with. He doesn’t seam affected by the short breath the least. Xune is also unaffected but on the other hand she seams to be a bit hyper. She showed up every afternoon while I was in bed, telling me about the construction of the ship. It all sounded very familiar to how a normal ship would function except for something she called the boiler room. She allow said that all the members off the crew had been nice enough to answer her questions except for the captain. He obviously didn’t have time for her. I’m not surprised. But I’ve decided to have a word with him captain too captain. He gave me a look when I first got on the ship as if he recognized me, but didn’t say anything.

Supplement 3

I had some rum with the captain.

Supplement 4

Travelling by air is not very similar to travelling by sea. There is no salty whiff in the breeze, no glittering reflection from the sun, no sound of waves being broken through by the bow… even the swinging of the ship is off. I thought travelling like this would make me feel more like home but it only makes me more aware off how far from the cost line we’ve gotten. I can’t even see it from the stern any more. There is only the mountains where we fought four dragon-seed.

That’s right I haven’t talked about that yet, well it wasn’t much to talk about. They showed up and we killed them. Some misfortune on my part marooned me alone with two dragons, while the others fought together against the other two. Fortunately one of my dragons eventually decided that I was more work than taste and left to fight the others. This gave me the chance I needed to slay my opponent before joining the others, and despatch the last dragon still standing. Even though the fight had been short, being alone with two dragons had left its marks, and I had to use almost all of my healing power on myself. I’m glad my armour protects my clothes. I don’t have anything else to change into since I lost it all when I was taken from my ship.

I miss my wardrobe. I had the most grand collection back there. Now I feel trapped in this form. If I don’t get to change soon I might try something drastic. Maybe I should let may hair grow out again… but that was always a pain with the wind blowing it all over my face… I wonder how much I can change without anyone noticing it… No, that’s a bad idea. I’ll just get some new cloths when we land. I doubt I’ll need this captain look where we’re going anyway.

Xune had made a necklace out of some dragons teeth. Maybe she also feels the need to change, but I doubt it. If that was true I don’t think she’d be wearing that mask day in and day out. I wonder why she doesn’t have more than one. Its always more fun to be able to change.

Shadow has been harvesting among the carcass as well, but that’s for making money. He was a bit upset over the fact that Blaze had split one skull with his khopesh in the fight, but I don’t think he minds that much. At least he is not charging Blaze for it. Xune has been acting a bit strange around Shadow lately. She gives him evil, threatening looks that’s plain to see even though the mask, but I can also sense that when she do she also feels a bit embarrassed. I wonder what she’s done that she doesn’t want him to tell us. At least that’s my guess on the subject.

Nerissas Log post

Log post: Day 1 in Arcania

All right this has been an interesting day. We are right now at a small Inn, located in a harbour town, where we’re waiting for a sell out pirate ship to arrive in the morning. Let me just try to collect how we ended up here because this has been quite a day.

First off all we started out at the shoreline off Arcania this dawn, where this… woman… Adora Bell Deerheart , was waiting for us. She said that her Master wanted to talk to us and that we should all ride in her cart. Xune and the others seemed to know her quite well, and Adora told us that we had been brought forward in time by her Master Chris. I have never been to Arcania before, but it was clear that something bad had happened to the place as we all travel through the landscape. Every city we drove past was in ruin, and even though most of the day passed during our trip the world stayed dim and grey.

Right outside the town where Adoras Master resided Xune suddenly became very anxious and asked to be let off. Adore told her that that was impossible and the wagon continued. The wagon was actually a Warforged and as we entered trough the city walls we realised that so was the most of the population.

