Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

Into the Temple

Hi there little book. How have you been doing? Drying up alright since [[Why do our ships always break? | last]]? I’ve been adventuring big time since last! We went into that temple to save the living artefact and to find provisions and repair materials. It might be a bit rude to just take it from the Lizardmen, but a quest is a quest! After going in a bit we came to a large room with a fountain full of bones and two protective ground emplacements. The fountain looked like some sort of garbage pile but claw quickly exclaimed that it was evil. Some sort of bad thing bound to it making dark goop attack us and stopping us in our tracks. All the while two shaman lizards threw spells at us. Me and Brack quickly went in after them while Nerissa andClaw backed us up. It went fast and well. Claw was stuck in the goop the entire fight and Nerissa seemed to very angry at me for some reason, maybe its because I haven’t thanked her for the private room I got on the ship? Well I guess I have to think of something.

But on with the story. We went on deeper into the temple down a spiralling stairway into a huuuge cave. We could see the artefact far off on the other side of a deep chasm. There had been a suspension bridge connecting it but it was long since destroyed. Nerissa pointed out a plant nearby that she said would suck blood to grow. Brack then went up to it and started feeding it! Knowing how little blood my friends have I of course sliced the plant down immediately. He told me after that he wanted to use it to get over but I didn’t know that then. But after looking around It was clear to me that one of us had to do some jumping and climbing go get a rope across, and since Brack was now low on blood, I volunteered myself. I climbed up a nearby ledge with water running on it, looked like it was part of some sort of canal, and then jumped out to the lone stone platform linking the old bridge. I just barely made the jump. I grabbed on to the edge and crawled my way up. I swear if I had a cardiovascular system I would have gotten a hart attack. But I somehow managed and we where able to get across. As my friends made it across the ropes they all slipt and fell, if it wasn’t for Nerissas foresight in tying a rope around them they would all have fallen in. The part of the bridge that was intact was also treacherous. I made a barrelroll but somehow managed to cling to it. After getting across there was nothing in the way of us and the talking artefact, a dagger that turns itself invisible. It seemed most gracious of its rescue and happy about aiding Shadow in the future.

Getting out wasn’t any problem but outside the Temple there was a huge beast waiting for us. It looked like some sort of dragon but without wings and a much larger head and smaller arms. Really strange beast, but it attacked us almost immediately so there was no time for studying. Nerissa and Brack hit it hard and we could see it its balance failing. But as it was going down smaller reptiles came to help it, must have been its spawn. But as the mighty adventurers we are we bested them in combat and now have a large amount of fresh food for everyone. Well except me, I don’t eat.

Once we got back Nerissas crew had fixed the ship and we sailed away almost the instant we got back. And now we are on our way, finally, to Arcadia! And I got a room-mate! Some “Guy” we picked up on the island,, but we talk allot and he seems nice. I hope we finally get to Arcadia so my docent stops yelling at me, I swear I’m gonna kill someone if he keeps yelling at me an entire night again. Its bad enough during the day when I can distract myself from him, but during the night when I paint he just annoys the living essence out of me!

Captain’s log, by Nerissa, captain of "The Dragon's Star"

Captain’s log: Day 1 in “The island de la Draco”

We are finally back on track now. It’s about time. I hate being away from the sea to long and the incident back in port was already getting to me as it was. The Dragon’s star has been repaired and Titania informed me that we are slowly making it back on course. She also informed me that the island we had been on is called: The island de la Draco. I think we might have to rename it now however…

The cave I mentioned in my last entry seems to have been a temple, but I don’t know to whom. It had fairly nice paintings on the walls but in one of the rooms there was a lot less nice pile of bones. That room also contained two lizard guards and a strange dark thick liquid that would swarm you up to you waist and hold you there. We all got our fair share of that one, but Claw, whom refused to move away, was almost stuck the entire battle. He was acting a little too much like he was enjoying the feeling, and I can assure that it was not pleasant. Neither were the burning bursts of flames that came at me at one point. I thought it would burn away my eyebrows. Wouldn’t have made any difference though since I easily could replace them…

When we ventured forth into the deepest room of the cave we found a large chamber with two bridges over a black hole. One of them was torn down and the other side to far away to simply jump over. I spotted a Dew frond growing in the cave and told the rest it feeds on blood and the dragonborn, Brack, decided to check if I was speaking the truth. He cut himself and walked over to it. Of course it immediately grabbed on to him and started sucking his blood. Fortunately for him the Warforged cut it down.

Our only alternative to cross over to the other side of the first bridge was to climb a waterfall. The Warforged took on the mission to do this. He had to make a smaller jump to get to the platform in the middle of the room, and I must say that even though he’s more of a thing than a person I was really worried when he almost failed that jump…. I mean if he should perish… how will I then get my vengeance…?

Anyway, he tied the rope on the other side and threw the other end back to us where I secured it before crossing. That was the scariest thing I did today. I really should do something about my poor acrobatical talents… I actually feel into the darkness, but I had been forth seeing enough to have a safety line so I was okay. The other two followed my example to the point of even falling off the rope before crossing. Then we took on the second bridge that looked like it could fall any second, but fortunately it didn’t, although the warforged had a small trip when the bridge spun around for an entire turn with him still standing on it. Finally on the other side we found the trapped artifact, a speaking dagger. He… or rather “it” was very strange in its speech but I guess Shadow can make good use of it. I think I’ll stick to my great sword… At least I don’t have to worry about that bursting into song on occasions.

