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Captains log in "Elsewhere"

Captains log… somewhere I really don’t feel like being

I just need to collect my thoughts a little. I see, when I look back, that the last thing I wrote in this log was making complete sense. We where going to go to Otiorin through the maelstrom so that we could sail to Arcadia. This however is not Arcadia and no constellation up in the sky… if that’s what it is… Is familiar to me. Right now I just want to go back to my ship and crew. We were sailing down the maelstrom when some magic lightning lifted me and my latest acquaintances of the boat and into this strange dimension. I don’t know if my ship made it without me and the helm and I must constantly stop myself from thinking horrible thought of the fate off my crew. If anything has happened to them it’s my fault.

Right now we are all taking a rest in a “room” with neither walls nor ceiling. There is only six closed doors that look like they’re leading into nothingness. The only thing on this “platform” is a broken sundial that I’ve marked out the time on. Its around 2 pm. I know that’s irrelevant but it makes me relax to know that I at lest have something I can pretend is familiar in this place. Everything else seams only designed to kill us… or at least me…

When we first entered this “world” I found myself chained between two pillars. They wear so tight that I couldn’t move a muscle. I thought I would suffocate since I could hardly take a deep enough breath to keep my mind clear. Xune came to help me, but all she managed to do was touching the chains and they broke… like spider web. Meatshield managed to catch me before I hit the ground. I don’t know why I was the only one that got strapped like that, but it turned out that I alone could touch the chains. Xune severed one so I could toss it over the edge of the platform to see what would happen to it. It started floating in mid air. Xune evoked a lightning bolt to hit it whit but that only made it spin away.

We found a chain bridge leading from our platform and up to another. I tide a rope around one of the columns that lined our flour and started climbing up. As we hopped, the chains still supported me. The bridge felt like cold metal but was fairly easy to climb.

On the other platform the floor was like a chessboard and it was lined with statues of angels holding swords. I tied my end of the rope around one of the statues so the others could climb up. Xune balanced on the rope like she was walking down a street. The rest used their arms to climb. Brakk missed the line and fell through the chain bridge, that shattered like before. Then he suddenly started floating in the air unable to get anywhere. We threw him a rope so that he could climb up.

On the centre of the floor Xune spotted a text written in the stone. It had her name on it and it spoke of all the adventures she’s been on. The last sentences stated that she was not bound by faith. It made me remember the ritual I learned a few years back. The one that Arcadia sent me to find and then discovered it was useless without three souls unbound by fate. I guess Xune is one of those souls…

Anyway as soon as she was done reading, walls shot up from the ground parting me and Xune from Meatshield and Claw and in the next breath some off the stone pieces in the floor flipped over and reviled human sized silvering spiders. I guess they are the ones that make those scary chains around here. Me and Xune decided it was better to be on the other side of the wall with our friends and ran around the wall to support them. I made a swing on one of the spiders but the blade only sang a metallic tone, then I felt the world turn and the stone underneath my feet flipped alone with Xunes. I thought we wear gonna fall but suddenly, from our point of view, down was up, and we where still engage with huge spiders. I could hear Claw calling out for us through the… floor… and we called back to tell them that we were still okay.

It was an irritating fight. Walls kept changing positions and before we figured out why some of the platforms turned and others didn’t, every step you took was dangerous. At least I manage to slay two of the monsters before the fight was over.

Even though its a bit confusing I think that we at the end ended up on the underside of the platform. It looked exactly as the top but at bit beside Xunes message there was a new one, and in between there was a treasure chest. This time the name written in stone was my own… I’m going to die in three years… by hanging from the gallows. ...Looking at those words in my own private log make me what to rip the page out. But that won’t change my destiny. Maybe if I can find two other souls unbound by faith Xune and them will help me escape it. Xune said that she wanted to help and even tried to cheer me up by saying that at least now I know that nothing can touch me until I turn twenty-nine. That’s not much of a comfort though. Just thinking about the gallows makes my lunch want to escape my insides. But I’ll try to be positive. At least I was told my birth parents names; Zareen and Kerwin. And I know that my true name is Nerissa Grewal not Nerissa Drake… Even thou I think of myself more like the person I am today then I was back then… I mean I was only eight and I hardly remember anything anyway.

From the chest we got a new rope. It fell out in the sky, which seems to support my theory that we indeed was on the underside… I tide the rope to a metal-ring in the chest and then we started climb up… halfway up, up again turned into down and we all spun around one by one in the air before landing on this platform where we all sit now… Well Meatshield is roaming about whining that he wants to open up one of the doors but He’ll just have to wait. I’m not the only one that needs to catch my breath. I can feel it in the others too.

Captains log, I’m not sure this place was much better.