Adora showed us into a room where we were to wait for her Master. Shadow was looking very intensively at the objects in the room so Xune ordered Meatshield to sit on him.
Master Chris turned out to be more or less also a Warforged. Fancy that. A construct in management. Although Meatshield has proven to be useful I wouldn’t trust his judgement in a command. Hopefully Chris was a bit smarter… Although he seemed rather easy to manipulate…
When Chris and Adora entered they weren’t alone. Another person, a man named Blaze, emerged with them. He claimed to be another long lost friend to the group. This day seamed to turn out more or less into a reunion party… Anyway Blaze is an interesting figure… I think he use to be a Genasi … I say used to because well… because his dead… or undead… but still alive… And I think that he tried to flirt with me, calling me pretty and such. Xune told me it was a smart move to reject him. I wonder what their history is… I can’t stand a man that seams to think he can take my independence away from me.. Then again he dose treat me nice, but that’s getting to far ahead…

Chris, angry as Scylla at the “unbound” in the room, informed us that we had a mission to complete in this time. A mission that involved raising Blaze dead body from the dead in the past. He also demanded that we’d leave Brakk behind as hostage. Also Meatshield was to go away on a solo task. Its all very confusing but apparently we need to find a certain heartstone in this time before we can go back. To do so we were told to search information in Arcadias libraries, but the only way to get there is by boat. So Chris lent us horses to ride to this town and hijack the wannabe pirates. Horseback-riding was an interesting experience. I’ve seen the hooved animal allot in city-squares, usually next to the cows, but I’ve never really looked at them. They’re quite beautiful, but I think it takes some time to master them. Sharing a saddle with Xune was quite bumpy.

When we’d all gotten our rooms at the Inn we decided to make the ritual, that I’ve been carrying around in my head for the last four years or so… my time line that is… I’m only glad I could remember it and that Xune, Shadow, Claw and Blaze all wanted to help. It took two hours to complete, but thanks to Claws friendly inputs beforehand I was done successfully. I am no longer bound to die in three years… or seven years ago… at a public hanging. I’ve been celebrating a little down at the tavern together with Blaze, that was celebrating life, and the others. Although it is a bit disturbing to be at a place so crowded with drunks. I just hope I won’t be smothered with peoples hangovers tomorrow morning.

Log post: Day 1 and 2 aboard captain Floatwoods ship

We waited at the dock for the boat to make port. When the “Pirates“ started to lower the land bridge Blaze steeped out and told them to stop. That’s’ when the rest off us realised that the captain of the vessel was none other than Guy Floatwood. The marooned man on The island de la Draco. He agreed to take us with him to Arcadia if we could defeat him in a duel. The man is so full of himself that its no wonder he believes himself to be a pirate, when he’s only being Arcadias bitch. Unfortunately his bark wasn’t worse than his bite. He was completely covered with crossbows arrows and small grenades. He blinded Xune with one of his bombs and continued to run away so it was impossible to reach him in close combat. He also manage to shoot me right in the chest, but fortunately Blaze was there to help me. I believe he prayed to his Goddess for healing or something the like. When Guy had blinded Blaze as well Xune suddenly had enough and told Guy that if he didn’t stop with this foolishness we’d kill him. This made Guy surrender his little game. I’m a bit surprised about that. Although Amelia would never had allowed me to engage in a duel against five other people I’m sure my crew would have stepped in and slain the intruders as revenge if I’d died. Perhaps he doesn’t trust his crew as I do. That would make sense though since they are all on a pay check from a country they’re not allowed to leave. I couldn’t bare being stuck in one bay for the rest off my life. I’d mutiny against myself.

I asked Guy later if he had heard anything about my ship in this day and age. He told me that there was a legend involving it. That it was the last ship to go though the maelstrom but nobody knew if it had made it. Some had said that they’d spotted the ship, but no one new for sure. I wonder if Amelia took over after I left… Without the Maelstrom I can understand that the life off piracy has become limited. I must find a way to go back to my own time and save the maelstrom. This is not the future I want… Even though I guess I was never fated to see it intrinsically…
Shadow and Guy are having a contest of how to make the biggest lies down below deck, so I tend to stay up as much as I can. Xune is kind enough to hold me company, but she doesn’t seem to enjoy the riding of the waves as much as I do.

Log post: Day 1 in Icrem

I’ve been looking though books almost the entire day. I hate books. They’re boring and nothing useful was in them anyway. Well at least not in the ones I tossed around. Xune found an entry about two possible locations for the hearthstone, and from what I understand they are far, far, FAR landwards. Tomorrow we’re going to another library in town and see if we can find out more.