Outside the cave it had started to turn into dusk, and we were greeted by a loud roar. I immediately understood that this must be that dragon the dagger had claimed not to be present on the island, but to my surprise it didn’t really look like a dragon. Not anyone that I’ve ever seen before at least. It was walking upright and had these peculiarly small upper arms, and the head was bigger… it looked prehistoric and inbred. In any case we charged it. Brack, and I actually did very good against the beast but he was soon joined by a huge number of smaller sharp toothed carnivore lizards. We are roosting one of them tonight for dinner. Honestly though that big lizard was worthy to have the island named after him. It had awful, evil, yellow eyes that starred at you as if you would be very tasty. I for one really wouldn’t have enjoyed being trapped between its jaws.

The mysterious marooned seaman named Guy Floatwood has temporarily joined my crew. He paid 30 Gold to do so. I don’t trust him though and have told my crewmembers not to speak with him too much. I think he is up to something and I really don’t like the idea if his nemesis attacking my ship to get to him. I mean Guy claims that he has a deal with the demon that runs so that he can’t be killed by him. But I hear no insurance that the demon can’t kill the rest of us. If I could have left him on the island with a clean conscience I would have. But I can’t really just leave him there to die can I? I’ve put him in the brig for now as a companion for the warforged. At least it gives him some purpose I guess…

I have decided to bid farewell to my spirit companion. It simply was time. He came to me seven years ago as a guiding voice when I’d lost my adoptive father and gained the responsibility in leading a ship with a crew. Now however I think it’s time for me to trust in my own judgment and abilities more than in others. I guess I will miss it though. It’s been a comfort and big help but you have to grow up some time, don’t you?

Why do our ships always break?

Hi there my little book, are you all nice and dry now? Its a good thing you weren’t washed overboard because I would never have found you! But do you know why our ships keep sinking? The one we got to travel the river sunk just as we got to back to Hochenwald and this one sinks as soon as we leave the harbour. We should just stick to walking or riding.

But I’m getting ahead of my self so I’ll start from were I left of. Yesterday we finally caught the killer of Haugurafgulli and we were on out way to Arcadia by Nerissas ship. So far so good. But it seems that I made Nerissa very happy carried her around town, so much so that I wasn’t allowed go where I wanted on the ship. I was told to go to some place called “the brig” for my own safety. I don’t know what they usually have there but I think its some sort of treasure room because it looks very secure. And because she put me there it must mean she doesn’t want me to get hurt and want to protect me! So I went down and sat there, even if it was very very boring. But claw came down and played some pokerdice with me so it went ok.

For some reason we went to a small cove to wait for some other ship, or that’s what I understood from the sailors who where in the brig to protect me. I’m not sure why we were waiting for it though. But I was called up to the deck (that’s what they call the big top floor on ships) to guard Nerissa. And that was good to because as soon as the other sailors went over to the other ship we got attacked! Seems Nerissa has a bounty on her head, wonder witch one since she can change it. But anyway it was a bloody and hard fight, but luckily several of them got pushed overboard, including their leader. We captured him and got some information out of him, then Shadow killed him. I thought it was a bit uncalled for but who am I to judge. It did make the barrier summoned around the ship disappear though, so I guess it was ok. Nerissas first mate (does that mean she was the first friend Nerissa made? Does that make Blaze my first mate?) got really angry though that we hadn’t protected Nerissa as well as we could, as she had taken some minor wounds. She took a battle stance and I was about to charge her when she was told to stand down. Lucky that, I would hate to fight all the sailors. I think she was extra mad too because the ship they where meeting didn’t have the thing they wanted, I guess it was a shop ship and they went to get something and it was out. Oh well, what can you expect when trading with a ship.

However after the fighting things got even worse. A storm blew up and it was a really bad one, we even needed to help he sailors keep the ship from sinking. I mean what did we even pay for? first we sail somewhere else, then we have to fight and now we even have to sail the ship? No wonder so few people travel by ship! But I’m getting off topic, the storm was really bad. So bad that the ship actually got turned upside-down. I was on the deck when I saw a huuuuuge watery hand come and sweep us away. I wonder if the ocean is actually a Giganormous waterelemental? and we where itching its head and it was only scratching? I should get someone to look into that. But anyway we got tossed around and turned all kinds of ways so much I had no idea what was even up. And I must have hit my head because I got unconscious sometime during the storm and didn’t wake up until the day after.

It was a long sandy beach, and it seems one of the cows took a licking to our captain. Guess it will be burgers they eat tonight. It seems everyone survived but the ship needed repairs. I figured that I to might need some repairs to, and I remembered that I have forgotten to put back my docent since it fell out yesterday night while fighting the murderer. So first I took some wood from destroyed parts of the ship, I put it in my leg. I hear lots of sailors have wooden legs, so hopefully I will get better sealegs now. The Docent on the other hand had fixed it self! It could talk to me! Even if it didn’t have anything nice to say. Kept calling me dumb and such, but I showed it who is boss. He said he was chosen and special, but not much more. Seems he will still help me though. After I talked to it (I wonder what its name is? I should ask) we the others where talking to some “Guy” on the beach. He said he got stranded here and that there are lizardmen here. So ofcourse we went to find them, I think we where going to trade with them or something. But on the way we found a talking statue of a head and it breathed fire! It gave us a quest! It wanted to be rescued. Said that the lizardmen are worshipping it but that is turning it to something else, and it wants to get away. There was some talk about a dragon to but It said there wasn’t one so we should be in the clear.

So off we went to the Lizardmens temple cave. Outside they had some guards just waiting for us, but Shadow was able to sneak up and kill one before the fight really started and after that it was all to easy. I was mostly fighting snakes and lizards with black masks. And now we wait, taking a small rest before we venture inside. I wonder what we will find.

