Welcome to Cousken’s Seriers of Unfortunate Events!

This is a D&D 4E campaign that takes place in a fantasy world loosely based on the forgotten realms, which we make up as we go. The core of the adventures centres on a group of misfits and the unfortunate events and consequences of their actions, which show that the life of an adventurer isn’t allways a dance on roses. Even if it is totally epic.

There is a deeper plot to the game that reveals itself as the group gazes deeper into the eye of the abyss… But generally the campaign is light hearted and we are playing it to have fun and try out the new system.

The adventure starts in the small hamlet of Blaviken, in the kingdom or Rivia, in the world of Aegis. Where the mayhem will take us, no one knows…

Campaign Formerly Know as Cousken's

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