When we rendezvoused with Blaze and Shadow, Shadow told us that he might get some information from an underground organisation in the city. I hope he knows what he’s doing, The citizens of Arcadia aren’t the nieces sort, and criminals aren’t any better. For being a criminal myself I’d say I’m very nice compared to the others around here but then again I only became a citizen here so it would be easier to do my business. I have no intention in taking in their customs and traditions.

Xune got a bit displeased about the fact that the librarian thought she and Claw was my servants and whenever she asked him questions he turned to me and answered them. I’m glad she didn’t shoot a lightning bolt at him, Non citizens are absolutely forbidden to even shove a citizen out off their way. Furthermore I’ll be held responsible if any of my companies screws up. Its to bad I’ve grown to like them. Other wise I could have carried out my original plans and have them all thrown in prison for what Meatshield did to me back in Haugurafgulli

I wonder how we will travel from now on, without a sea rout and without horses… I doubt Shadow will let us near the coin-purse to rent something…. although Xune seems pretty good at handling him.

Is there destiny and purpose without fate?

So here I am again, “home”. I Only spent half a year here on this Island but I would recognise it anywhere from any angle. Sarge made us study and memorise every part of this here island in case it got attacked. Didn’t think I would ever come back here, I wonder what will happen to me if they find me? But I’m getting ahead of myself again, I guess I should start at the beginning.

The floating chessboard we woke up on was connected to another floating chessboard by means of that strange metal that only Nerissa could touch. So she climbed over to the other platform with some rope and the rest of us climbed over. Brack fell down but for some reason he only fell a short bit then just hung mid-air. Lucky for him since we could just throw him another rope. Well up on this second floating disk (that according to Nerissa didn’t have any thickness, however that works) there was a text written on the floor. It was the story of Xunes life, every major thing that happened in her life. Just as she had read it all walls grew out of the floor and metallic spiders came up from spinning tiles on the platform. The wall separated me and Claw from Xune and Nerissa. And before I knew it Xune and Nerissa had fallen threw the floor! They screamed that they where fighting upside down on the other side of the platform and we continued to fight. I swear I had no clue what was going on around me, walls changed places people randomly disappeared and spiders came from everywhere. I just stuck to basics and fought what was in front of me. After we won everybody fell to the “underside” of the platform. Up above (or is it down below?) we could see another platform and on the ground (or is it sealing?) we say yet another text, this time telling the story of Nerissa and a chest with a rope that fell uppwards..or downwards…or..well at the next platform at least. Nerissas story wasn’t so nice, it said she was bound by fate to die in three years. Xunes said that she was unbound by fate and her future was her own. We didn’t really stand around and talk about it since Nerissa almost broke down after reading about her life. Death by hanging evidentially, not a good death I agree. Hopefully she will get her neck snappt of and won’t have to endure suffocation. From all the medical books I read they all seem to agree on that not being nice. Luckily I wont be able to die like that.

So we climbed the rope up..or the other platform and found (what Nerissa pointed out to be) a broken sundial and five doors hovering mid air. I wanted to investigate them right away but the others were tired and wouldn’t let me. So we waited and waited and waited, Man its boring to just wait for eight hours.

The others are finally up and about and I rushed in to check the doors. It seems that each of us got a door to open and our door showed took us to someone from our past. I got to meet my “father”, the man who made me. I had never met him before so I was chocked when he revealed that. I used a magic rod to make my lie down on a exam table and then opened me and started looking around. That scared me allot, I didn’t know what he was going to do. Nerissa tried to get stop him and open my restraints but there was some sort of magic stopping her. Dad said I was malfunctioning because I hadn’t fulfilled my primary function yet. Apparently I was supposed to kill the Baron of Hochenwald. Witch is odd because no one told me that. After examining me said it that I must be some freak of nature and left it at that. But we had a long talk afterwords when he wanted to learn everything about me and eventually he even threw me out! I wasn’t happy about it at the time but Shadow said that it was symbolic to show that he believed in me and that could make it in the world without him. I asked if that was true and he said he wouldn’t lie about that, then he must have thought of something funny because he walked away laughing.