Captain’s log by Nerissa captain of "The Dragon's Star"

Captain’s log: Day 1 at sea… and in some place I’ve yet to figure out where it is

Well I guess it’s a bit against protocol to start an entrance like this, so long before dark, but I didn’t have time to write any log for yesterday and since we are all just sitting here resting… or waiting to be attacked again, and my book finally has dried up a bit I’ll just report all ”interesting” facts I’ve been faced with since I left the harbor of Haugurafgulli

First off all, I have a Drow aboard my ship. The masked sorceress woman finally showed me her identity. I don’t know much about the Drows except that they live under ground and that you are advised to either avoid or kill them if given a chance. I’m going to do neither. She is very nice to talk too. We had a private conversation in my quarter and I find that she is rather interesting, especially her appearance. I didn’t see much of the Tiefling this day, but I heard he had been having some milder trouble with the waves, very typical for a land crab. The dragon born wasn’t even able to stand up.

My ship had a little rendezvous with a cargo ship in the late afternoon. Amelia, annoying as always, led the assault and left my new guest stay to “protect” me. I do question her motive to completely trust these four strangers with my life. Although I guess I’m lucky she did, since the cargo ship turned out to be a decoy. Apparently the “good” King of Haugurafgulli in Kaupmaður had sent out bounty hunters after my head. Yes, let them try collect that reward with my head off its shoulders. Next time I meet the king I might take his head as a returned favor Anyway, suddenly half of my ship was surrounded by some force field and a bunch of scalawags where on my “captain’s deck”. My four “body guards” did a good job. They didn’t get in my way when I fought the slimy swine’s of my ship, and they even helped me, imagine that. I guess the warforged has… some good qualities… but it dose not make up for its vulgar manners…

When Amelia and my crew returned she did her annoying “big sister- act” and almost attack the group she had assigned as my defenders since she evaluated me injured. I had to remind her that there is no fighting among allies on my ship. The blasted priest then had to select that time to not duck when the boom turned and after taking the hit to his head he started rambling about his precious “Light”. That only made my crew angrier, so I sent them of to there stations, and my traveling guest down below. There was a nasty wind picking up around us and I didn’t want to be close to the cliffs when the storm hit us.

The storm was furious. I know this because I saw the hand of the goddess of the sea controlling it my self. She was set on swallowing us all, so why she didn’t is beyond me. Maybe there is something on this island that is worse than drowning? Well dying anywhere else than at sea surely is an unnatural thought, which I hope never comes true for me. I guess we wear lucky though, lucky that there wasn’t a village by the coast. We all know what villagers usually do to survivors of a shipwreck… Not much we could have done to stop it either. Most off us was washed up ashore unconscious. The Dragon’s Star is being repaired as I write this so no fears there. Avandra’s blessing is still with me.

There actually was a man on the beach when I woke up. A weird man… He called himself Guy Floatwood and claimed he had been put hear by ”the demon pirate”. Sounds like a fish tale to me. But he asked for passage on my ship when we leave. I’m starting to feel like I’m running a traveling agency… He informed us in his own crazy little way that there was some sort off lizard people living on the island, and for some reason this seamed to interest my, band of misfit, wardens, so we decided to check it out. Of course this was shortly after the warforged started to speak to himself, a behavior that even the other in his group seemed to take as unusual. I guess it’s only a matter off time until he snaps just like Leon. I better make sure that he is not near me when it happens though.

After following an old, over grown, stone paved road we entered a clearing with a ceremonial look to it. There was freshly laid down flowers and fruit around a human sized stone cut out to look like a very unnatural head and when Xunewent closer it shoot flames from its open mouth and started to speak to us, first in a very supernatural way and then suddenly in a more pleading manner. The voice wanted to be set free by us. He said that he had been on this island for centuries and was imprisoned in a dragon temple by lizard men that worshiped him but that their worship was driving him insane. When asked if there was an actual dragon on the island the voice answered no, but I’m not convinced. In fact I‘m convinced that he lied to us.

So here we are, at a campsite outside a cave where the statue told us to go. We have just been in a fight with Lizard men guards, poisonous snakes and darn irritating small kobold resembling creatures that just wouldn’t die. One of them managed to dodge attacks from myself, Clawand Xunebefore I finally got him. I guess that as soon as we’ve gotten some rest we’ll head into the cave and see what’s inside.

Captain’s log by Captain Nerissa of "The Dragon's Star"

Captain’s log: Day eight in Haugurafgulli

I brought Amelia with me to the meeting with the storstarkur this morning. The king was very pleased with me and my recent acquaintance for having disposed of an, apparently unappreciated, local Baron. I asked him to show his gratitude by letting me and my ship leave the docks, but he would hear nothing of the sort. Instead he told me that if I could catch this serial killer, that’s obviously the reason for me being stuck here, I am free to go. The group I met yesterday still wants to tag along aboard my ship when it leaves, but they have yet to agree to pay. They are however offering to help me catch the serial killer as payment, but they don’t understand. Without their gold, the trip to Arcadia while be very long.

Anyway after some discussion we decided to investigate the found bodies. It Turned out that there was no real connection between the victims except that they all seamed to be famous for having the best of the best of something. Like the fairest skin and so forth. Since all the victims always seamed to be missing the particular body part they wear known for I can not say if the rumors wear true.

We later went to have a visit with the captain of the guards at his house, but the lady of the house wouldn’t let our entire party in. I can understand her. That masked girl sure looks strange and well the warforged is a warforged… After the meeting we decided to split up, since I had a private meeting to attend to this evening. I ordered some of my crew members to stand guard outside a specific mans home. He was a famous bard in town, known for his “smooth talk”. They’ll report back to me tomorrow morning if something happened.

