This is the small hamlet in the kingdom or Rivia. It is what one would call a back water hamlet, with nothing much interesting happening in it. The main income here is generated from growing crops, mainly wheat, and ripping of the passing by travelers in the local tavern.

The hamlet core itself isn’t big. Right in the middle of it is the square, the only place with cobbles on the ground. Surrounding it are the church, smithy, Ye ‘Ol General Store and the ‘Roadside Rip-off’ tavern.

An hours walk from the hamlet is the old abandoned hunters cabin, which has been adopted by Xune and Shadows as a home of sorts.

12 hours march from the hamlet centre there is an old graveyard.

3 hours walk west from the hamlet is old wizards towers, recently abandoned.

Due to the Unfortunate Events that happened around this hamlet, most of it’s inhabitants are now either dead or missing.


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