But I’m getting of topic. When I got out of me room the others had been in their rooms and we all got a piece to help fix the broken sundial. I wanted to know what the others had seen and found but we didn’t have time to talk about it. As soon as we (and by we I mean mostly Nerissa and Xune) where done fixing the dial the ground started moving. Every square that made up the floor moved to make a continuously moving walkway where the back most squares kept moving to be in front. It started going well but after a while the path divided and made obstacles. We kept running for an hour or so I think before it reached a door.

On the other side was a cross shaped floating room with a statue as big as a mountainchain looking down on us. On each side of the cross there was a portal to one of the elements and in the middle of the room there was a gazebo and four Genasi with corresponding elemental affinities. Before most of us had even stepped onto the platform Brack was in full swing, chopping his axe at the Genasi. But they kept rebuilding them selves, drawing energy from the portals to their planes. So while I tied them up as best as I could the others tried to push them into the portals or to destroy them. It was a hard fought battle but we did it. Or so I think, as they were destroying the last portal all I saw was a bright light and then I was falling down in a refuse pile. The others came after few seconds. This was a grand hall with with three massive statues on the way to a well decorated throne. On it sat a woman who introduced herself as the goddess Fate. It seems we have offended Fate by not being bound to her will. And after a little bragging of how awesome she things she is she sent her avatar to kill us. Well, him and those three giant statues. It was a truly epic fight trying to kill the avatar. The merest touch from him could send you flying off into the distance or send you to a mirrored prison. Only by shear tenacity from Brack and a lucky distraction from Nerissa allowed me to place the finishing blow in his hart. Or what I reckon was his hart.

Killing the avatar freed an ancient, or some sort of ancient leftover. I didn’t really understand that part. He was like an ancient but not. Well he had been there for some time and he told us what we had done and why Fate hated us so much. It seems that all of us except Nerissa are unbound by fate. So everything we do is truly our own decision and there is nothing but our selves holding us back from what we want to do.
He told us alot of what happened when he was alive and what consequence his decisions had. It has been an interesting day. I met my dad, a god and someone from a race long extinct all in one day. And as he sent us back we ended up in the ocean, and now we are here. On this beach with Adora Bell Deerheart allot older then when we saw her last. Things are happening fast now and I need to sit down and think.
Looks like we are moving out. Write in you soon little book.

Captains log in "Elsewhere"

Captains log… somewhere I really don’t feel like being

I just need to collect my thoughts a little. I see, when I look back, that the last thing I wrote in this log was making complete sense. We where going to go to Otiorin through the maelstrom so that we could sail to Arcadia. This however is not Arcadia and no constellation up in the sky… if that’s what it is… Is familiar to me. Right now I just want to go back to my ship and crew. We were sailing down the maelstrom when some magic lightning lifted me and my latest acquaintances of the boat and into this strange dimension. I don’t know if my ship made it without me and the helm and I must constantly stop myself from thinking horrible thought of the fate off my crew. If anything has happened to them it’s my fault.

Right now we are all taking a rest in a “room” with neither walls nor ceiling. There is only six closed doors that look like they’re leading into nothingness. The only thing on this “platform” is a broken sundial that I’ve marked out the time on. Its around 2 pm. I know that’s irrelevant but it makes me relax to know that I at lest have something I can pretend is familiar in this place. Everything else seams only designed to kill us… or at least me…

When we first entered this “world” I found myself chained between two pillars. They wear so tight that I couldn’t move a muscle. I thought I would suffocate since I could hardly take a deep enough breath to keep my mind clear. Xune came to help me, but all she managed to do was touching the chains and they broke… like spider web. Meatshield managed to catch me before I hit the ground. I don’t know why I was the only one that got strapped like that, but it turned out that I alone could touch the chains. Xune severed one so I could toss it over the edge of the platform to see what would happen to it. It started floating in mid air. Xune evoked a lightning bolt to hit it whit but that only made it spin away.

We found a chain bridge leading from our platform and up to another. I tide a rope around one of the columns that lined our flour and started climbing up. As we hopped, the chains still supported me. The bridge felt like cold metal but was fairly easy to climb.

On the other platform the floor was like a chessboard and it was lined with statues of angels holding swords. I tied my end of the rope around one of the statues so the others could climb up. Xune balanced on the rope like she was walking down a street. The rest used their arms to climb. Brakk missed the line and fell through the chain bridge, that shattered like before. Then he suddenly started floating in the air unable to get anywhere. We threw him a rope so that he could climb up.