Captain’s log: Day nine in Haugurafgulli

Amelia and Tatiana didn’t show up for their usual reporting for duty this morning, Sebastian however told me they simply had stayed out late yesterday with the Bard and that they still was part of this ships crew. That’s good. I can’t set sail without my First mate and Navigator.

When I meet my new acquaintances this morning everything started as I might have suspected; with a fight. Some stupid pirates had started to harass the local market and Xune only pissed them off so I had to fight them. I’m glad that the few idiots from my own crew that I spotted had the sense to leave when they saw me coming. Otherwise they might have been arrested by the city guard. I really don’t have time for this.

After the fight I learned that there had been a new murder during the night so we went to examine the body. Adding two plus two together we soon figured out that whoever we’re looking for is extremely strong and likes to hang around the harbor. Maybe it’s good that no one in my crew has an outstanding reputation. We started to examine the docks when suddenly the priest, Claw, found a bloody handprint on a wall. Brack matched it with the warforged’s hand. It was almost a perfect match, that’s a bit disturbing. What if the sentient warforge they call Meatshied runs amok at nights? But that doesn’t make any sense since the others have been with him on stake outs… of course this is more or less a question if I trust any of them enough to not be a group of murderers. Still that wouldn’t ad up. The killings stared before they claimed to have arrived. More like around the time off my own bloody arrival. Talk about bad luck.

While we were standing at the dock Brack was suddenly challenged to an arm wrestling contest. Don’t ask me why. He easily won the competition but then the priest realized that someone had slipped him a note telling him to visit a specific place at a specific time, and to come alone. Not knowing if this was dangerous or not Brack and the warforged were sent to the place in advance to find a place to hide out. I however returned to my ship for a more proper disguise. However I quickly discovered that they would not need my help at the warehouse so I decided to return to my ship again for the night.

Captain’s log Day nine in Haugurafgulli: supplemental

I don’t know what to feel right now. After I returned to my ship Meatshield arrived to ask for my help in searching for the murderer again, so I went along. We didn’t have to search long until it… he was spotted on a rooftop on his way from the docks. We started to run after and when I arrived at the scene I knew who it was. It was Leon, one off my warforgeds. I would never have guessed it. He wasn’t sentient… at least he never gave anyone reason to believe so… I tried to order him to stand down. Hopping that he would listen if there really was a mind in there, but he didn’t. Instead he took a swing at me. At ME! His captain. Then Meatshield started talking with him. He told me afterwards that Leon had said that he only wanted to make himself pretty and presented me with the crest off Arcadia, that Leon had had within him. When I got back to the ship I tried to talk with Noel, but he seems as cut in stone as always. I don’t know that to believe now. Is warforgeds crew or property…? It’s getting really late. I suppose I need some rest. I have a new meeting with the storstarkur tomorrow, so i better get som rest. I hope he won’t hold me responsively for my “property’s” actions…

Captain’s log Day teen in Haugurafgulli

Warforgeds are definitely property and they should never, ever get the chance to develop a mind of their own. That Meatshield is nothing but a foul piece of junk and I hope it rusts while aboard this ship.

Everything went fine when we visited the storstarkur. He gave me “letters of mark” as a thank you, and told me my ship was free to sail. The other travellers however claimed that they had more to do in this dry hell hole.

Outside the city hall the bandits that had been captured yesterday at the market, and other people, wear facing the gallows. I couldn’t stand it. The memories of my biological father were to strong. He was the man whose deeds forced me on to this path in life. I still wonder what I would have become if they hadn’t executed him… If my new father hadn’t taken pity on my poor figure… Well lest just say I had to get way from there if I didn’t want a panic attack.

The others found me after a short while. The priest asked me what was wrong. The first nice thing he’s ever done to me, well it was a little to little a little to late and I had no wish to tell him anything. Instead I told them that if they paid me now I wouldn’t sail away without them. The next thing I know I was hoisted up into the air and placed over that disgusting warforgeds shoulder and he wouldn’t put me down no matter how hard I kicked and squirmed. My first thought was to call out for my crew to help, but I didn’t want them to see me like this so instead I reviled my secret to my captures and disguised myself. It carried me all the way to the warehouse and when I finally manage to get lose and tried to get away it quickly caught up and carried me back again. I’ve never been treated with such disrespect, and none of the other in the party tried to help me either. I suspect that they are all the same. Devious bastards… They’re going to pay for this. I have them aboard my ship now, and this is where the power is mine.

Hell, its about time...

Hi little book, it feels like an AGE since I last wrote in you but there has been so many things happening that I haven’t had time to write. First we came back to Hochenwald with the bomb, but the king had been overthrown! I don’t know why anyone would throw him, or over what, but he must have worked out poorly as a throwingweapon as he was in the dungeon! And some knights said something and then accused us of killing allot of people out of pure evil but that was not true! It was self defence! It was even proved in court..I think..I kinda spaced out..

Anyway we end up at some place called Haugurafgulli for some reason. I think we are going to Arcadia but I’m not sure..I spaced out again. And we want to get a ship to take us there but they couldn’t leave because someone was loose and killing people. So the king (oh yeah we met the King…but I kinda spaced out again) tells us to stop him and we can leave. So out we go. First we checked out all the crimescenes and the bodies, then we asked around and so. Turned out that someone was stealing body parts and turning the rest to mush. The killer was only after the best of the best, people with the strongest arms or best eyes and the like. So we track some of these special people down and try to protect them. People Like Strongarm Bart, who had strong arms. But not that strong as Brack beat him in arm wrestling, even if his tactic of loosing to win is a bit certainly worked. But as we where protecting Bart the killer killed a town-crier, I mean how unlucky can we get for crying out loud! But as we where just going there we where jumped by pirates! and many of them! It was such a fun fight. The merchants even gave us a reward, that’s how good we where at stopping them.

