A docent is a small platinum or mithral sphere studded with gems or, in Eberron, dragonshards. It has no apparent powers until a warforged places it in its neck slot as a component, and then it comes to life. The warforged decides when it affixes it whether the docent is merely attached and visible, or completely embedded and hidden. You can change your mind later by removing the docent and reaffixing it. As an intelligent item that is played as an NPC by the DM, a docent has the powers of another neck slot item, so DMs should choose a magic neck slot item and add its abilities to the docent. The docent is one level higher than a similar neck slot item that isn’t a docent. In addition to its magic properties and powers, a docent has the following traits.

➤ It can communicate with you telepathically. If you wish, you can allow it to speak through you using your voice.

➤ It uses its telepathy to advise you. The docent’s personality and alignment affect how it advises you. Unaligned docents, the most common, look out primarily for your well-being and advise you according to your tendencies. Otherwise aligned docents might have their own agendas.

➤ A heroic tier docent is trained in one skill keyed to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. A paragon tier docent has two skills, and an epic tier docent has three. It can provide information from its skills or use a skill such as Diplomacy through you, if you allow it to speak using your voice. A docent trained in Perception uses your senses, but might catch things you miss. It makes checks using one-half its item level + 8. It can’t make untrained checks.

➤ It understands Common and Giant, as well as one other language, excluding secret languages. While attached or embedded, it can interpret for you any language it understands. If you allow it to speak using your voice, it can also translate your thoughts into a language it understands.

➤ Docents can have an alignment, personality quirks, extra powers, and any other traits ascribed to intelligent items or customized items in Adventurer’s Vault

Among those not in the know there are plenty of rumours surrounding docents. Some say that docents where early experiments to create sentient souls and thus pre-date the warforged. Some take that argument even further and say the warforged where made originally as husk only to carry docents. There are ofcourse those who say the exact opposite, that docents where made after the warforged to serve them as companions and memorybanks. And then there are those who say that a docent is in fact a warforged, or rather used to be. that doecnts are warforged that should have died but somehow managed to survive in the very core of their constructed body.

What the truth is may never be known


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