On the centre of the floor Xune spotted a text written in the stone. It had her name on it and it spoke of all the adventures she’s been on. The last sentences stated that she was not bound by faith. It made me remember the ritual I learned a few years back. The one that Arcadia sent me to find and then discovered it was useless without three souls unbound by fate. I guess Xune is one of those souls…

Anyway as soon as she was done reading, walls shot up from the ground parting me and Xune from Meatshield and Claw and in the next breath some off the stone pieces in the floor flipped over and reviled human sized silvering spiders. I guess they are the ones that make those scary chains around here. Me and Xune decided it was better to be on the other side of the wall with our friends and ran around the wall to support them. I made a swing on one of the spiders but the blade only sang a metallic tone, then I felt the world turn and the stone underneath my feet flipped alone with Xunes. I thought we wear gonna fall but suddenly, from our point of view, down was up, and we where still engage with huge spiders. I could hear Claw calling out for us through the… floor… and we called back to tell them that we were still okay.

It was an irritating fight. Walls kept changing positions and before we figured out why some of the platforms turned and others didn’t, every step you took was dangerous. At least I manage to slay two of the monsters before the fight was over.

Even though its a bit confusing I think that we at the end ended up on the underside of the platform. It looked exactly as the top but at bit beside Xunes message there was a new one, and in between there was a treasure chest. This time the name written in stone was my own… I’m going to die in three years… by hanging from the gallows. ...Looking at those words in my own private log make me what to rip the page out. But that won’t change my destiny. Maybe if I can find two other souls unbound by faith Xune and them will help me escape it. Xune said that she wanted to help and even tried to cheer me up by saying that at least now I know that nothing can touch me until I turn twenty-nine. That’s not much of a comfort though. Just thinking about the gallows makes my lunch want to escape my insides. But I’ll try to be positive. At least I was told my birth parents names; Zareen and Kerwin. And I know that my true name is Nerissa Grewal not Nerissa Drake… Even thou I think of myself more like the person I am today then I was back then… I mean I was only eight and I hardly remember anything anyway.

From the chest we got a new rope. It fell out in the sky, which seems to support my theory that we indeed was on the underside… I tide the rope to a metal-ring in the chest and then we started climb up… halfway up, up again turned into down and we all spun around one by one in the air before landing on this platform where we all sit now… Well Meatshield is roaming about whining that he wants to open up one of the doors but He’ll just have to wait. I’m not the only one that needs to catch my breath. I can feel it in the others too.

Captains log, I’m not sure this place was much better.

I’m thinking about investing in some waterproofed fabric so I can make a pocket for my journal. At least the salesman was truthful about the paper and ink being impervious to water, but its a bit irritating to wait for it to dry up so I can add new writing to the pages. And yes I’ve been completely submerged again. I can’t for the love of my life figure out why I don’t drown in situations like this… oh right my fate… Its not fair to deprive me of a death at sea. Blasted gods and their stupid games. I haven’t learned to swim for a reason. Well hopefully its not yet too late to change my destiny.

The doors I mentioned earlier did actually lead to somewhere. It was strange though. Every room seemed to be a construct of the imagination of whomever opened it. Meatshield entered first and the room turned out to be some sort of old study with a scary looking table with straps for arms and legs. A man was in the room as well and he spoke with Meatshield as if he knew him well. He asked him to lay down on the table but Meatshield declined. Then he wizard-looking man took out a rod and ordered Meatshield to lay down and he did. Xune and I tried to stop him but my sword couldn’t go through some strange barrier around the man. When I tried to simply untie the straps that held Meatshield to the table the same forcefield emerged. It was frustrating to feel the fear in Meatshield and not being able to help him. I hate to be powerless when a friend is in trouble…darn it, did I just… ah fine, I guess he is more like a friend than anything else…

Anyhow, the man started operating on him talking about some malfunction. He said that something must be wrong in his programming since he hadn’t fulfiled his assignment to murder a baron. Meatshield replied that he hadn’t recived such orders since he’d been dropped behind a cart on his way to the camp-site. When the man finally let him go he asked Meatshield to tell him his story. Meatshield got so exited at the chance that we all felt it safe to leave him in the room and check out the next one.