We checked around the crimescene but found nothing new, then we checked around the docks as some tracks where leading there, but all we found was a bloody 3fingered handprint. I swear the graffiti thugs here are hardcore to use blood. But as we are in the docks some punk want to challenge Brack in armwrestling. He promptly beat the guy and then Claw had a message in his pocket telling him to meet some strange people. But since we had to wait for dark until hunting the killer we went. Me and Brack where going to wait outside but found some strange people so we tried to sneak in. We failed but Brack caught one of the sneaky buggers. Turns out that some farmers wanted to ask Claw for help! To make the town open to worship other gods then The Bitch Queen. Long story short he said yes and we went out hunting.

As the night went on I saw something jumping on the roof of a nearby building. So we quickly ran that way and then found the killer trying to harvest more squishy parts from some bard. Turns out the killer was a warforged from Nerissas ship. As we cut him down he told me he only wanted to look pretty, that he thought the fleshies looked beautiful. And that he was trying to do good. I didn’t get that at all. But maybe they where all evil? Sadly it doesn’t matter as orders are orders, and we had to stop the killer. But it really upset me that Nerissa only seemed to see it as “loosing property” and not a crew member. As we stood over the remains my Docent went mad! I got a huge electric surge and fell down and it popped out. It took some bits from the other warforged and then went back to its ball form. I was very shocked! But it seems OK now.

In the morning we went to the king and he said we could finally go. Claw also made sure to broker a deal to let the farmers worship whatever they want. We where then going to tell the farmers the good news but Nerissa said she was going to leave without us! So I grabbed her and held her until we where done. but to my great surprise she changed shape! She must be one of those Changelings! And let me tell you little book, she was not happy about me holding on to her. Claw got the farmers to pay our fee for travelling on Nerissas ship, we then gathered our stuff and we are now Finally on our way to Arcadia!

Captain’s log by Nerissa captain of "The Dragon's Star"

Captain’s log: Day seven in Haugurafgulli

This morning I was absolutely furious. After a week in dock I start to prepare to make sail only to receive message stating that I’m not allowed to leave. Preposterous, what do they expect me to do here? And the guard at the harbour office simply refuses to tell me why I and everyone else are stuck in this hell hole.

During my attendance at the harbour office this odd group of misfits enters. They look like they could have been part of my crew. There was one dragonborn they call Brack, he didn’t say much but seems to have an odd idea of how to identify a pirate as myself. The Tiefling is called Shadow, probably a taken name, but never the less fitting for his persona. Then there was this mysterious masked woman, named Xune, who refuses to show me her face, she is kind of short though and acts like a noble woman. They were also in possession of a Warforged, which I heard was labeled Meatshield.

They offer to help me get permission to leave the dock in exchange for getting to be my passengers on my voyage, like I need their help. I have gotten myself out of worse situations, although being this long on land has started to get on my nerves. At least the land sickness has stopped. That’s was really annoying. I don’t enjoy walking around like I’m intoxicated when I’m not. Anyhow I won’t say no to a couple of extra people if they would be kind enough to pay for the voyage.

The masked woman manages to get the harbor master to arrange a meeting with the storstarkur to discuss my predicament. She is obviously useful, but I wonder what she hides underneath that mask, a face distortion? It is obviously something she does not want people to see. I can respect that. I too have secrets I don’t want to many people to know about.

They invite me to the well known inn “the golden fleece” for a discussion where I meet there last comrade, a longtooth shifter, for some reason drenched in water. He is called Claw and is very obviously a priest of the light. May Umberlee forgive me if I place that heathen aboard my ship.

The Trifling seems to be in charge of the money, but the masked woman is the obvious leader of the group. Although he might be able to be persuades to join my crew if he proves himself useful. I suspect Hector, Jonathan and Maeva would be pleased if he did.

However they get greeted by this bard as “the Butchers of Blaviken”. Something they clam not to be true. Nonetheless this “friend” of theirs suddenly attacks one of the local Barons and then evaporates. Really regretting my choice to dine with this misfortune lot I suddenly find myself having to fight of the angry mob blaming us for the death of the Baron. The masked woman turns out to be a Sorceress of some kind. She immediately strikes down four people in one blow. You’ve got to respect that. They were fairly descent fighters all of them actually, save for their Warforged that they had left outside, and did not enter to participate in the battle. Of course I would still have been more comfortable battling alongside people I actually can trust, like Sebastian and the others. We managed to strike our opponents down fairly unharmed and after the innkeeper vowed that we where not to blame for the fight, I decided to return to my vessel for the night. Xune told me to meet them outside the inn tomorrow morning. It shall be interesting to see what they can do.

Captain’s log: Day eight in Haugurafgulli

I brought Amelia with me to the meeting with the storstarkur this morning. The king was very pleased with me and my recent acquaintance for having disposed of an, apparently unappreciated, local Baron. I asked him to show his gratitude by letting me and my ship leave the docks, but he would hear nothing of the sort. Instead he told me that if I could catch this serial killer, that’s obviously the reason for me being stuck here, I am free to go. The group I met yesterday still wants to tag along aboard my ship when it leaves, but they have yet to agree to pay. They are however offering to help me catch the serial killer as payment, but they don’t understand. Without their gold, the trip to Arcadia while be very long.

This one time in banditcamp...