I’m thinking about investing in some waterproofed fabric so I can make a pocket for my journal. At least the salesman was truthful about the paper and ink being impervious to water, but its a bit irritating to wait for it to dry up so I can add new writing to the pages. And yes I’ve been completely submerged again. I can’t for the love of my life figure out why I don’t drown in situations like this… oh right my fate… Its not fair to deprive me of a death at sea. Blasted gods and their stupid games. I haven’t learned to swim for a reason. Well hopefully its not yet too late to change my destiny.

The doors I mentioned earlier did actually lead to somewhere. It was strange though. Every room seemed to be a construct of the imagination of whomever opened it. Meatshield entered first and the room turned out to be some sort of old study with a scary looking table with straps for arms and legs. A man was in the room as well and he spoke with Meatshield as if he knew him well. He asked him to lay down on the table but Meatshield declined. Then he wizard-looking man took out a rod and ordered Meatshield to lay down and he did. Xune and I tried to stop him but my sword couldn’t go through some strange barrier around the man. When I tried to simply untie the straps that held Meatshield to the table the same forcefield emerged. It was frustrating to feel the fear in Meatshield and not being able to help him. I hate to be powerless when a friend is in trouble…darn it, did I just… ah fine, I guess he is more like a friend than anything else…

Anyhow, the man started operating on him talking about some malfunction. He said that something must be wrong in his programming since he hadn’t fulfiled his assignment to murder a baron. Meatshield replied that he hadn’t recived such orders since he’d been dropped behind a cart on his way to the camp-site. When the man finally let him go he asked Meatshield to tell him his story. Meatshield got so exited at the chance that we all felt it safe to leave him in the room and check out the next one.

Xune stepped fearlessly up to one of the doors and opened it up. We all entered a cave corridor lined with chained slaves, working the walls with pickaxes. Most of them looked human but I guess one could never know. I tried touching one of them but that annoying barrier kept emerging. Xune seamed to find someone she recognised, an older drow woman, maybe her mother working in the mine. They spoke in elven, which I don’t understand. They had a pretty long talk before Xune blasted the chains of the woman’s hands. The woman gave her a three-cornered, cut stone piece and Xune gave her an odd hug. The woman hugged her as oddly back before teleporting away.

When we came back out Meatshield was just thrown out his own room holding on to his notebook and a three-cornered stone piece of his own. I looked at the Sundial and realized that they would fit nicely around its edges. This also made me realise that we all needed to enter a room, something I wasn’t so keen on doing myself, but Xune gave me a “friendly” push towards one of the doors and I opened it.

We entered a kitchen I vaguely remembered but couldn’t seem to place. A woman was standing with her back turned to me. Even so, I could clearly make out that she was a changeling with her soft pink hair and slenderness. I took a deep breath to make my heart stop beating so hard and tapped her on the shoulder, asking if she was the one I was suppose to meet. She jumped and turned with a frightened yelp. She claimed I had entered trough a looked door and demanded to know who I was. I told her my name and she said that I had the same name as her daughter. That did not calm my heart down at all. She asked if I was showing her my true face and since I wasn’t I showed it to her. It was a strange feeling. She’s dead but there she was, stroking my face and hair with a love I couldn’t remember. I felt like a phony, like I was fooling her, and when she asked about my life… What was I suppose to say? I felt like I owed it to her to make her proud of me, and here I was a criminal. I’ve never felt so rotten in my life as when I lied to her to make my life sound “better” than it was. She asked if I wanted to stay for diner, but I couldn’t. I asked if my father was near by. Not because I really wanted to disappoint him too, but to get to see his face. I really wish I had gotten to do that, just once… But she said he wasn’t coming. She gave me my three-cornered stone piece along with a proud smile. I wanted to hug her but I just couldn’t bring myself to it and I left.

Claw’s door reviled a path in an evergreen forest. He seamed to immediately recognize the place because he didn’t want us to follow him. I told him that if he got to be in mine I got to be in his and he seamed to be fine with that. We quickly came upon a cart that was driven along the path by an old man. He told Claw to climb up, and he did. The rest off us sat in the back. Nice of that place not to make the rest off us walk along the side. The man turned out to be a priest of… that religion Claw always preaches about and he asked Claw how he felt that he was true to his faith. To my surprise Claw seamed a bit uncertain and shaken in his beliefs and he told the priest this truthfully. He didn’t seam to be ashamed of his actions at al, which I found very awe-inspiring. I must admit that I got a little more respect for Claw after that.

