Blaviken Graveyard

The graveyard is 12 hours march away from the village of Blaviken. Most of the settlements dead are buried here. In it’s centre there is a hill with a mausoleum on top.

The Mausoleum has three underground levels.

The first level is decorated with relief’s depicting a war between two elven armies, one sculpted in white marble, the other in black marble. These armies clash in the middle of the room.

The second level of a different origin, judging by architecture. It has a more Sauron-esque look and the crypts inside are differently placed.

The third and deepest level was converted into a makeshift temple of LLoth and a necromantic laboratory by Xune’s sister, Eclave. Behind the altar in this room used to be an entrance to the highest levels of the Underdark, but it has been collapsed with the use of explosives, rendering it unusable.

This cemetery is also the site of the Slaughter of Blaviken

Blaviken Graveyard

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