Hi again little book, its only been two days since I wrote in you last but allot has happened. First of, we went to the Dwarven royal library and asked to see some books linked to “Zarathustra” or the crazy language my docent speaks. It went sort of OK I guess, the Dwarfs didn’t just let us in though, we had to promise to help them out some more. Isn’t that just ungrateful? I mean we just helped them save their big city and they won’t even let us look at some books? its not like we where going to take them or anything! So what we found out was that “Zarathustra” is actually the name of an god that some ancients worshipped more then four thousand years ago. Its also their name for the sun! It seems that they all died very fast and without any real reason that anyone knows of, but at least we know something. After finding that out we went out and got Claw a scroll of the “understand language” ritual. I saw my old master use it several times so I know it can be useful, I just hope that we learn more from the book we have. We also finally got to see the cargo we are supposed to transport. Its an arcane bomb of sorts I’m told. Its big enough to need its own cart and the dwarf swears that it can blow up a mountain. Now how awesome is that? I wish I could blow up a mountain! Of course it would be a bit sad to blow my self up as well, but it must feel very satisfying to know that your purpose is fulfilled and that you take so many enemies with you. I guess I sort of envy it, we are both arcane machines of war, but it will be so much more useful then me. But on to other things, this isn’t going to write is self (or could it? could magic do that for me? I should ask Xune! But then again I sort of like writing in I better not).

We were tasked by the dwarfs to kill a bad of thugs that been raiding local farmers outside the mine we entered. A band called the brothers Gray, three siblings of halflings and six or seven more. We asked around and found where they most likely where from a travelling merchant and once we got there it was easy pickings. They didn’t stand a chance. But then few of the people we have met seem to be formidable in any way. Maybe I am truly superior? Made by mortals to surpass them? At any rate, once we cleared them all out we found them one halfling short. We guessed that he was out so we laid an ambush where we pretended to be his thugs waiting at camp. But when he finally showed up he had a big barbarian with him and a wolf that smelled through our disguise! Luckily he didn’t turn around to flee but instead chose to fight. So we where able to kill him, his lackey and pet without too much problem. The task required us to bring back the heads of every bandit as proof of killing them. But once we turned the heads in they had no use for them. So Shadow put them all on pikes mounted on the arcane bomb cart. Finally after all this we where on our way back.

On the way we ran into some trouble however, or rather it ran into us. A halforc bard named Brütal jumped out of the bushes and had two burly men and a well armoured Dwarf in tow. Shadow only said a few words to them and then they attacked! They where obviously crazy for attacking us, superior as we are, even if they had the element of surprise. The dwarf instantly summoned ten small shadows that shot at us but in the end it did him no good. I am reluctant to admit that it was a hard won fight, but I’ll chalk that up to it being a surprise attack. After the fight the bard then had the audacity to say that WE owed him money for rescuing him! I’ll give him credit for making it sound like the truth when he said it, but that only goes to show how devious he really is. Not only did he try to do that, once he was confronted he didn’t even have the money he promised! Instead only giving us some tickets to a show. I guess we shall see what comes of it. The others are ready to move along now so on we go. until next time little book.

Heroes welcome

As I write in you now Little book we are being celebrated as “The Heroes of Dun Khral”. Everyone is having a good time here in the the dwarven capital and we have been celebrating for almost an entire day now.

Claw has been SO happy because there are plenty of people now that listen to him when he talks about the light, but I think its just because they all live underground and don’t see light that often that they listen. Because when people talk about things I don’t know about I listen so I learn. He also says things like the “light is making him strong” and stuff so the dwarfs seem interested, but then I walk past and half of them just want to disassemble me. But that may just be because they are drunk.

Shadow is playing card and other games with everyone now, and I can tell he is really happy because he isn’t even betting money. He is just playing for fun! That’s the first time I’ve seen that. He also said that he “got some tail” from another Teifling around here, and that seemed to make him REALLY happy. And boy did I get surprised, I didn’t know that tieflings could change tails with eachother! I didn’t even know they could take them off! I tried to pull his tail to see how it looked but he just said “OW, THAT HURTS”. Must be like with components, it won’t come off unless he wants it to. And after that I remembered those mean dwarfs that tried to disassemble me and I apologised to Shadow, I didn’t mean to disassemble him. but he just laughed and said it was the Mana juice. Oh yea, I’ll tell you more about that later.

Even Xune let lose after a while. She was really shy at first and didn’t even want to show her face to the dwarfs. So I asked Shadow what to do to make her not so shy. And he was so cleaver. He told me to take her up and dance and that that would make her happy as she likes dancing. I didn’t know that! So I let Shadow show me how to dance and after I learned a few steps I asked Xune to dance. She was quiet first and then said no, but Shadow had told me that if she did that it means she is still shy and I should just take her dancing anyway, for her own good. So I picked her up and carried her to the dancefloor, I think I held her a bit tight as she accidentally shocked me a bit (Good thing I’m so tough or I could have dropped her). Well after I got her there and put her down I started dancing, and she was so surprised she couldn’t even move. So I just kept dancing and after a while it worked! She started laughing so much she fell over AND cried! Even the dwarfs laughed! I’m such a party starter! Sadly I don’t remember much, as I drank alot of Mana juice, that Shadow gave me, before I took Xune dancing.

Oh if You want to know the dance was called “The robot”. I don’t know what “Robot” means but Shadow told me it would be fitting.

