Aegis is the continent or world that the adventures take place in, so far. It is not yet set in stone how big it is or what shape it is, this will all take form as we progress in the adventure.

What is know so far is that there are at least two kingdoms on Aegis. The kingdom of Rivia, located in the north-eastern corner of the continent, and he kingdom of Arcadia, one of the major kingdoms on Aegis, gathering the most powerful mages in it’s capital city.

Update: Two more kingdoms have become known. KaupmaĆ°ur, a small kingdom ruled by a sea-faring folk to the west of Rivia. Arcania, a magocracy of outcast wizards known for producing Warforged.

Years are split into very long periods of time called Ages. These are usually not set, but note major events or other changes. This system has been in place at least since the age previous to this one, the age of Ancients. The current age is called the Age of Races, as it’s hallmark is that there are many races living together, as opposed to before when only one ruled at a time or even existed.

The measure of time used on Aegis is similar to ours. A day is 24 hours, a week is 7 days, a month around 30 days, and a year 12 months. Currently the year is 3985 of the age of Races, meaning that the age of Ancients finished around 4000 years ago.


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