Brakk’s reaction to his door was also surprising. Ever since I meet him I understood that he thinks humans are worth less than other races, but I didn’t know that he was raised by humans. We entered a small house with his mother sitting by the table and his father looking out the window. Brakk immediately took a defensive approach to the situation and soon he and his father was in a heated argument about weakness and abandonments. His father blamed his and his wife death on him saying that he should have been able to save them. Brakk replayed that if they had been better parents he might have done so. Meatshield continuously and confused stated that he only thought they had killed Brakk’s father and couldn’t understand why the mother was here to. I’m not gonna ask what he mean by killing the man, since I’m sure it wouldn’t make sense to me anyway…

When we had collected al six of the pieces for the sundial we compared them and saw that they al had different symbols. Mine for example had a solar-eclipse while Meatshield had a sun and Xune had a crescent moon. We put them down in the right order from dawn to dusk and so forth, but the only thing that gave us was a hard workout as the flour-tiles suddenly started to fall from one end of the room and add on to the other. We ran hard, even more so when we felt the stones underneath our feet grew lose. Meatshield had thrown us all a rope to hold on to but I wasn’t convinced that we would be able to keep running and pulling a fallen companion up from the empty space surrounding us at the same time. It felt more likely that we would all be ending up floating around in nothingness if that be the case. Lucky enough the floor finally stooped failing and we all came to a halt in front of a new door. Xune stepped up and opened it.

This new room was shaped like crossroads, still without any ceiling or walls. In the middle of it was a gazebo and every short end of the paths lead to a portal symbolising one off the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, the portal we entered trough was fire. Out of no where four Genasi appeared in the gazebo, each of them representing one of the elements. Brakk let out a battle cry and ran forth to engage in battle. The rest of us followed. They Genasi appeared strangely easy to kill but they constantly respawned. Brakk then turned his attention towards the portals, figuring that they were the reason to the resurrections of the fallen Genasis. He started chopping at one of them trying to get it to crumble. I however tried to push the Air Genasi into the air portal. It only took around half a minute to do, but it felt like it would darn take for ever. Brakk manage to destroy the earth portal and then he showed up at my side and helped me shoved the Genasi into its own portal. The portal and the Genasi got instantly destroyed. When we realised that destroying the portals stopped the remaining Genasi to respawn we quickly defeated them. Meatshield, that was standing inside the gazebo was suddenly swallowed by a red light coming from it. The rest of us quickly jumped in after him to see where he’d gone.

We all landed in a pile of gravel at the far end of a “room”. There was three enormous status lined up along the corridor and at the other far end there was a throne. When we all slowly started to make our way across to it a woman dressed in robes of white light appeared at the high seat. She announced that she was Fate, the goddess of fate… Boy must they’ve been having a huge lack off imagination when she was born… She wasn’t pleased with us being here. She kept referring to the others as untouchable for her and mocked me for being in her absolute control. I was almost tempted to pull out my sword and stab myself to death, just to prove to that corn skull I was nobody’s puppet.

Finally she stopped talking about her greatness and dispute with the other Gods and evoked her Avatar to fight us. Simultaneously the huge statues started moving their weapons around their scope. Brakk once again leap into action but almost as quickly as he engage the monster he was gone into thin air. Xune kept her distance with the help of her special powers but I had no other choice then to try and face the creature head on, like Brakk. I did my beast to stay on it as a hawk but it kept teleporting away, making me have to run after it. The Avatar pushed us away right and left, leaving some off us trapped in the strange floating sky right next to us. I used my psionic powers to the best off my ability and manage to shake him up a bit. When the monster turned towards me with and evil glare Meatshield threw himself into the fight and delivered a final blow that made the best fall to the ground.

With that, one of the statues, that had been trying to flatten us out before, suddenly started smoking and exploded. A mist was left in its place that spoke up, thanking us for seating her free. It was a woman called Yenven, just like the ocean we had been trying to leave behind us early this very morning. She claimed to have walked the earth a 4000 years ago together with her friends Otiorin and Marathris, all three of them apparently unbound by faith… and I guess the namers of the three world oceans… She explained that Xune and the others was part of a prophecy that reads that every forth millennium there would be people that was born outside of fate and therefore able to create their own destiny. Then she turned to me and apologised for only speaking with “the important people”, and told me that she could see the chains holding me bound very clear and if I should wish to escape my fate I had to find a ritual. I told her I already new that ritual but that I wondered if she could tell me the fate of my crew. She told me she could only see fates in people she could look at and it was clear that she couldn’t care less if they had manage their way through the maelstrom or not. Finally she promised to return us to the exact time and place where we’d be abducted but as far as I’m concerned that was more or less a lie. I’m not sure if we were at the same place but we sure as hell wasn’t at the right time. There was no boat for us to land on!

The first thing I noticed, however, when I opened my eyes was that the night sky match the stars over the Otiorinian ocean this time of year… if it is this time of year… As for now I believe we’ve been swept ashore on the beach to Arcania. Everyone seems more or less fine and there is a woman here with us that the other claimed to have seen a couple of months ago but that is now ten years older. If that’s true and that 4000 year old twit puff made us go ten years into the future… Then it means that I’ve been declared dead three years ago… Dose that mean I’m no longer a captain? But… that’s… not fair… I’ve lived at sea since I was eight. I don’t know how to do anything else… if I’m not a captain any more, then what am I?


Poor Narissa ^^ By the way, Xune might not have much faith, but I think you’re talking about “fate” up there (paragraph 6) :P

Captains log in "Elsewhere"
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