And so for Me. The dwarves gave me this drink called Mana juice and said I would be able to drink it. And because I’ve never been able to drink anything before (it just runs down from my mouth on to my armour) I wanted to try! They gave me this crystal thing and told me to put it on my Ghulra and BOY did it work! I could feel the arcane energy flow inside me, but not like energy as such. It made me feel happy and I kinda lost my balance a few times, and if felt like tiny tiny powersurges all over my body. IT WAS GREAT! One of the dwarfs asked me to give him a hand, but when I detached my hand and gave it to him he just laughed, I don’t know why I didn’t understand that he wanted help, I must be the Mana juice. But we had fun so its ok, He even gave me a small memento because I made him laugh so much! He made me a new hand out of an old gauntlet he had! well I had to show him how to do a few things so it would work as a component, but he did most of the work! So now everytime I look at my right hand I’ll remember the Eberk Darkhammer, He is an apprentice blacksmith and I hope to see him again.

OH, but I have totally forgoten about Brack! I hope he is ok, he didn’t want to enter the Dwarven mines with us and wouldn’t say why. Only that he had to do something.

Now that I have teased you long enough little book I’ll tell you how we got to be here. You see after the big game of Chess that I told you about last time we decided on taking a rest. We had been walking for most of the day and everyone was tired. As normal me and Xune took the watch. But this time I borrowed that strange book Shadow has, he said that Ernst Fehr gave it to him since he didn’t have enough gold to pay us for the Kobolds. But I don’t remember that from when we did it? Oh well. Me and Xune worked on translating what my Docent but we didn’t really come that far.

The next day (4th of august) we headed deeper into the caves in search of the controlstation. At first things where going well, there wasn’t many sidepaths and the way was straightforward. But after a longer corridor we entered a room filled with glowing mushrooms (called Doom spores) and lots of spiderweb. Sturm immediately shouted “Ambush” and went to cover the entrance we came from, the rest of us stood quietly and waited for our attackers to show them selves. It seemed they only noticed Sturm, because four Ettercapps and a Deathjump spider went straight for him! I rushed over as soon as I could and managed to get the big spider of of him but not before it had severely attacked him. Shadow put a bolt in one of the Ettercapps head before it saw him and he hurt it alot. I did my best to keep the Death jump spider under control while the others took care of the the rest. We managed to use the mushrooms to our advantage and atleast one of them fell to the toxic spores of the mushrooms. Xune got entangled in web for a while but didn’t seem to uncomfortable about being tied up. After a long and brutal battle we stood victorious! The creatures didn’t have anything on them but we did find the remains of several other adventurers that weren’t as good as us. One of them did have a magic dagger on him though, that both Xune and Shadow wanted. Infact even Sturm wanted it. There was some tension and for a second there I thought that Xune and Sturm was going to start fighting for real. But luckily it didn’t go that far…

We carried on deeper into the caves, they led us downwards and it became more and more warm. After a few hours it was almost unbearable. Eventually the Path opened up to a large room filled with lava. Near our entrance there was only a small platform of stable rock that lead to a narrow, and now destroyed, bridge over the lake of lava down to another small platform that lead out of the room. On the other side was a pair of Duergar standing guard. As they saw us enter they quickly retreated into the path ahead, only to return moments later with their commander. He was short and to the point (no pun intended). “Kill the dwarf amongst you and we will give you tripple whatever you get paid by the Dwarfs”. Xune and Shadow staled and tried to find a diplomatic solution. Sturm was about to start invoking the power of Moradin in response to their demands. I was just in time to stop him and only managed to contain his anger by saying “Not yet, let it play out”. Only moments later Xune was finally ready, she conjured a thundering gust in the midst of the the commander and his closest guard, a storm that lounged them down into the lava. The battle had begun. The commander and one of his guards never made if out of the Lava, but their ranks where bolstered by a emerging magmaclaw. Our initial strike had given us a fair advantage however and they where unable to turn the tide. Shadow, Xune and me crossed the small chasm left by the destroyed bridge and faced the remaining Duergar headon. Claw and Sturm stayed behind to deal with the magmaclaw. The battle was brutal and swift, we swiftly took total control of the battlefield and used it to our advantage as a means so burn our enemies to cinders. In the end, all that was left of those that stood against us where ash and the bloodstains on my steel.

Hey! Who wrote in my book!, What do you mean you did? I didn’t think you understood me? Someone used a ritual? Well how long does it last? And how did you do this without me knowing? What does Hakuna Mattata mean? Oh…

Well I guess I have to write on myself. After the fight with those evil Duergar that wanted us to kill Sturm we checked the path they came from and found the control room! But sadly it was broken, someone had put big Dwarven axe in the console. But after a “group effort” we got it working again and all the traps in the invaded tunnels activated. Lots of crystals lighted up and zapped the invading goblins. We cheered and felt really happy and quickly found a door that lead into the tunnels. So we went in to see that the work was done and then to head to the dwarven capital of Dun Khral.

But once we got out in the tunnel all the squishy bits started moving and merged around a big magic orb! A huge flesh construct came alive and it started waking up the dead goblins all around us. And just as it came alive (so to speak) the door to the controlroom closed! it must have reacted to the threat in the tunnel. Well we did the only thing we could, we charged it head on! It was soo thrilling! I had to pull all my best tricks just to keep its attention and try to keep it from attacking everyone else. But I think I managed pretty good. Shadow was attacking it from the other side to try to divert its attention, I would say he tried to stab it in the back…but I’m not sure it had a back… Well to carry on, Xune was blasting away at it and everything else so much I could keep track. Claw and Sturm used their holy powers to keep the small ones under control and keep me alive. I can absolutely say that without Claw I would have died in this fight, the monster was literally all over me. His arms here made of many goblin arms and slime and they grabbed me and tried to hold me down by filling my armour with squishy meat. It almost succeeded to! But we managed to take it down and mop up the few small ones that where left. But only a few moments after the last skeleton fell the magic orb that gave the construct life EXPLODED and the fallen heap of flesh came back to life. We had to rally quickly, but with our combined strength we got it down again. With Sturm of the Kragshield Clan giving the final blow with his mighty mace, toppling it over and splattering it all over the hall.