Xune stepped fearlessly up to one of the doors and opened it up. We all entered a cave corridor lined with chained slaves, working the walls with pickaxes. Most of them looked human but I guess one could never know. I tried touching one of them but that annoying barrier kept emerging. Xune seamed to find someone she recognised, an older drow woman, maybe her mother working in the mine. They spoke in elven, which I don’t understand. They had a pretty long talk before Xune blasted the chains of the woman’s hands. The woman gave her a three-cornered, cut stone piece and Xune gave her an odd hug. The woman hugged her as oddly back before teleporting away.

When we came back out Meatshield was just thrown out his own room holding on to his notebook and a three-cornered stone piece of his own. I looked at the Sundial and realized that they would fit nicely around its edges. This also made me realise that we all needed to enter a room, something I wasn’t so keen on doing myself, but Xune gave me a “friendly” push towards one of the doors and I opened it.

We entered a kitchen I vaguely remembered but couldn’t seem to place. A woman was standing with her back turned to me. Even so, I could clearly make out that she was a changeling with her soft pink hair and slenderness. I took a deep breath to make my heart stop beating so hard and tapped her on the shoulder, asking if she was the one I was suppose to meet. She jumped and turned with a frightened yelp. She claimed I had entered trough a looked door and demanded to know who I was. I told her my name and she said that I had the same name as her daughter. That did not calm my heart down at all. She asked if I was showing her my true face and since I wasn’t I showed it to her. It was a strange feeling. She’s dead but there she was, stroking my face and hair with a love I couldn’t remember. I felt like a phony, like I was fooling her, and when she asked about my life… What was I suppose to say? I felt like I owed it to her to make her proud of me, and here I was a criminal. I’ve never felt so rotten in my life as when I lied to her to make my life sound “better” than it was. She asked if I wanted to stay for diner, but I couldn’t. I asked if my father was near by. Not because I really wanted to disappoint him too, but to get to see his face. I really wish I had gotten to do that, just once… But she said he wasn’t coming. She gave me my three-cornered stone piece along with a proud smile. I wanted to hug her but I just couldn’t bring myself to it and I left.

Claw’s door reviled a path in an evergreen forest. He seamed to immediately recognize the place because he didn’t want us to follow him. I told him that if he got to be in mine I got to be in his and he seamed to be fine with that. We quickly came upon a cart that was driven along the path by an old man. He told Claw to climb up, and he did. The rest off us sat in the back. Nice of that place not to make the rest off us walk along the side. The man turned out to be a priest of… that religion Claw always preaches about and he asked Claw how he felt that he was true to his faith. To my surprise Claw seamed a bit uncertain and shaken in his beliefs and he told the priest this truthfully. He didn’t seam to be ashamed of his actions at al, which I found very awe-inspiring. I must admit that I got a little more respect for Claw after that.

Brakk’s reaction to his door was also surprising. Ever since I meet him I understood that he thinks humans are worth less than other races, but I didn’t know that he was raised by humans. We entered a small house with his mother sitting by the table and his father looking out the window. Brakk immediately took a defensive approach to the situation and soon he and his father was in a heated argument about weakness and abandonments. His father blamed his and his wife death on him saying that he should have been able to save them. Brakk replayed that if they had been better parents he might have done so. Meatshield continuously and confused stated that he only thought they had killed Brakk’s father and couldn’t understand why the mother was here to. I’m not gonna ask what he mean by killing the man, since I’m sure it wouldn’t make sense to me anyway…

When we had collected al six of the pieces for the sundial we compared them and saw that they al had different symbols. Mine for example had a solar-eclipse while Meatshield had a sun and Xune had a crescent moon. We put them down in the right order from dawn to dusk and so forth, but the only thing that gave us was a hard workout as the flour-tiles suddenly started to fall from one end of the room and add on to the other. We ran hard, even more so when we felt the stones underneath our feet grew lose. Meatshield had thrown us all a rope to hold on to but I wasn’t convinced that we would be able to keep running and pulling a fallen companion up from the empty space surrounding us at the same time. It felt more likely that we would all be ending up floating around in nothingness if that be the case. Lucky enough the floor finally stooped failing and we all came to a halt in front of a new door. Xune stepped up and opened it.