And that was that. After beating it we could go to Dun Khral without problem and there the KING himself was waiting for us and we where hailed as HEROES! Now I really have to go, one of the dwarfs is making me a custom armour (isn’t that totally cool!) and I need get over there for the fitting. Bye bye little book, I’ll write in you again soon.

The mountain and its people

Hello again little book, While the others are arguing where to go I figured I could write some more.

After the fake nobles incident we travelled fast and without incident for six days through Bengeloit until we reached the Dwarven mine where we were supposed to receive the goods to transport back to the baron of Hochenwald. When we saw the entrance to the mine we where still several kilometres away. At first I thought that shadow had glued on some spyglasses on me when I wasn’t paying attention because I couldn’t believe the size if it. The main gate must have been 50 meters tall! But as impressive and truly inspiring as it was I got a little concerned as the doors to the gate where closed. I mean just think how embarrassing if they have to open that huge gate just so we can go in, and then right when they have closed it we should be leaving again. That must be why its closed, the dwarfs must be to ashamed to ask the guards to open the door all the time so they just stay inside all the time. Or at least that was what I thought before we say that there was a small door in the big door. Well I say small but we could still go through without problem…well the others could. There where these two guards at the gate that bothered me. At first I felt really cool when they came up to me as they said I was a new model of warforged and said how neat that was, but then it was like they didn’t know I was alive and just started poking and cutting me like I was just a pile of armour! I mean I’m alive…right? OK so according to this book about how to make people better to be alive you need like a pulse and stuff but..does that make me dead? maybe I’m a Zombie? I have to think about this.

Well to get on with the story. Once we got past those two jerks we made it into a grand hall, and boy was it grand. Those dwarfs had made giant statues of them selves with all kinds of gold and gems in them, very good craftsmanship to. Well seeing as this place was so huge shadow decided to ask one of the guards where to go, and he was nice enough to point us to lieutenant Sturm. He was the assigned to keep track of all those going in and out of the mine. He welcomed us Theunis Kraal and then he asked us who we were and what we where doing in the mine, shadow handed Sturm the papers that the baron of Hochenwald gave us. And they worked like a charm as he immediately led us to the king of the mine. But it was sort of strange as the king was a woman. I thought that kings that where women were called queens? Well the king seems nice anyway, she was very busy however so we got sent away and would be called upon when the king had time for us.

While we waited Shadow suggested that we play some cards, and Sturm suggested a dwarven game that we all participated in. It went really well for me and I was sooo close at winning but in the end Claw won. I was sort of happy for him because he got so happy and started talking about how good the light was and how it helped him win, but I didn’t really get that. I mean sure it would be hard to play in darkness so the light did help us play but it helped the rest of us as much as him. Well sure Xune can see in the dark and Shadow doesn’t need as much light as we do but still. Maybe he was cheating? Naah, claw wouldn’t do that. Also It was extra fun to see Shadow lose, I have never caught him cheat but I’m sure he does it.

While the others slept I got shown around Theunis Kraal by Sturm. I think it would be breathtaking but as I have no breath to take I’m not sure. It was truly amazing however. I could not have imagined such a place existed before. I’m so happy we became adventurers! And think, we have just been adventuring for a few weeks! There is no telling what other wonders we will see! While I was wandering around I got to see the dwarven Battle line, It seems the mine recently got invaded by goblins and the dwarfs are just holding out until reinforcements arrive from the main kingdom. Oh yeah, all dwarven cities are connected by underground tunnels! Isn’t that cool! that kinda means that is really just ONE big city! Kinda…atleast I think so. Well the dwarven defenders where really good fighters anyway.

Later in the evening we got invited back to the king to talk about our quest. Well we had some bad luck. The things we where supposed to deliver to the Baron of Hochenwald wasn’t in the mine. It was supposed to be sent from the dwarven capital and it hadn’t reached the mine. So we have to go stop the invasion to be able to complete the quest! But thankfully there was a bright side, apparently the dwarfes have hidden traps everywhere in the path between the mine and the capital, but for some reason they haven’t gone off. But if we can reach a old controlstation we can reactivate the traps and squish the invaders, or so the king said. But the controlstation is really far away along some secret path that nobody used for many thousands of years. So we get to be the first to explore it since like ever! yay! And our new friend Sturm gets to come along to help us! We are so lucky ^^.

To help us on our way the King offered us the payment of 5 gold per day and per person and also a loaf of dwarven bread. Well I cant really use mine but I’m sure the others will be happy when I give them my share.

So the next day (3th of august) we set off to find the controlroom. the first step was to enter the secret path there that was protected by a magic barrier. The barrier seemed to be drawing its power from a nearby floating rock with a strange letter on it. Well if I was a magic barrier a floating rock seems as good as anything to get power from but the problem seemed to be that it took a long time to make the barrier stop. And after a long wait Xune blasted the rock with lightning and the barrier want down as the rock exploded. She always sees a good solution to every problem. The path was a veritable maze, with twists and turns every other step and several bypaths. But Sturm,Xune and Claw managed to get us safely down the right track. At least we think its the right track… because we did find a game someone left down here.

I talked to Xune afterwards and she said it was a game of chess. But I don’t know who would be playing such a game, it seems really dangerous to me. There where these strange statues that only moved in odd ways and they tried to kill us. We had to take the place of “pieces” and walk like they would to be able to fight the statues, or a nearby magic crystal would think we where cheating and it would blast us with magic bolts! Well we played and we won the game. Right now we are sitting down for a while and talking about what to do next.

Oh seems like we are moving again, I’ll write more soon little book


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