This new room was shaped like crossroads, still without any ceiling or walls. In the middle of it was a gazebo and every short end of the paths lead to a portal symbolising one off the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, the portal we entered trough was fire. Out of no where four Genasi appeared in the gazebo, each of them representing one of the elements. Brakk let out a battle cry and ran forth to engage in battle. The rest of us followed. They Genasi appeared strangely easy to kill but they constantly respawned. Brakk then turned his attention towards the portals, figuring that they were the reason to the resurrections of the fallen Genasis. He started chopping at one of them trying to get it to crumble. I however tried to push the Air Genasi into the air portal. It only took around half a minute to do, but it felt like it would darn take for ever. Brakk manage to destroy the earth portal and then he showed up at my side and helped me shoved the Genasi into its own portal. The portal and the Genasi got instantly destroyed. When we realised that destroying the portals stopped the remaining Genasi to respawn we quickly defeated them. Meatshield, that was standing inside the gazebo was suddenly swallowed by a red light coming from it. The rest of us quickly jumped in after him to see where he’d gone.

We all landed in a pile of gravel at the far end of a “room”. There was three enormous status lined up along the corridor and at the other far end there was a throne. When we all slowly started to make our way across to it a woman dressed in robes of white light appeared at the high seat. She announced that she was Fate, the goddess of fate… Boy must they’ve been having a huge lack off imagination when she was born… She wasn’t pleased with us being here. She kept referring to the others as untouchable for her and mocked me for being in her absolute control. I was almost tempted to pull out my sword and stab myself to death, just to prove to that corn skull I was nobody’s puppet.

Finally she stopped talking about her greatness and dispute with the other Gods and evoked her Avatar to fight us. Simultaneously the huge statues started moving their weapons around their scope. Brakk once again leap into action but almost as quickly as he engage the monster he was gone into thin air. Xune kept her distance with the help of her special powers but I had no other choice then to try and face the creature head on, like Brakk. I did my beast to stay on it as a hawk but it kept teleporting away, making me have to run after it. The Avatar pushed us away right and left, leaving some off us trapped in the strange floating sky right next to us. I used my psionic powers to the best off my ability and manage to shake him up a bit. When the monster turned towards me with and evil glare Meatshield threw himself into the fight and delivered a final blow that made the best fall to the ground.

With that, one of the statues, that had been trying to flatten us out before, suddenly started smoking and exploded. A mist was left in its place that spoke up, thanking us for seating her free. It was a woman called Yenven, just like the ocean we had been trying to leave behind us early this very morning. She claimed to have walked the earth a 4000 years ago together with her friends Otiorin and Marathris, all three of them apparently unbound by faith… and I guess the namers of the three world oceans… She explained that Xune and the others was part of a prophecy that reads that every forth millennium there would be people that was born outside of fate and therefore able to create their own destiny. Then she turned to me and apologised for only speaking with “the important people”, and told me that she could see the chains holding me bound very clear and if I should wish to escape my fate I had to find a ritual. I told her I already new that ritual but that I wondered if she could tell me the fate of my crew. She told me she could only see fates in people she could look at and it was clear that she couldn’t care less if they had manage their way through the maelstrom or not. Finally she promised to return us to the exact time and place where we’d be abducted but as far as I’m concerned that was more or less a lie. I’m not sure if we were at the same place but we sure as hell wasn’t at the right time. There was no boat for us to land on!

The first thing I noticed, however, when I opened my eyes was that the night sky match the stars over the Otiorinian ocean this time of year… if it is this time of year… As for now I believe we’ve been swept ashore on the beach to Arcania. Everyone seems more or less fine and there is a woman here with us that the other claimed to have seen a couple of months ago but that is now ten years older. If that’s true and that 4000 year old twit puff made us go ten years into the future… Then it means that I’ve been declared dead three years ago… Dose that mean I’m no longer a captain? But… that’s… not fair… I’ve lived at sea since I was eight. I don’t know how to do anything else… if I’m not a captain any more, then what am I?


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